February 2013

Nikkei's Best Weekly Run in 54 Years

New York Times, Feb 1st

JANM to Host 2013 Day of Remembrance 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 1st

Japanese Premier Holds Back on U.S. Base Relocation

New York Times, Feb 3rd 

Analysis: China, Japan Seek to Dial Down Tension,But Risk Remains

Reuters, Feb 4th  

Kishida, Kerry Confirm Intentions to Bolster Bilateral Security Alliance 

Japan Times, Feb 4th 

Japan Expects Small Tsunami After Solomon Islands Quake 

Reuters, Feb. 5th 

San Diego Critics Name 'Allegiance' Best New Musical of 2012 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 6th 

New Japan-China Air Tensions: Smog

Wall Street Journal, Feb 8th 

Okinawan Gov't Complains After PET Water Bottle Falls From Osprey 

JapanToday, Feb 8th 

Japan's Nikkei Sprints Ahead on Abe Fever 

CNNMoney, Feb 10th 

Europe to Call on Japan, U.S. to Consolidate Public Fiances 

Reuters, Feb 15th 

Docomo to Establish Venture Fund and Incubation Program 

JapanToday, Feb, 10th 

Obama Should Woo Japan to Join Pacific Trade Pact 

Bloomberg, Feb 10th 

Tokyo Seeks Military Hot Line to Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Feb 13th 

Japanese Workers Unite For Higher Bonuses, Forego Wage Hikes

Wall Street Journal, Feb 13th 

Japan's Message for G20: Abenomics is Good For All 

Reuters, Feb 13th

How Did Japan Curb Pollution Without Sacrificing Growth

New York Times, Feb 15th 

Toshiba Decontamination Bot to Scrub No. 1 Plant 

Japan Times, Feb 16th

G20 Leaders Pledge to Advert Currency War 

NPR, Feb 18th 

For His Second Act, Japanese Premier Plays it Safe, with Early Results

New York Times, Feb 18th 

BOJ Board Rift May Delay New Governor's Policy Ambitions 

Reuters, Feb 19th 

With LDP Nod, Hague Bills Face May Diet OK

Japan Times, Feb 20th 

U.S.-Japan Council Mourns Loss of Aratani

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 21st 

Japan's Abe Seeks to Show Off Alliance, Gets Obama Nod on Abenomics

Reuters, Feb 21st 

George Aratani Dies at 95; L.A. Philanthropist who Funded Japanese American Causes 

Los Angeles Times, Feb 21st 

Health Care in Japan: Regenerative Medicine

The Economist, Feb 21st 

New Prize Awards Yamanaka $3 Million 

Japan Times, Feb 22nd 

Japan's First Lady Skips D.C., Cites Mrs. Obama's Schedule 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 23rd 

Japan's Hope: If You Build It, They Will Come 

New York Times, Feb 25th 

Abe Seeks Komeito TPP Backing 

Japan Times, Feb 26th 

Japan's Mothers in "Hokatsu" Hunt for Day Care 

New York Times, Feb 26th

Japan, U.S. Seek U.N. Inquiry into North Korea Abuses 

Reuters, Feb 26th 

Japanese, JA-Themed Films at CAAMFEST

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 26th 

Japanese Vehicles Dominate Consumer Reports' Top-Pick List

Wall Street Journal, Feb 27th

Ambassador Kennedy for Japan?

Wall Street Journal, Feb 28th 

Should the United States be Impressed by Shinzo Abe-Or Worried By Him 

Economist, Feb 28th 

Docomo Publishes 'Twitter Local Yellow Pages' for Japan 

The Bridge,  Feb 28th