January 2013

Akaka Welcomes Schatz to Senate 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 1st. 

Beate Gordon, Feminist Heroine in Japan, Dies at 89

New York Times, Jan 1st 

Emperor Urges Public to Support Disaster-Hit Victims 

Japan Times,  Jan 2nd 

2013 Could Be the Year Japan's Economy Turns Around: Cumberland's Witherell 

Yahoo Finance, Jan 3rd 

Oshogatsu Family Festival at Janm 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 3rd 

Japan's New Cabinet: Back to the Future

Economist, Jan 3rd 

'Abe Trade': Will Japan's Bull-Run Last? 

CNN, Jan 4th 

Japanese Professor, Students Aid Sandy Victims 

Japan Times, Jan 5th 

Japan Stimulus Plans Include $4.9 Billion Business Support: Draft 

Reuters, Jan 7th 

Business Lobbies Urge Deregulation, Quick Budget Work, TPP, Self- Help

Japan Times, Jan 8th

Keiro's Miyake to Discuss 'Impact of Health Reform'

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 8th 

Japan's Abe to Visit Southeast Asia to Boost Economic Ties 

Reuters, Jan 10th 

Pacific Tuna Stocks Have Plummeted, Scientists Warn 

New York Times, Jan 10th

Congressional Gold Medal Goes on National Tour 

Associated Press, Jan 10th 

Japan Voters Back PM Abe's Effort to Spur Growth, Beat Deflation 

Reuters, Jan 13th 

Editorial- Japan Steps Out 

New York Times, Jan 13th 

Online Campaigning Ban Likely History 

Japan Times, Jan 14th 

Japan PM Shinzo Abe Begins South East Asia Push in Vietnam 

BBC news, Jan 16th 

Central Japan to Use Common Grid System 

Japan Times News, Jan 16th 

Japan Must Avoid Vacuum Without BOJ Governor: Opposition Leader 

Reuters, Jan 16th 

American Envoy Calls for "Cooler Heads" In Asian Island Dispute

New York Times, Jan 17th 

Analysis: The Ties That Bind- Boeing Unlikely to Suffer Japan Fall- Out Over 787Woes 

Reuters, Jan 18th 

Shinseki to Continue as VA Secretary; Chu Said to be Leaving Energy Post

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 18th 

Father of Prius Hybrid Set to Become Toyota Chairman: Executives 

Reuters, Jan 21st 

U.S. Central to 'Abe Doctrine' in PM's Lost Policy Speech 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 22nd 

Q&A: Bank of Japan's Inflation Target 

BBC News, Jan 22nd 

Economists Give Abenomics Early Thumbs Up 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 23rd 

State Schools Chief Urges Public to Observe Korematsu Day 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 25th 

Firms Starting to See Value in Hiring Grads who Have Studied Overseas 

Japan Times, Jan 25th 

Japan Tries to Ease Fears That Policies Will Lead to Currency Wars

New York Times, Jan 25th 

On Japan's School Lunch Menu: A Healthy Meal, Made From Scratch 

Washington Post, Jan 26th 

Japan Voters Split on Revision Pacifist Constitution: Poll 

Reuters, Jan 27th 

Japan's Leader Expresses Willingness to Meet Chinese Counterparts

New York Times, Jan 29th 

Foreign Workforce in Japan Down 0.6% in October 

Japan Times, Jan 30th 

U.S. Justice Dept says Examining Softbank, Sprint Deal 

Reuters, Jan 29th 

CAPAC Members Commemorate Fred Korematsu Day

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Jan 30th 

Japan Factory Output Up, Firms Expert Recovery 

Reuters, Jan 31st

JACCC Announces Appointment of Leslie Ito as President/CEO 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 31st