Culinary Diplomacy

Sharing food from different cultures promotes cross-cultural dialogue and understanding and creates platforms for lasting personal relationships.


The U.S.-Japan Council helps to coordinate and sponsor Culinary Diplomacy events that bring together individuals in different regions who are committed to supporting USJC’s mission through culinary adventures in foods. These events feature certain types of cuisines, regional fare, or special ingredients.

For more information about a specific culinary event, please click on the event links below. 



February 4th: 
Midwest Culinary Diplomacy Event

March 13th:
New York Culinary Diplomacy Event

October 1st:
Taste of Tohoku: Northern California Culinary Diplomacy Event

November 10th - Annual Conference 2015:
Tastes of Tokyo



October 10th - Annual Conference 2014:
Culinary Festival 2014
Serving Up Culinary Diplomacy through Collaboration
Chefs from Hawaii and Japan Celebrate U.S.-Japan Relations at Culinary Festival in Honolulu



October 4th - Annual Conference 2013:
Culinary Diplomacy - Connecting People of Different Nations