June 2012

Tokyo Gas Attack Suspect Arrested After 17 Years on Run 

CNN News, June 4th 

Married Women Want to Work 

The Japan Times, June 4th

Japan PM Noda Reshuffles Cabinet Over Tax Bill

BBC News, June 4th  

Japan's Long-Overdue Insider Crackdown on Foreign Investors 

The Wall Street Journal, June 8th 

Japanese More Opposed to Nuclear Power a Year After Tsunami

The Los Angeles Times, June 5th

Japanese Dock Reaches Oregon;Tsunami Debris Arriving Sooner Than Expected

NPR, June 7th  

Japan's Prime Minister Seeks Support for Nuclear Energy 

The New York Times, June 8th 

Group Searches L.A. County Beaches for Tsunami Debris

The Los Angeles Times, June 8th 

Fuji Heavy Eyes New U.S. Subaru Factory 

The Japan Times, June 9th 

First Ever Basketball Without Borders Asia in Tokyo, Japan Ends on a High 

NBA, June 13th

Ospreys Add to Okinawa Grievances

The Japan Times, June 14th 

Alaska Returns Basketball Washed Away by Tsunami 

Associated Press, June 13th 

Japan Moves Closer to Restarting First Nuclear Reactors Since Tsunami 

The Washington Post, June 14th 

Japan Reaches Tax Deal That Could Help Shrink Debt

The New York Times, June 16th 

Fukushima Watch: Moody's Rates Restarts 

The Wall Street Journal, June 18th 

Microsoft Surface May Sink Japan Inc.'s Tablet Hopes 

The Wall Street Journal, June 19th 

Japanese Officials Failed to Use U.S. Data Tracking Radiation After Tsunami

The New York Times, June 19th 

Japan's Exports Surge 10% in May Easing Slowdown Fears

BBC News, June 20th 

Japan Posts First Trade Deficit With EU

The Financial Times, June 20th 

Noba Officially Gives in on Tax, Welfare Reform

The Japan Times, June 21st 

Nissan Chief Denies Report That He Plans to Step Down Early 

The New York Times, June 22nd 

Uncommon June Typhoon Forces Thousands to Flee

 The Japan Times, June 21st 

Light Cars Are Heavyweights in Japan 

The Wall Street Journal, June 25th 

A Pound of Flesh: After 15 Years, Japan's Fiscal Hawks Appear to be Getting What They Want 

The Economist, June 21st

Fukushima Markets Get First Local Seafood Since Nuclear Meltdown 

NPR, June 25th 

Japan's Nuclear Victims Seek Compensation, But Not A Day in Court 

The Washington Post, June 25th 

In Japan, Sales Tax increase Advances in Parliament Despite Ruling Party Rift

The Washington Post, June 26th 

Tax Smackdown 101: What It All Means 

The Wall Street Journal, Jun 26th 

Japan Set to Power Up Nuclear Reactor Amid Protests

CNN News, June 27th