November 2012

Worker: Japan Nuke Crisis Crew Not Told of Danger 

Associated Press, Nov. 1st

New Generation of Japanese Entrepreneurs Sets Sights on Silicon Valley, Nov. 1st 

Tokyo Voted for Seoul UNSC Post 

Japan Times, Nov 2nd 

Japan's Electronics Giants Struggle to Reboot 

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 2nd 

Japan Deplores Assault on Boy by Suspected U.S. Serviceman 

Reuters, Nov. 2nd 

Japan Tech Groups Confront Past Mistakes 

CNN, Nov. 4th 

U.S. and Japan Begin Huge Military Drill, Minus Key Part

New York Times, Nov. 5th 

Q&A: After quake, U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos Sees a Resurgent Entrepreneurial Culture, Nov. 5th 

Hirono Becomes First U.S. Senator Born in Japan

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 6th 

Sports Log: Yu Darvish Decides Not to Pitch for Japan 

Boston Globe, Nov. 7th 

UPDATE: 2-Tepco Seeks More Govt Support as Fukushima Coasts Soar 

Reuters, Nov 7th 

Obama's New Japan Team 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 7th 

Sony's Software Chief to Leave Company 

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 8th 

Japan PM Eyes Snap Election After Backing U.S. - Led Trade Pact

Reuters, Nov. 11th

Japan Economy Contract as Global Slowdown Hits Exports 

BBC, Nov 12th 

Parties in Japan Agree on Bill to Finance Deficit 

Reuters, Nov 13th

Japan Set for Elections as Premier Yoshihiko Noda Pledges to Dissolve Parliament 

Washington Post, Nov. 14th 

No TPP Decision in Offing: Edano 

Japan Times, Nov. 14th 

Sprint Files for FCC Approval for Softbank Deal 

Reuters, Nov 15th 

Re-elected Obama Won't be Senkaku Savior 

Japan Times, Nov. 17th 

Video Games: Japan Fights Back 

The Economist, Nov 17th 

Japan Opposition LDP Keeps Lead Before Vote: Poll

Reuters, Nov 18th 

Obama at Asean Summit Urges Nations to Ease Sea Rows 

BBC, Nov 20th 

A Call for Japan to Take Bolder Monetary Action 

New York Times, Nov 20th 

In Talk With Obama, Noda Again Plays up TPP

Japan Times, Nov 21st

Scholar Tries to Ease Okinawa's U.S. Pains 

Japan Times, Nov 24th 

Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan's Displaced 

New York Times, Nov 25th 

U.S. Ties Depend on Tokyo's Initiative, Leadership 

Japan Times, Nov 24th 

Japan Feeling Friendly - Except Toward China, South Korea 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 26th 

TV or Online? Japan's Leaders Debate on How to Host Debate 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 27th 

Japan's Prospective PM Keeps Up Calls for Bold BOJ Stimulus 

Reuters, Nov 27th 

Japan's 'Destroyer'Eyes Comeback with Party No. 7

Wall Street Journal, Nov 28th 

U.S. Not Neutral About Japan, Armitage Told Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Nov 29th 

Gerald L. Curtis: The Declinist Debate is a Diversion

Council on Foreign Relations, Nov 29th 

Japan's Space Agency Say Rocket Information Was Stolen by Computer Virus 

New York Times, Nov 30th 

Japan's Kobe Beef Bound for U.S. 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 30th 

Granderson to Tour Korea and Japan as MLB Ambassador 

New York Yankees, Nov. 30th