November 2014

New proposals eyed for Japan-U.S. ties
The Japan News, Nov 30

Japanese Unearth Remains, and Their Nation’s Past, on Guadalcanal
The New York Times, Nov 30

Making 'a bed for an eel': How Kyoto is saving its unique, skinny townhouses
CNN, Nov 30

Keidanren delegation to meet with S. Korean president on Dec. 1
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 29

Japanese politics: To the district born
The Economist, Nov 29

Firms, business groups boost donations to LDP by 40%
The Japan News, Nov 29

Hayabusa-2 to carry camera developed with public donations into space
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 29

Concerns simmer over access to nuclear info as enforcement of secrets law nears
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 28

Japan's rise to racing prominence
CNN, Nov 28

Gay Assemblyman to Run in Japan’s General Election
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 28

Japan in Depth / Diet sluggish on electoral reform to tackle vote-value disparities
The Japan Times, Nov 27

Few women on major parties' election slates despite talk of female empowerment
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 27

5 Things to Know About Japan’s Handmade ‘Washi’ Paper
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 27

Japan Calls for Speed in Repair of Takata Airbags
The New York Times, Nov 26

Industry minister sets summer deadline for energy policy
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 26

Japan as you've never seen it before
CNN, Nov 26

Kuroda Turns Up Heat on Japan Inc.: Turn Profits Into Higher Wages
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 25

Relaxing music improves work ethic
The Japan News, Nov 25

Japan carmakers struggling to keep up with foreign competitors in China
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 25

ASAHI POLL: LDP en route for election win despite poor support for Abenomics
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 24

DPJ pledges U-turn on collective self-defense Cabinet decision
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 24

Former DPJ prime ministers return to humble beginnings in reaching out to voters
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 23

Choosing Fast and Cheap Over High-End Chic in Yokohama, Japan
The New York Times, Nov 23

Japanese politics: Taking up arms
The Economist, Nov 22

Dozens injured after strong earthquake shakes central Japan
CNN, Nov 22 

Abe vows to continue taking steps to empower women in society
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 22

Key Dates in Japan’s Lower House Elections
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 21

Japan Coast Guard changes approach to Chinese coral poachers
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 21

Opposition leaders take to streets as parties move into election mode
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 20

Low Consumer Spending Hinders Japan's Economic Recovery
NPR, Nov 20

A Sudden Schism Emerges Between Abe and the Bank of Japan Governor
The New York Times, Nov 20

Focal Points / Abe looked to Nakasone’s surprise dissolution of ’86
The Japan News, Nov 19

Japan to dissolve parliament, hold snap elections after news of recession
CNN, Nov 18

¥2 tril. stimulus mulled for budget
The Japan News, Nov 18

Ken Takakura dies at 83; outlaw and hero in Japanese films
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

MLB stars close Japan Series with another win
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

Defying Expectations, Japan’s Economy Falls Into Recession
The New York Times, Nov 17

What Japan’s recession means for country, world
The Washington Post, Nov 17

Okinawa elects new governor opposed to U.S. air base
CNN, Nov 17

Japan, U.S., Australia ‘to deepen security ties’
The Japan News, Nov 17

Relocation of U.S. base in Japan likely won’t happen after Japanese election
CNN, Nov 16

DPJ, Your Party mull teaming up
The Japan News, Nov 16

Politics in Japan: Snapping to Attention
The Economist, Nov 15

Abe highlights policy effects at G-20 summit
The Japan News, Nov 15

Nearly 70% of college students graduating next March find jobs
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 15

Abe likely to link tax hike, low rate for necessities
The Japan News, Nov 14

Abe’s key bills set to be tossed if Diet dissolved
Japan Times, Nov 14

Japan takes a step toward lowering voting age to 18
Japan Times, Nov 14

Opposition parties scramble to team up for possible poll
The Japan News, Nov 13

Japan, ASEAN to cooperate against transnational crimes, terrorism
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Japan offers Myanmar 25.8 bil. yen loan for development projects
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea to hold talks by end of year
Japan Times, Nov 12

Avigan could be formally approved as Ebola drug early 2015: Fujifilm
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 12

Hall of Fame digitizes film of 1934 Japan tour
The Washington Post, Nov 12

NHK expects subscription fee income to rise by 100 billion yen under new business plan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 11

Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market
The Washington Post, Nov 11

Leaders of Japan, China meet in Beijing after long frosty spell
Los Angeles Times, Nov 10

Abe, Putin agree to prepare for Japan visit next year
Japan Times, Nov 10

Conference on education for sustainable development opens in Nagoya
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 10

Govt to ease visa requirements for Chinese
The Japan News, Nov 10

What the fork? Edible tableware takes off in Japan
CNN, Nov 10

Japan eyes shake-up to infrastructure subsidy system for local governments
Japan Times, Nov 9

Japan and Abenomics: Riding to the Rescue
The Economist, Nov 8

Leaders of Japan, U.S., Australia to meet on G-20 fringes
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 8

China, Japan agree on steps to ease tensions ahead of APEC summit
Los Angeles Times, Nov 7

Regional Government OKs Restart Of Japanese Nuclear Plant
NPR, Nov 7

Tokyo restaurant to host event to cheer up Fukushima natives
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 7

$100 million more in Ebola aid
The Japan News, Nov 7

Aquino eyes joint drills with SDF
The Japan News, Nov 6

Republican control of Congress does not mean TPP is a done deal
Japan Times, Nov 5

Tsunami disaster prevention drills held across Japan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 5

Japan to press China over coral poaching
Japan Time, Nov 4

25 years after murders of lawyer and family, friend continues memorial violin concerts
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 4

Business vs. Economics
The New York Times, Nov 3

Fukushima town evacuee helps in work to connect fellow displaced citizens
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 3

Nuclear Power in Japan: Critical Mass
The Economist, Nov 3

Man uncovers history of early Japanese baseball stadium in new book
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 2

Music video shot with drone goes viral
CNN, (Video link)