February 2014

Japan-China Tension Has U.S. Walking a Fine Line

Los Angeles Times, Feb 2nd 

A Breakthrough for Science - And Young Japanese Women 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 3rd 

Insight: Japan Unease Over U.S. Alliance Adds Fuel to Abe's Security Shift 

Reuters, Feb 4th 

America's Team? Yankees May Be Japan's Team Instead

New York Times, Feb 5th 

Yamaguchi to be 'Today' Correspondent in Sochi

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 5th 

US Officials Sees "Unprecedented Spike" in Risky China Activity in Island Dispute 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 6th 

U.S. Stresses Commitment to Defend Japan in Washington Talks 

Reuters, Feb 7th 

Japan's Win Signals Change in Figure Skating 

Boston Globe, Feb 15th 

Japans Economy Grows at Slower Pace, Raises Stakes for Abenomics 

Reuters, Feb 16th

Japan's Trade Gap with China Expected to Grow 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 18th 

U.S. Lawmakers Say Alliance with Japan, S. Korea Key 

Japan Times, Feb 19th 

Obama Meets Nisei World War II Veterans 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 20th 

Japan's Aso Urges U.S. to Communicate with Markets on Tapering 

Reuters, Feb 21st 

Shapiro: Obama-Abe Summit Key 

Japan Times, Feb 21st 

CAPAC Members Observe Day of Remembrance 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 22nd 

Las Vegas Sands Ready to Invest $10 Billion in Japan Casino

Bloomberg, Feb 24th 

TPP Sides May Cut Tariffs Bilaterally 

Japan Times, Feb 24th 

Sochi Winter Olympics: How Did Japan Do?

Wall Street Journal, Feb 24th 

Changing Course, Japan Now Sees Future for Nuclear Power

Washington Post, Feb 25th 

"Tsuru" Short Film About JA Interment Reaches Kickstarter Goal in 3.5 Days, Looks Forward to Stretch Goals 

Nikkei View, Feb 25th 

JAs in Combat Focus Talk at JANM

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 27th 

NASA And Japan Launch Climate Research Satellite

CBS News, Feb 27th 

Hawaiian Airline to Drop One of its Routes to Japan 

USA Today, Feb 28th