April 2013

Abenomics Lifts Japan Business Mood, Households' Inflation Expectations

Reuters, Apr 1st 

Japan Shifting Further Away From Pacifism 

New York Times, Apr 1st

How Caroline Kennedy Could Make A Difference in Japan 

CNN, Apr 2nd 

Japan Reacts to North Korea's Nuclear Plans

Wall Street Journal, Apr 2nd 

Japan Premier, Cabinet Keep Mum to Keep Friends 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 3rd 

Appraising Abenomics

Economist, Apr 4th 

Japan's Nikkei Tops 13,000 for First Time Since 2008

BBC, Apr 5th 

Bank of Japan Takes Fight to Deflation 

CNN Money, Apr 5th 

Fish on Boat Set Adrift by Japan Tsunami Land in U.S. 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 6th 

Yen Tumbles on Aggressive BOJ; U.S. Jobs Weigh on Stocks

Reuters, Apr 7th 

Java Plans to Give Back to Military Community 

Rafu Shimpo, Apr 7th 

Kabam Woos Japanese Game Makers with$50 Million Funds  

Wall Street Jounal, Apr 8th 

LDP Panel Binds TOEFL to Degrees

 Japan Times, Apr 8th 

Fukushima Springs New Cistern Leak 

Japan Times, Apr 9th 

Japan Readies Defenses for Possible Missile Test by North Korea 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 9th 

China Angers at Japan-Taiwan Disputed Island Fishing Deal 

BBC News, Apr 10th 

U.S. Says Okada's Universal is Target of Criminal Bribe Probe 

Reuters, Apr 10th 

Japan, U.S. in Final Stage in TPP Consultation: Amari

Japan Today, Apr 10th

Japanese Carmakers Recall Millions of Vehicles Over Faulty Airbags 

NPR, Apr 1th 

Factbox: Details of U.S. Deal to Let Japan into Pacific Trade Talks 

Reuters, Apr 12th 

Editorial- The Sun Rises on Human Rights 

New York Times, Apr 12th 

Kerry Affirms U.S. - Japan Bond as North Korean Threat Looms 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 14th 

Uniqlo 'Wins' the Master of Perfect Timing 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 15th 

Dish's $25.5 Billion Sprint Bid May Fore Others to Act 

Reuters, Apr 15th 

Japan Tops New Asian University Ranking 

New York Times, Apr 15th 

Pop Culture Subcommittee Formed to Show World 'Cool Japan'

Japan Today, Apr 17th 

Moms, Modesty Also Holding Back Japan's Software Engineers 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 17th 

Japan Prepares to Defend Policy at G-20 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 17th 

Inose Calls on New York to Aid Olympic Bid 

Japan Times, Apr 18th 

US Now Japan's Number One Export Country

CNN, Apr 18th  

Toyota Readies U.S. Production of Lexus ES by 2015 

Reuters, Apr 19th 

Senate Continues to Deny Futenma Transfer Funding 

Japan Times, Apr 20th 

Fast Retailing to Unify Wages Worldwide 

Japan Times, Apr 23rd 

Yen May Have Already Reached Sweet Spot for Japan's Economy 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 23rd 

Japan PM Abe Warns China of Force Over Island Landing

BBC, Apr 23rd 

JA Interment Museum Dedicated in Arkansas

Rafu Shimpo, April 24th 

China Calls Planned U.S.- Japan Drills 'Provocative'

NPR, Apr 24th 

Editorial- Getting Japan to Guzzle American Gas 

Bloomberg, Apr 24th 

White House Formally Notifies Congress of Japan Free-Trade Talks 

Reuters, Apr 24th 

Japan Tsunami Boat Found in California to be Reunited With Home City 

Guardian, Apr 26th 

Japan OKs Dreamliners to Fly Again 

CNN, Apr 26th 

Japan Marks 'Restoration of Sovereignty' For the First Time 

NPR, Apr 28th 

The Road to Elusive 100 Yen 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 26th 

Japan and Russia Agree to Resolve Island Dispute 

BBC, Apr 29th