July 2016

Three-Piece Dream Suit 
The Economist, Jul 30th 

The American Chef Bringing Kyoto 'Kaiseki' to Tokyo 
Japan Times, Jul 29th 

U.S. Military to Return 4,000 Hectares of Land on Okinawa to Japan 
TIME, Jul 29th 

Philippines Must Work With Japan, U.S. to Deal with S.China Sea Issue
Japan News, Jul 29th 

North American Markets Hold Steady Ahead of Bank of Japan Policy Meeting
Canadian Press, Jul 28th 

U.S.-Japan Alliance Must Work With Others in Asia to Preserve Status Quo: U.S. Admiral
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

'Trumpetings' Mean Trouble for Japan and Asia
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

Japanese See Americans as Idle
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

Asian Stocks Advance Ahead of Policy Meetings in U.S., Japan
Bloomberg, Jul 24th 

'Pokemon Go' Launch Has Japanese Government Freaking Out 
Huffington Post, Jul 21st 

Japan, U.S. Finance Ministers to Meet Ahead of G20 in China
Reuters, Jul 20th 

Territorial Battles Will Continue Despite Ruling
Japan Times, Jul 20th 

Asian Shares Mostly Lowers as U.S. Dollar Rises, Japan Earning Loom 
Wall Street Journal, Jul 20th 

For Some Expats, U.S. Gun Violence Makes Japan Feel Like a Haven
Washington Post, Jul 19th 

Japan Tobacco Brings Cheap Cigarettes to the U.S.
Wall Street Journal, Jul 18th 

Vice Foreign Ministers from S. Korea, US, Japan to Hold Talks in Hawaii
Korea Times, Jul 15th

Japan's Aluminum Fabricators Beef Up U.S. Output Betting on Rising Auto Use
Reuters, Jul 15th 

Japan's DENSO Crop. Will Pay Out Additional $193.8 Million to American Consumers in Auto Parts Settlement
PR News Wire, Jul 14th 

Japan Emperor Intends to Abdicate 'In a Few Years'
Reuters, Jul 13th 

Faster: Google Plugs Their Undersea Cable into Japan
Wired, Jul 1st