December 2013

Joe Biden to Visit Japan, China as Air Zone Disputes Smolders 

CNN, Dec 2nd

Japan in a Post-Growth Age

New York Times, Dec 2nd

Biden Greeted by Caroline Kennedy 

Wall Street Journal, Dec 3rd 

Kathryn Korematsu Dies at 92

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 3rd 

Researchers in Hawaii Find Lost Japanese WWII Mega-Sub

CNN, Dec 4th 

Japan Approves $182 Billion Economic Package, Doubts Remain 

Reuters, Dec 5th 

U.S. Senators to Chinese Ambassador: Senkakus Under Japanese Control 

Japan Times, Dec 6th 

No Stranger to Asia, Biden Deploys Political Experience

New York Times, Dec 6th 

Waterworld: How Worried Should We Be About Fukushima?

Diplomat, Dec 9th 

Pitcher Tanaka's American Future Uncertain

Wall Street Journal, Dec 11th 

US-Japan Alliance Sparks Korean Grand Strategy Debate

Diplomat, Dec 11th 

Record 2013 Tourism in Japan Despite Island Spat, Nuclear Fallout 

Los Angeles Times, Dec 11th 

Draft of Security Plan Calls for a Muscular Japan

New York Times, Dec 11th 

Japan: Potent Protests

Economist, Dec 14th 

Weaker Yen Seen Driving Japan's Nikkei Up 16 percent in 2014 

Reuters, Dec 12th 

English Education Set to Get Serious

Japan Times, Dec 13th 

Japan Should Embrace Nuclear Power, Government Panel Says

Reuters, Dec 13th 

Japan and Asean Nations Seek 'Freedom of Overflight'

BBC News, Dec 14th 

'No Easy Way Out' For South Korea-Japan Feud, Despite Biden's Efforts

Wall Street Journal, Dec 13th  

Yamaguchi Gives Nod to Hosting KC-130 Fleet on Okinawa 

Japan Times, Dec 16th 

ASEAN Leaders Caught Between Tokyo, Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Dec 16th 

Japan Business Mood Hits Six-Year High as 'Abenomics' Takes Hold

Reuters, Dec 16th 

BOJ Hails Fed Tapering, Sticks With Its Own Massive Stimulus 

Reuters, Dec 20th 

Japan's 'Proactive Pacifism'

New York Times, Dec 20th 

Race to Become Next Tokyo Governor Kicks Off

Wall Street Journal, Dec 20th 

Japanese Robot Wins U.S. Competition 

Japan Times, Dec 23rd 

Ed Shikada Named City Manager of San Jose 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 26th 

U.S. Says Disappointed at Japan's PM's Shrine Visit 

Reuters, Dec 26th 

Aiming to Repeat Hybrid Success, Japan Funds Duel-Cell Stations

Wall Street Journal, Dec 26th

Reagan's Signing of Redress Bill Celebrated 25 Years Later 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 27th 

Japan Optimism Rekindled 

Wall Street Journal, Dec 30th

Hirono Introduces Bill to Name Security Studies Center for Inouye 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 30th 

Japan's State Secrets Law: Hailed by U.S., Denounced by Japanese 

NPR, Dec 31st