April 2014

Japan Moves to Expand Controversial Foreign Worker

Reuters, Apr 1st

Japan Inc. Doubts BOJ's Inflation Target 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 2nd

Japan Says it Will Abide by Whaling Ruling

New York Times, Apr 2nd 

United States Steps Up Pressure on Japan to Make Good on Trade Promises

Reuters, Apr 3rd  

Japanese Farmers Rally Against Free Trade with U.S., Australia 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 4th 

U.S. Response to Crimea Worries Japan's Leaders

New York Times, Apr 5th 

Hagel, in Tokyo, Moves to Reassure Japan on Security Ties 

Reuters, Apr 5th 

Japan's Consumption-Tax Hike: Groundhog Day? 

Economist, Apr 5th 

In a Test of Wills with China, U.S. Sticks Up for Japan

New York Times, Apr 6th 

Abe's Push for Bigger Military Role Faces Tough Opposition

Wall Street Journal, Apr 7th 

Japan-Tennessee Bond Continues to Blossom 

Tennessean, Apr 9th 

Japanese Exporters Keeping Overseas Prices Steady, Despite Yen's Drop 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 10th 

White House Confirms Michelle Obama Won't Visit Japan

Wall Street Journal, Apr 11th

Japan and South Korea Can Work Together to Wash Away the Pains of the Past 

Washington Post, Apr 11th 

Japan: New Energy Strategy Approved

New York Times, Apr 12th 

South Korea, Japan to Hold Rare Official Talks on 'Comfort Women'

Reuters, Apr 13th 

Japan May Send Maglev Train Expertise to U.S., Without A Fee

NPR, Apr 14th 

Kennedy Visit Ise Grand Shrine 

Japan Today, Apr 17th 

U.S. Agrees to Let Japanese Tariffs Stand on Rice, Wheat

Japan Times, Apr 17th 

Obama, Abe to Battle Negative Images at U.S.-Japan Summit

Reuters, Apr 17th 

How to Navigate the East China Sea Dispute Between Japan and China

Washington Post, Apr 18th 

Japan to Station Troops on Yonaguni, Near Disputed Islands 

Diplomat, Apr 19th 

Sharply Different Views of Japan in Asia

Wall Street Journal, Apr 21st 

Adopting a Child from Japan: One U.S. Couple's Story 

Japan Times, Apr 21st 

USS Reagan Sailors' Lawsuit Found 'Lacking'

Breakthrough, Apr 21st

Tokyo's 'Champs Elysees': A Business Haven in the Making?

Japan Times, Apr 21st 

Obama Arrives in Japan, Backs its Island Dispute

USA Today, Apr 23rd 

Fukushima Principal Brings Message of Hope to Socal and Arizona 

Rafu Shimpo, Apr 23rd 

Japan and its Neighborhood: Springtime in Tokyo?

Economist, Apr 24th 

Five Takeaways From U.S.-Japan Joint Statement 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 25th 

Narita Breaks Flight, Passenger Records 

Japan Times, Apr 25th 

Record Number of Foreign Visitors Come to Japan in March 

Japan Today, Apr 25th 

Obama Wraps Up Japan Visit with Security Pledge but No Trade Deal 

Reuters, Apr 25th 

Japan Retail Sales Surge on Tax Hike 

BBC News, Apr 28th 

Japan to Keep its Share of Production of Boeing's New 777x Aircraft 

Reuters, Apr 28th 

Boat Possible Washed Away During 2011 Japanese Tsunami Lands on Coast of Washington State 

Daily News, Apr 30th 

US, Japan to Boost ASEAN Maritime Security

Diplomat, Apr 30th