June 2013

Japan's Right-Wing Politicians: Making a Hash of History

Economist, Jun 3rd 

Bob Fletcher Dies at 101; Saved Farms of Interned Japanese Americans

Los Angeles Times, Jun 3rd 

George Takei on America's Tragic Past and Bright Future 

Forbes, Jun 4th 

In Japan, New Policy Spurs Solar Power Boom 

Washington Post, Jun 4th 

Japan's Involvement in U.S. Military Drill 'Unprecedented'

Wall Street Journal, Jun 4th

Fukushima Tuna Study Finds Minuscule Health Risks 

CNN, Jun 4th

Japan Becomes First to Qualify for World Cup After Honda Equalizer 

Japan Times, Jun 5th  

House Urges Obama Address Currency Manipulation in Asia Trade Talks

Reuters, Jun 6th  

Why Abe has Staying Power

Wall Street Journal, Jun 7th 

Japan is a Model, Not a Cautionary Tale

New York Times, Jun 9th

U.S., Japan Leading Recovery in Major Economies: OECD

Reuters, Jun 10th

Japanese and US. Leaders Hopeful About Next Generation 

Rafu Shimpo, Jun 11th 

ISS Backs SoftBank-Sprint Deal After Offer Sweetened

Reuters, Jun 12th 

Japan Baseball Under Fire for Switching Balls

New York Times, Jun 12th 

U.S. Retail Investors Stick with Japan 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 12th 

Kishida, Onodera Set to Attend Okinawa Memorial Service 

Japan Times, Jun 13th 

In Hawaii, A Day Inspired by Korematsu 

Rafu Shimpo, Jun 13th 

Okinawa Pitches Futenma 'Dispersal'

Japan Times, Jun 14th 

The Third Arrow of Abenomics: Misfire 

Economist, Jun 13th 

Japan Export Surge Most Since 2010 in Boost for Abe: Economy

Bloomberg, Jun 18th 

'No, We Can't': Japan's Conservative Values Collide with Plan to Mobilize Women for Economy 

Reuters, Jun 19th 

With Sony on a Roll, CEO Looking Dreamier Than Ever

Wall Street Journal, Jun 20th 

Abe Confidante Secretly Visited China to Reboot Ties 

Japan Times, Jun 21st 

Daredevil's Latest Test: Remaking Japan's Democracy

New York Times, Jun 21st 

U.S., Japanese Officials Attend Okinawa War Memorial 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 23rd 

As CDs Spin On in Japan, Tower Records Rocks On 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 24th 

UNESCO Award Spurs Fuji Tourist Guide Frenzy 

Japan Times, Jun 25th

Vice Adm. Harris Nominated as Pacific Fleet Commander

 Rafu Shimpo, Jun 26th 

SoftBank Investors Relieved After Sprint Megadeal 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 26th 

Tokyo Panel Mulls Ways to Enhance High School English Education 

Japan Times, Jun 28th