March 2012

Japan One Year On: What's Changed?

CNN, March 1st 

Poverty in Japan: Shadowy Figures

The Economist, March 1st 

Smoke From Europe's Debt Crisis Gets in Japan's Eyes 

The Wall Street Journal, March 2nd

One Year On: Sendai Volunteers Spread Word

The Wall Street Journal, March 5th 

Government to Pay Debris Disposal Costs

JapanTimes, March 6th 

Japanese Emperor Akihito back in Hospital 

BBC, March 7th 

With Radiation, Doubt Grows in Fukushima Farms 

NPR, March 8th 

Japan Looks Beyond Its Borders for Investors 

The New York Times, March 8th 

Japan Disaster: A Year Later

The Los Angeles Times, March 8th 

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: A Child's Eye View

Independent, March 8th 

Statement by the President on the One Year Anniversary of 3/11 in Japan

The White House, March 9th

Japan: Then and Now 

The Washington Post, March 11th 

Fukushima Taiko Drummers Japan's Newest Stateside Export 

CNN, March 14th

Scientist Studying Japan Tsunami's Impact on California

The Rafu Shimpo, March 14th  

Moving Forward with Friendship, Support

The Rafu Shimpo, March 15th

Early Spring Weather Means Peak Bloom for DC Cherry Blossoms Moved Up

The Associated Press, March 15th

Noda Makes Final Push to Ensure Cabinet Approval of Sales Tax Hike

The Japan Times, March 15th  

Washington Museums Join Celebration of Cherry Trees' Centennial 

The Washington Post, March 16th 

Students From Tohoku to Participate in L.A. Marathon

The Rafu Shimpo, March 16th 

North Korean Missile Could be in Japanese Cross Hairs 

The New York Times, March 18th 

Pension Obligations Threaten to Sink Small Companies in Japan 

The New York Times, March 20th 

Nisei Students to Receive Honorary Degrees from USC

The Rafu Shimpo, March 20th 

Nissan to Revive Datsun Brand in Emerging Markets

The Wall Street Journal, March 21st 

Noda Support Rate Up But More Snub Tax Hike 

The Japan Times, March 21st 

AKB48 in D.C. - Beneath the Cherry Blossoms

The Wall Street Journal, March 22nd 

U.S. Baseball's Opening Day Heads to Japan 

CNN, March 22nd 

Japan Prepares Missile Defense Ahead of North Korea Launch

CNN, March 23nd

Vessel Tossed to Sea in Japan's Tsunami Nears Canada 

The New York Times, March 25th 

Deeper U.S. ties to anchor Asia: Blue Book draft

The Japan Times, March 26th 

Editorial: Promoting Tohoku Tourism 

The Japan Times, March 26th 

Interior Department Awards Funds to Preserve, Interpret Confinement Sites

Rafu Shimpo, March 27th 

Japanese Girl Group AKB48 Breezes Through D.C. in Whirlwind of Cuteness

The Washington Post, March 27th 

Japan Has Lots of Plutonium on Hand, Little Way to Use It 

The Washington Post, March 27th 

Facebook's Zuckerburg Meets Japan's Prime Minister 

The Wall Street Journal, March 30th 

Japan Orders to Intercept North Korea Rocket If It Poses Threat 

The New York Times, March 30th 

Rich, and Getting Richer: Japan's Forbes 40 

The Wall Street Journal, March 30th 

First Lady Reenacts Cherry Tree Planting in D.C. 

Rafu Shimpo, March 30th