New England Members and Supporters Gather for Lecture on Japanese Elections

April 27, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm

Special thanks to Board Member Atsuko Toko Fish and the Fish Family Foundation for organizing this event, and to their intern Ms. Shoko Asei for writing the following article!

In the evening of April 27, USJC members in New England held an event called “Japan's 2016 Elections.” The event attracted attendees from various community organizations, alumni of USJC and TOMODACHI programs, and scholars and students from academic institutions in the Greater Boston area. During the networking reception, the attendees were greeted by Irene Hirano Inouye, who flew in from DC to spend the evening with the Boston-based members, friends and supporters.

(L–R) Deva Hirsch, her husband Stuart Peskin, and Irene Hirano Inouye (All photos by Lia Camargo)

The event began with opening remarks by Atsuko Toko Fish, USJC Board Member and the USJC New England Regional Chair. She thanked everyone for joining and introduced the featured speaker, William W. Grimes, Professor of International Relations at Boston University. Well-versed in Japanese culture, language and political affairs, Professor Grimes shared his views and insights on Japan's upcoming elections. He gave a captivating talk, presenting many charts to illustrate Japan's current political system and governmental structure.

Professor Grimes

Following the presentation, Ms. Hirano Inouye expressed her gratitude to all who have been supportive and engaged with USJC in New England. She highlighted USJC's recent activities, achievements, initiatives, and the upcoming Annual Conference in Silicon Valley. She also touched upon the missions and overarching goals shared among the members, as well as how to join USJC.

Ms. Hirano Inouye also congratulated the graduates of USJC’s leadership initiatives that are designed to support Japanese American leaders. Special recognitions were made to Lianna Kushi and Ginger Vaughn, alumni of TOMODACHI Emerging Leaders Program, and Eric Nakajima and Ken Oye, alumni of the Japanese American Leadership Delegation program.

The event came to a close as participants mingled over dessert, reconnecting with one another and meeting new people with similar interests in U.S.-Japan relations.

(L-R) Council Leader Naomi Moniz, Ms. Hirano Inouye, Ms. Fish, Ms. Vaughn and Ms. Kushi

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