Women Leading Social Changes in Japan

October 18, 2016 at 12pm - 1:30pm
Tokyo American Club (Tokyo, Japan)

The Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative is celebrating its 10th anniversary by hosting the Tokyo Summit "Women Leading Social Changes in Japan." JWLI is led by USJC Board Member Atsuko Fish. Among the speakers at this summit are USJC president Hirano Inouye and Council Leader Mari Kuraishi.

This summit will allow participants to 

  • Observe successful cases of social change in Japan achieved by women leaders
  • Learn from the U.S experience: What is different from Japan? What is similar? What can be learned?
  • Meet role models from Japan's social sector leaders and social entrepreneurs 
  • Explore obstacles for Japanese women leaders and how to overcome them

To learn more information, please visit the JWLI website or the summit's website.JWLI 2016 東京サミット