Judge Patrick Oishi Participates in Judicial Exchange

(L to R) Judge Ichiko Suzuki, Judge Takehiro Yasunaga, Judge Patrick Oishi, Judge Kunitaka Iwasaki and Masahiro Hosono in Judge Oishi's courtroom

During December 2014, U.S.-Japan Council Member Judge Patrick Oishi of Seattle had the pleasure and distinction of meeting with judges and a public prosecutor from Japan, who were doing research and study of criminal law and jury trials in the United States. Earlier in 2014, Judge Oishi met with a different group of judges from Japan, who were also studying criminal law issues.

Judge Oishi, who currently serves as the Assistant Chief Criminal Judge of King County Superior Court, held two meetings with Kunitaka Iwasaki, Judge of Osaka District Court, Takehiro Yasunaga, Judge of Kagoshima District Court, Ichiko Suzuki, Judge of Sendai District Court, and Masahiro Hosono, Yokohama District Public Prosecutor’s Office. The meetings focused on a comparison of the U.S. jury trial system and the Saiban-in (Lay Judges) system in Japan, as well as criminal procedure and evidence issues in the two countries. Judge Oishi and his colleagues from Japan engaged in a very educational and enlightening discussion and comparison of the two criminal justice systems.

After the final meeting, Judge Oishi hosted the Japanese Judges and public prosecutor to a dinner on the Seattle waterfront. Fellow U.S.-Japan Council Member and attorney Lynn Hashimoto joined the group for dinner. Everyone enjoyed a very nice evening of delicious food, good conversation and camaraderie.

(L to R) Judge Ichiko Suzuki, Lynn Hashimoto, Masahiro Hosono, Judge Patrick Oishi, Judge Kunitaka Iwasaki and Judge Takehiro Yasunaga on the Seattle waterfront.