December 2014

No. of new adults in Japan rises for 1st time in 21 years
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 31

Abe, Obama to hold summit, reaffirm Japan-U.S. ties 70 years after end of WWII
The Japan Times, Dec 31

Japan, U.S. experts begin building ‘Pacific Vision 21’
The Japan News, Dec 30

Demographics Needn’t Mean Deflation, Argues Former BOJ Official
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 30

Japan, U.S., S. Korea sign pact to share intelligence on North Korea
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 30

Tokyo’s Stock Bubble: The Nikkei Index Since 1989
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 29

Govt eyes raising gift-tax exemption to ¥40 million
The Japan News, Dec 29

Youths from disaster-hit Tohoku region blossom in Paris in self-produced festival
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 28

Toshiba eyes new NAND flash memory chip plant
The Japan News, Dec 28

Ministry, TEPCO seek to end compensation for Fukushima businesses in Feb. 2016
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 27

McDonald’s in Japan Resolves Fry Shortage
The New York Times, Dec 27

Citigroup to sell retail banking biz in Japan to SMBC
The Japan News, Dec 26

Report: Kuroda to pitch in Japan in 2015
Los Angeles Times, Dec 26

Shinzo Abe Has Eyes on Revising Constitution in Japan
The New York Times, Dec 25

Replacing old reactors with new ones may be option for Japan: report
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 25

Sumo Champion Hakuho Looks to Break Record in 2015
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 25

Yomiuri-Gallup Survey / Strong U.S.-Japan ties endure, but some perception gaps widen
The Japan News, Dec 24

Renho Tosses Hat in Ring to Lead Opposition Democrats

The Wall Street Journal, Dec 24

Education panel calls for introduction of new university entrance tests
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 23

Visitors to Japan exceed 13 million
The Japan News, Dec 23

In Japan, nothing beats takeout fried chicken for Christmas
Los Angeles Times, Dec 23

Japan, U.S., ROK near DPRK info-sharing deal
The Japan News, Dec 22

In Boyle Heights, Japanese churches look to broaden their membership
Los Angeles Times, Dec 22

Yamagata farmer-singers write song for nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima residents
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 21

Eco-car tax break likely for minicars
The Japan News, Dec 21

The Scary and the Ornamental: A Review of Two Exhibitions in Katonah on the Culture of Japan
The New York Times, Dec 21

Japan’s Election: The Abe habit
The Economist, Dec 20

Reforms devised for feed-in tariff system
The Japan News, Dec 20

Abe welcomes U.S.-Cuba thaw
The Japan News, Dec 19

Sony CEO worried for months about 'The Interview,' emails show
Los Angeles Times, Dec 19

Riken institute abandons attempts to replicate STAP cells; Obokata to leave
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 19

Japan Targets Wealthy With Exit Tax
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 18

Government eyes ¥3 trillion extra budget for economic aid
The Japan News, Dec 18

The Sony Pictures hack, explained
The Washington Post, Dec 18

Revision of Japan-U.S. defense cooperation guidelines postponed
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 17

Govt to lower nursing care benefits
The Japan News, Dec 17

Japan's Butter Shortage Whips Its Cake Makers Into A Frenzy
NPR, Dec 17

With election win under his belt, Abe pledges Constitution rewrite
The Japan Times, Dec 16

Skymark set to code-share with JAL on Haneda routes
The Japan News, Dec 16

McDonald’s Japan Famished by Potato Shortage
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 16

Japan’s snap election result: Romping home
The Economist, Dec 15

Japan's Ocean Spiral proposed as giant underwater city
CNN, Dec 15

Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Car Mirai Goes on Sale
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 15

News Guide: Japan ruling party wins big
The Washington Post, Dec 14

35-student class size likely to stay
The Japan News, Dec 14

Takahama nuclear plant restart could come next spring
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 13

Govt, business panel move to raise wages
The Japan News, Dec 13

Japanese property: Waking from sleep
The Economist, Dec 13

Low-income homes see further tax aid
The Japan News, Dec 12

Rare Ainu scholar wants indigenous group’s women to aim high
The Japan Times, Dec 12

Top court rejects residents' demand for new base relocation assessment
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 12

Mock elections on rise to engage youth in politics
THe Japan Times, Dec 11

Suffering a media free-for-all, Japanese press now has the government weighing in
The Washington Post, Dec 11

Letter from Toyko: The last Tower Records standing
Los Angeles Times, Dec 11

Apple to Open New Research Site in Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 10

Asian neighbors cast watchful eyes on Abe's foreign policy steps ahead of poll
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 10

Relocating firms to see tax incentives
The Japan News, Dec 10

SoftBank’s Son Named CEO of the Year
The Wall Street Journal, December 9

Japan's Nobel physics prize winners give lectures in Stockholm
December 9, Mainichi Shimbun

Cool Japan’s Latest Offering: Ramen Noodles
The Wall Street Journal, December 9

Itochu announces massive solar power plant project in Okayama
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 8 

Japan's early elections are all about the economy
BBC, Dec 8

Godzilla: Japan planning to make new monster movie
BBC, Dec 8

Protesters vow to continue fight to scrap controversial secrecy law
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 7

Japan, U.S. to release initiative on 70th anniv. of postwar relations
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 6

Japan and Abenomics: Moment of reckoning
The Economist, Dec 6

Weaker Yen Set to Drive Corporate Profits Higher in 2015
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 5

Party leaders urged to go see Fukushima's harsh realities for themselves
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 5 

Softbank invests in Altaeros' airborne wind turbine technology
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 5

Japan's SoftBank invests $250m in GrabTaxi
BBC, Dec 4

Toyota Tsusho venture begins lithium production in Argentina
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 4

Japanese space explorer to blow crater in asteroid
Los Angeles Times, Dec 4

Is 'Womenomics' The Answer To Japan's Economic Woes?
NPR, Dec 3

Funds to move U.S. marines unfrozen
The Japan News, Dec 3

Tokyo Keeps Grip on Michelin Top Spot
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 3

Japan launches space probe to asteroid to 'clarify origin of solar system'
CNN, Dec 3

Japan election campaign starts with economy, security on agenda
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 2

Square Enix to start video game streaming service for smartphones, tablets
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 2

Honda's new 'Grace' hybrid sedan goes on sale in Japan
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 1

A framework for resolving Japan-China dispute over islands
Los Angeles Times, Dec 1

Akihiko Otsuka, Creator of Pocari Sweat, Dies at 77
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 1

How (not) to drink the world's best whisky
CNN, Dec 1