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U.S.-Japan Council
Earthquake Relief Fund

Relief for Today, Rebuilding for the Future.

In immediate response to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, the U.S.-Japan Council created the U.S.-Japan Council Earthquake Relief Fund. The Fund received $350,000 within 24 hours of its establishment and raised $2,623,034 in total. The Fund was created for both immediate disaster relief and the long-term rehabilitation of businesses and infrastructure in the Tohoku region. Working with partners in the non-profit sector to disburse these donations, our supporters have helped make a lasting, meaningful impact on the people of Tohoku.

As of 12/31/2012 the USJC Earthquake Relief Fund is closed. Further contributions can be made to the U.S.-Japan Council or to the TOMODACHI Initiative.

The USJC Earthquake Relief Fund proudly supports the efforts of:

Ashinaga - A Japanese non-profit organization based in Tokyo that has provided education-focused financial aid and emotional support to children who have been orphaned by natural disasters around the world. Ashinaga plans to build a “rainbow house” in Sendai for orphans in Tohoku, similar to one established in Kobe following the 1995 Hanshin earthquake. Ashinaga was featured in a “Nick News” segment on the popular children’s network Nickelodeon.

Beyond Tomorrow - A non-profit sending Tohoku college students to school in Japan and the U.S. The program also provides study abroad opportunities to Tohoku high school students. The program encourages leadership development in its participants through symposia and supplemental activities.

The Center for Public Resource Development - A Japanese NGO organization with 120 member organizations. CPRD has a special interest in providing care for victims with allergies or specific medical conditions. Their efforts ranged from providing appliances to evacuees to hosting Studio Ghibli movie nights in shelters.

Civic Force - A Japanese NGO that responds to domestic natural disasters in Japan and delivered urgently needed relief services in the hardest-hit and isolated areas of Northeast Japan. Civic Force prides itself on coordinating non-profit efforts with local and national government agencies to ensure that the best aid reaches those who need it most.

The Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) Social Innovation Forum - A collaborative effort which will bring four cohorts of Japanese professionals and emerging social leaders (40 to 50 participants in total) to Seattle for intensive 10 day training directed at energizing civil society and social innovation in Japan, connecting leaders from both countries in enduring global partnerships, and rebuilding the areas hardest hit by the events of March 11th, 2011.

Hands On Tokyo - A Tokyo-based volunteer organization which is building a community center in Ogatsu-cho. The center will be a staging area for community bonding, rebuilding efforts, and volunteer activities. Hands On Tokyo will also host a competition to solicit and vet future rebuilding plans for the town.

Japan Platform - An international emergency humanitarian aid organization made up of a consortium of 32 Japanese NGOs. Many leaders from the Japanese business community use Japan Platform to channel their philanthropic efforts as well.

Japan America Society of Washington - The DC Chapter will bring children from Fukushima Prefecture’s Yamakiya Taiko group to the Washington area to perform during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and at other events in the region.

Knowledge Investment Programs - A program which brought 28 undergraduate and graduate students from Japan to the United States for 3 weeks during February and March 2012 to learn from disaster recovery and reconstruction experts in the U.S. and conduct research on how to rebuild Japan.

TOMODACHI and Major League Baseball - An effort to reequip youth teams in Tohoku with gear, uniforms, and facilities destroyed by the tsunami. USJC funds were used to rehabilitate a baseball field in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, which had been used as a staging ground for Japan’s Self Defense Forces and Operation TOMODACHI humanitarian relief.

Stories from Tohoku:With Heart and Hope - A project documenting relief efforts for Japan. A film will be produced in 2012 showcasing the efforts and results of American support for Japan following the Tohoku earthquake.

Recent updates on the activities of our grantees are available from:
Civic Force
Japan Platform
Hands On Tokyo
Peace Boat

Next Steps to Recovery:

TOMODACHI: A public-private partnership that supports Japan's recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and invests in the next generation of Japanese and Americans in ways that strengthen cultural and economic ties, and deepen the friendship between the United States and Japan over the long-term. The U.S.-Japan Council has taken a lead role in administering this initiative. Learn more at

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