October 2014

Okinawa Governor Race Begins as U.S. Military Base Transfer Eyed
Mainichi Shimbun, Oct 30

Japan Crown Princess Masako Attends First Banquet in 11 Years
BBC News, Oct 30

Tepco May Ask U.S. Utility to Inspect Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant
Japan Times, Oct 30

Chefs and Scientists Team Up to Make Japanese Food Even More Delicious
The Washington Post, Oct 27

Tokyo's Soft Power Problem
The New York Times, Oct 24

Miyazaki to Receive Academy's Governors Award
Rafu Shimpo, Oct 21

Kansas City's Aoki to Join List of Japanese Who Have Appeared in World Series
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 21

Abe to gather expert opinions on next sales tax hike
The Japan Times, Oct 21

Ruling parties look to regroup after resignations of ministers
Mainichi, Oct 21

U.S., Japan to conduct joint military drill for island defense
Reuters, Oct 21

Nightlife in Japan: Party on
The Economist, Oct 21

Why Rapid Downfall of Two Ministers Matters for Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 20

Japan's Economy: Consumptive
The Economist, Oct 18

Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni; several lawmakers visit shrine
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Ex-U.S. POWs visit Japan, recall horrors of war
Japan Today, Oct 17

Japan may ramp up Ebola aid, Abe tells ASEM
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Japan proposes dialogue with China to settle Senkaku spat
Mainichi, Oct 16

Japan's weapons-makers now open for business
Japan Today, Oct 15

Obama, Abe discuss TPP, Ebola by phone
Japan Today, Oct 15

Virtual Idol Makes American TV Debut on Letterman Show
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 10

Japan, S Korea finance ministers to meet in Washington
Japan Today, Oct 10

U.S., Japan eye closer security ties in Japan defense pact update
Reuters, Oct 8

U.S. Experts Challenge Abe View of 'Comfort Women'
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 7

The mystery of Japan's sluggish exports
The Economist, Oct 6

Food fight
The Economist, Oct 6

Japan, America and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Stalemate
The Economist, Oct 2