January 2014

With Downed Balloon, China and Japan Cooperate

New York Times, Jan 2nd 

Japan Promises Equality, But Women Find Few Jobs

Washington Post, Jan 2nd 

PM Abe Refocuses on Economy After Shrine Visit Irks Neighbor

Wall Street Journal, Jan 6th 

Hosting Olympics to Have ¥20 Trillion Impact on Economy: Think Tank 

Japan Times, Jan 6th 

Ex-Health Minister Masuzoe Seen As Strong Candidate For Tokyo Governor 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 8th 

What You Should and Shouldn't Worry About After the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdow

Scientific American, Jan 9th 

'Legacy of a Lost Neighborhood' At California Museum 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 8th

Japan Urges 'Hotline' with China, Plays Down Shrine Visit 

Reuters, Jan 9th 

Sharp President Trying to Change Inward-Looking Corp Culture

Wall Street Journal, Jan 9th 

Baseball, Japanese Americans, and Southern California's Pacific Rim 

KCET, Jan 10th 

How Japan's Most Popular Messaging App Emerged from the 2011 Earthquake 

Business Insider, Jan 12th 

Japan's Suntory to Buy U.S. Spirits Maker Beam for $13.6 Billion Cash 

Reuters, Jan 13th 

Japan Looks to Join India, U.S. in Naval Exercise

Stars and Stripes, Jan 13th 

Japanese Car Makers Target Thrills at Detroit Show 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 13th 

Ex-PMs Join Hands in Tokyo Governor's Race 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 14th 

Japan Approves Fukushima Operator's Revival Plan 

Reuters, Jan 15th 

Updated: Nagasu's Olympic Dreams Iced 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 14th 

Reagan Replacing Washington in Japan 

CNN, Jan 15th 

Fukushima Radiation (Still) Poses No California Risk

New York Times, Jan 15th 

Shinzo Abe: Investing in the Past, Ignoring the Future

Diplomat, Jan 15th 

Japan and America: Surrounded by Sharks

Economist, Jan 16th 

Can Buildings Actually Grow? 

CNN, Jan 17th 

Miyazaki Film Among 2014 Oscar Nominees

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 18th 

Tokyo Pushing Ahead with U.S. Base Relocation Plan Despite Election Loss 

Reuters, Jan 20th 

Japan Defends Dolphin Hunt After Criticism from U.S. Ambassador

New York Times, Jan 20th 

Japan's Abe: I Am Beating Deflation

CNN, Jan 22nd 

Ambassador Kennedy Welcomes Uehara and Red Sox Nation to Her Residence 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 22nd 

Masahiro Tanaka Says He Chose Yankees "To Win the World Series"

New York Times, Jan 23rd 

Tokyo Governor Poll Campaign Begins Amid Nuclear Debate 

BBC News, Jan 23rd 

Star Envoy's Frankness Puts Kennedy Mystique to Test in Japan

New York Times, Jan 24th 

New Head of Japan's National Broadcaster to Side with Government?

Wall Street Journal, Jan 26th 

Fred Hiatt: Rocky Waters Between China and Japan Could Affect America 

Washington Post, Jan 26th 

Japan Post Record $112B Trade Deficit in 2013 

Associated Press, Jan 27th 

Happy Birthday, Little Tokyo

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 27th 

Abe Seeks Dose of Pride in Education Overhaul 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 29th 

Honda Becomes First Japan Automaker to be From U.S. 

Reuters, Jan 28th 

Honoring the Legacy of Fred Korematsu

White House, Jan 30th  

McAuliffe Attempts to Defuse Dilemma Over Textbook Maps of Sea of Japan 

Washington Post, Jan 30th 

Honoring a Japanese-American who Fought Against Internment Camps

NPR, Jan 30th 

Japan Inflation Quickens to Over Five-Year High, Output Rebounds

Reuters, Jan 31st 

Asia Colorfully Rings in Year of the Horse 

Japan Times, Jan 31st