October 2012

A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan

New York Times, Oct. 5th 

'The Art of Gaman' to Tour Japan 

Rafu Shimpo, Oct. 5th 

Voices of the 'Explosion Covered People'

NPR, Oct. 5th 

Fast Retailing Plans 10 Uniqlo Stores on U.S. West Coast 

The Japan Times, Oct. 6th 

Nobel Prize Honors Two Stem Cell Research Stars

Los Angeles Times, Oct. 9th 

Japan's Loss isn't America's Gain in the Enormous Chinese Auto Market 

Business Insider, Oct. 10th 

Japan and South Korea Vow Economic Cooperation During Talks

New York Times, Oct. 11th 

Japan's Softbank in Talks to Acquire Sprint Nextel 

Los Angeles Times, Oct 11th 

Japan Sees U.S. as Deterrent to China in Islands Dispute

Japan Today, Oct 12th 

Ambassador Fujisaki Disputes War Talk 

The Wall Street Journal, Oct 12th 

TEPCO Admits Inadequate Precautions at Nuclear Plant

New York Times, Oct 12th 

Recap: Softbank's Son Explains Big Sprint Bid 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 15th 

Ambassador Fujisaki Received Award From Java

Rafu Shimpo, Oct 15th 

Mizuho Rides Softbank to Top in M&A

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 17th 

 Japan to Hold Rxtra Parliament Session from Oct 29 Tackle Deficit 

Reuters, Oct. 19th 

Group to Try Talks on Islands in Japan-China Trip 

New York Times, Oct 19th

Sharp to Sell Off U.S. Solar Subsidiary 

The Japan Times, Oct 20th

 In Japan, Need of Fossil Fuels Pushes Climate-Change Targets to Back Seat 

Washington Post, Oct. 20th 

U.S. Candidates Silent on Japan 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 23rd 

Tokyo's Firebrand Governor Quits to Form New National Party 

New York Times, Oct. 25th 

Unstable Politics Hamstring Japan's Diplomacy- U.S. Experts 

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 27th  

Outcry in Japan Over Diversion of Post-Disaster Aid Funds 

New York Times, Oct. 30th 

Japanese Cars Dominate Latest Consumer Report Rankings 

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 30th 

Tokyo Messages for Obama, Romney 

CNN, Oct. 30th 

Japan Seeks Exemption on U.S. Sanctions on Iran- Nikkei 

Reuters, Oct. 30th 

Bank of Japan Announces Fresh Economic Stimulus 

New York Times, Oct 30th