May 2013

Bishop, Iino to Recieve Spring Decorations From Japan Government 

Rafu Shimpo, May 2nd

Madam Ambassador Roos Shows Off Her Green Thumb 

Wall Street Journal, May 2nd 

China Likely to Use Coercion on Japan but Avoid Force 

Japan Times, May 3rd 

Does Japan's Revival Have Legs? 

Barron's, May 4th 

Abe's Child Care Proposal Draws Fire From Companies 

Japan Times, May 5th 

Author Murakami Makes First Japan Public Appearance in 18 years 

Reuters, May 6th 

Scholarships to Encourage More Japanese to Study Overseas

New York Times, May 6th 

Slain Japanese Journalist Given World Press Freedom Hero Award

Japan Today, May 6th 

Washington Budget Fight Hits Small Japan Town 

Wall Street Journal, May 8th 

Japan Film Festival L.A. Starts This Weekend

Rafu Shimpo, May 8th

Huffington in Tokyo for Launch of Japanese-Language Version of Huff-Post

Japan Times, May 9th 

Japan Protests over Chinese Article on Okinawa Sovereignty

BBC News, May 9th 

Loeb Says Japan Rally in Early Stages 

Wall Street Journal, May 10th 

U.S. Sends Japan Currency Warning as G7 Meets 

Reuters, May 10th 

A Japanese Tribute to Nisei Vets 

Rafu Shimpo, May 10th 

Michelin For the Masses: Japan's Standing Restaurants Head for New York 

Reuters, May 13th 

A Brief History Shareholder Activism in Japan 

Wall Street Journal, May 14th 

NRA Wants Monju to Remain Shut Down 

Japan Times, May 14th 

Japan OKs $908B Budget to Revive Economy 

USA Today, May 15th 

Japan PM Abe 'Would Meet' N. Korea Leader Kim Over Abductions 

BBC, May 15th 

Japan's First-Quarter Growth Spurt Shoes Early Benefit of Abe's Policy Gamble 

Reuters, May 16th 

Obama Meets with JACL, Other AAPI Groups 

Rafu Shimpo, May 16th 

Japan and Abenomics

Economist, May 16th 

Japan Starts to Recharge After Two Lost Economic Decades

 New York Times, May 18th 

Analysis: Little Sign Abe Can Shake Up Japan's Inbound FDI 

 Reuters, May 20th

Japanese Pensions Moving Into Alternatives Overseas 

Wall Street Journal, May 20th 

Ambivalent Japan Turns on its 'Insular' Youth 

Japan Times, May 21st 

Is Sony un-Japanese Enough to Entertain Change?

Reuters, May 21st 

Japan Votes to Adopt Child Abduction Treaty 

BBC News, May 22nd 

Return of the Big, Bad Japan Export Machine

Wall Street Journal, May 22nd

Japan's Bond Market: The Wild Side 

Economist, May 24th 

 'Flicker in Eternity,' 'Go For Broke!' at Janm 

Rafu Shimpo, May 30th 

Japan Suspends Wheat Imports From Pacific Northwest States

NPR, May 31st 

Apple Joins Other Foreign Brands in Raising Prices in Japan 

Reuters, May 31st