March 2013

Japan Exempts F-35 Components Froms Arms Export Ban 

Reuters, Mar 1st 

Poll: 81% Welcome Foreigners of Japanese Descent 

Japan Times, Mar 2nd

The Answer to Chinese Pollution? It's in Japan

Fortune, March 4th 

BOJ Nominee Kuroda Sets Out Aggressive Policy Ideas

Reuters, Mar 4th 

IOC Team Starts Crucial Tokyo Evaluation Tour 

Japan Times, Mar 5th 

Toyota Overhauls Management, Gives More Autonomy to North America 

Los Angeles Times, Mar 6th 

Samsung Gets a Foot in at Key Apple Supplier Sharp with $110 Million Investment

Reuters, Mar 6th 

Economy Minister Looks for 'Convenient' Wage Hikes 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 6th 

'Emperor' Stirs Deep Emotions in Japan and U.S. 

Los Angeles Times, Mar 6th 

Congressional Gold Medal Exhibit to Open in Hawaii

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 7th 

What Japan's Tsunami Left Behind

New York Times, Mar 8th 

Speedy Rebuilding of Homes is Top Priority

Wall Street Journal, Mar 8th 

LA Fire Deputy in Fukushima on Second Anniversary of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 

SCPR, Mar 9th 

Japan PM Abe Vows Nation to Emerge Stronger from 2011 Triple Disasters 

Reuters, Mar 11th 

Two Years Later: The Stirring Voices of Tohoku 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 11th 

Second Anniversary of March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake 

Japan U.S. Embassy, Mar 11th 

Japan Jets Into Regional Plane Market, Eyes More Boeing Business 

Reuters, Mar 12th 

Universities to Boost Classes in English 

Japan Times, Mar 14th 

An Energy Coup for Japan - "Flammable Ice"

New York Times, Mar 13th 

CNN Reporter, Gulf Coast Native Lends Support to Japanese Tsunami Survivors 

Washington's Top News, Mar 12th 

U.S.' Kerry to Travel To South Korea, Japan, China in Mid-April 

Reuters, Mar 14th 

Boeing Presents Fix for 787's Battery Problems

New York Times, Mar 15th 

Idemitsu, Mitsui to Build U.S. Petchem Plant: Nikkei 

Reuters, Mar 17th 

Earliest Ever Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

CNN Travel, Mar 18th

 Puerto Rico Beats Japan, Reaches First WBC Final 

Associated Press, Mar 18th 

Japanese Architect Wins Profession's Highest Honor 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 18th 

Manzanar Interpretive Center Impacted By Budget Cuts

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 18th 

Power at Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Ponds Restored 

BBC News, Mar 18th 

Abe Firm on Futenma But Vows Respite

Japan Times, Mar 20th 

China's New Diplomats Signal Thaw with Japan, Keeping U.S. at Bay 

Reuters, Mar 20th 

Rat at Fukushima Plant May Have Caused Blackout

New York Times, Mar 20th 

China "Extremely Concerned" About U.S.-Japan Island Talk 

Reuters, Mar 21st 

Give Japan's New Leader the Benefit of the Doubt on Free Trade 

Economist, Mar 21st 

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Gives "Abenomics" Thumbs Up 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 22nd 

Japan Unlikely to Pay its Way out of Fix

CNN, Mar 22nd 

Ministry Files to Start Work on Futenma's Replacement

Japan Times, Mar 22nd 

'Emperor' How Peace Was Won 

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 24th 

Japan Times Reaches Deal with New York Times

New York Times, Mar 25th 

Hiroshima Court Rules Election Invalid 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 25th 

Abe Wants TOEFL to Be Key Exam 

Japan Times, Mar 25th 

Fukushima Town Revealed in Google Street View Two Years After Tsunam

Guardian, Mar 27th 

Elderly 3/11 Nuclear Evacuee Deaths Spiked 

Japan Times, Mar 28th 

Aeon to Take Over Daiei in Bid For Dominance 

Japan Times, Mar 31st