January/February 2012

Political Visions in Japan: Generational Warefare 

The Economist, Jan 28th

State Won't Fund Free Medical Care in Fukushima

The Japan Times, Jan 29th 

Sony's Hirai Will Replace Stringer as CEO as Company Seeks to Engineer Turnaround

Yahoo!Finance, Feb 1

Tokyo Exchange Temporarily Halts Trading of Scores of Stocks

CNN, Feb 2nd

Mayor to Residents of Evacuated Japanese Town: Come Home

Los Angeles Times, Feb 2nd

Japan's Parliament Approves Fourth Extra Budget to Fund Disaster Relief Projects

Yahoo!Finance, Feb 3rd

Student's Retreat from English (Editorial)

The Japan Times, Feb 5th

Forex Stealth Intervention for Dummies

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 7th 

Amid Futenma Impasses, U.S. Pledges to Move Marines to Guam 

Washington Post, Feb 8th 

Japanese Emperor to Have Heart Bypass Surgery 

Associated Press, Feb 12th 

Japan's GDP Shrinks 2.3% in Fourth Quarter 

Financial Times, Feb 13th 

Noda Plans First Visit to Okinawa 

The Japan Times, Feb 15th 

Sony's New Gadget: Energy Consumption-Monitoring Outlets

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 15th 

 Japanese Brands Top Annual Vehicle- Dependability

The Los Angeles Times, Feb 15th 

180 Students from Disaster-Hit Tohoku to Have Homestay in U.S. 

JapanToday, Feb 16th 

Tokyo Promises Improved Bid for 2020 Olympics with Main Stadium in City Center 

ESPN, Feb 16th 

Okinawa Gov. Submits Opinion on Base Relocation, Calls it "Impossible"

Ryukyu Shimpo, Feb 21

The Japanese Tycoon Battling Steve Wynn 

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 21

U.S. Nuke Official: "This is Too Big for TEPCO"

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 22nd

TOMODACHI Educational Programs Will Bring Japanese Students to U.S.

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 23rd

Japanese Authorities Concerned about "Lonely Deaths"

BBC News, Feb 24th 

U.S. Penalizes Japan's Largest Organized-Crime Group 

The New York Times, Feb 24th