August 2012

Azumi Spurns Calls for BOJ to Buy Foreign Bonds to Curb Yen 

Reuters, August 1st

Japan's LDP May Call No-Confidence Vote: Report 

MarketWatch, August 5th 

Japan and the Atom:Nuclearphobia

The Economist, August 6th 

Foreign Students of Japanese Hold Tokyo Summit 

The Japan Times, August 6th 

Japan's Nuclear Debate Weighs Safety, Economics

NPR, August 8th 

LDP Pulls Threat, Will Vote on Bill for Tax Hike 

The Japan Times, August 8th

London 2012 Women's Olympic Soccer Final: U.S. Beats Japan 2-1 to Win Gold

NPR, August 9th 

Namesake Japanese Town Looks to Four More Years of Obama

The Wall Street Journal, August 10th 

Tokyo Riled by Lee's Visit to Disputed Islets

Japan Times, August 10th 

Record Low Number of Babies Born in Japan

The Los Angeles Times, August 11th 

 Tsunami Debris from Japan Poses Costly Coastal Cleanup Emergency 

The Los Angeles Times, August 14th 

Chinese Activist Arrested by Japan After Landing on Disputed Island Group 

The Washington Post, August 15th 

Japan Looks for Ways to Keep Communities Intact 

NPR, August 15th 

In Japan, New Taxes Levy Political Toll on Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda

The Washington Post, August 18th 

China-Japan Island Dispute Fuels Protests 

The Los Angeles Times, August 20th 

U.S., Japan Follows EU Into WTO Litigation Against Argentina

Reuters, August 21st

Japan's Prime Minister Meets with Antinuclear Protesters

The New York Times, August 22nd 

Japan's Ambassador to Return to South Korea 

BBC News, August 22nd

Consumer Reports Car-Test Boss David Champion Joins Nissan 

The Wall Street Journal, August 23rd 

In Japan, Mobile Startups Take Gaming to Next Level 

NPR, August 23rd

NPOs Send Tutors For Children in Irate Town 

The Japan Times, August 24th 

Japan Vows to Press Claims Over Disputed Islands

The New York Times, August 24th 

Japan Tough but Wary on South Korea row; Debt Plan Deal on Line 

Reuters, Aug 24th 

Japan Agrees Crash of Osprey in April Was Caused by Human Error

The Japan Times, August 26th 

Little League World Series Japan Routs Tennessee for Title 

The New York Times, August 26th 

Japan Tobacco Gets First FDA Approval 

The Wall Street Journal, August 28th 

Japan's Graduates Face Tough Job Market 

The Wall Street Journal, August 28th 

Japan and North Korea to Hold First Talks in Four Years 

BBC News, August 29th 

Noda Sends Note to Beijing in Bid to Defuse Tension

The Japan Times, August 29th 

Japan Faces Costs of Closing Reactors

The New York Times, August 29th 

Japan Industrial Production Drops Again 

CNN News, August 31st 

In Japan, a Setback for Apple in Patent Fight 

The New York Times, August 31st