Associate Members Summer Event (Tokyo)

August 06, 2015 at 6pm - 8pm
Bistro Barnyard in Ginza, Tokyo

On August 6, Associate Members organized a summer event at Bistro Barnyard in Ginza, Tokyo, welcoming current and prospective members.

Approximately 30 participants (Associate Members, Council Members, Friends of the Council, guests and staff) gathered to meet one another, network and learn how to become more involved, particularly with the upcoming Annual Conference. They also heard Janelle Sasaki, Executive Director of the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, speak about what the next generation can do to speed up gender equality in Japan. Attendees also enjoyed a raffle, with gifts courtesy of generous Members. 

Associate Member Evelyn Tokuyama (left) and Council Member Janelle Sasaki (right)

The Associate Members, a dynamic group of young professionals, welcomed new members as well as potential candidates for membership. Board Members Paul Yonamine, Royanne Doi and Russell Kawahara also attended and shared their views with those they met. USJC Executive Vice President and COO Suzanne Basalla and Associate Member Adam Moriwaki, who were visiting from Washington, DC and New York, respectively, participated as well. This was an opportunity to connect over the importance of U.S.-Japan relations, and discuss how everyone can leverage their own unique backgrounds, talents and experiences to lead and contribute to the economic growth of both countries.

(L-R) Guests Mr. Skyler Tajima, Ms. Eri Ito, and Mr. Daisuke Watanabe, Executive Director of TOMODACHI Initiative Mr. Marc Lassman, and Member of the USJC(J) Board of Directors Mr. Russell Kawahara

Special thanks to Associate Member Evelyn Tokuyama for organizing this event and contributing to this article!

More photos can be found here.