April 2012

Storm with typhoon-strength winds kill 4 and injures scores in Japan 

The Associated Press, April 4th 

Nuke Restarts: Edano Now On Board? 

The Wall Street Journal, April 4th 

Bank of Japan Seen Adding Stimulus on Nominee Rejection:Economy 

The Bloomberg, April 6th 

Japanese 'Ghost Ship' Laid to Rest on The Ocean Floor off Alaska 

The Los Angeles Times, April 6th 

Japan Sets New Safety Standards for Nuclear Plants 

The Associated Press, April 6th 

100 Years of Washington Cherry Blossoms

BBC News, April 8th 

Japanese Airlines to Steer Clear of North Korean Rocket

The Wall Street Journal, April 10th

U.S. Tells Diet Members to Address Concerns Before Joining TPP Talks

The Japan Times, April 12th 

Japanese Students Not Hot on Study Abroad 

The Wall Street Journal, April 12th 

Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs, Turn Around TV Business 

The Associated Press, April 12th 

A (slightly) more muscular Japan

The Economist, April 12th 

Declining as a Manufacturer, Japan Weighs Reinvention

The New York Times, April 15th

Japan's Overseas Hunt Grows 

The Wall Street Journal, April 17th 

Japan Still Divided over Nuclear Power After Fukushima

The Los Angeles Times, April 17th 

Obama to Host Noda at White House on April 30 

JapanToday, April 18th 

American Engineers Design Plan to Help Fukushima Clean-Up 

JapanToday, April 18th 

Noda Says Japan Running Out of Time to Increase Taxes, Restart Reactors

The Washington Post, April 19th 

Crippled Fukushima Reactors Officially Closed 

The Wall Street Journal, April 20th 

Overseas Studies to Get Funding Push 

The Japan Times, April 20th 

Japan to Forgive Myanmar Debt to Support Reform 

The New York Times, April 21st

March Tourism Numbers Show 92% Rebound 

The Japan Times, April 21st 

Japan Insider Trading Fears Awaken

The Financial Times, April 21st

JAL Begins Flights to Boston with 787s

The Japan Times, April 23rd

Japan Tobacco to Break Free of Government

The Wall Street Journal, April 24th 

Japan to Keep U.S. Thinking About IMF Reforms: Azumi 

The Japan Times, April 25th 

Refile: Japan Says No Impact on TPP Talks From U.S. Mad Cow Case

Reuters, April 25th 

Japan Power Broker Acquitted in Scandal 

The New York Times, April 26th 

Japan adds $61B to Asset Purchase Plan 

CNN News, April 27th 

Nichi Bei to Publish Every Other Week 

Rafu Shimpo, April 28th 

A Strategy For the U.S.-Japan Alliance 

Council on Foreign Relations, April 28th

China focus of Japan-U.S. Defense Deal 

The Japan Times, April 30th 

Trade, Security on Agenda For Obama, Japan's Noda

NPR, April 30th