Prime Minster Abe "Contribute to the World Through the Japan-U.S. Alliance"

BusinessIT:Prime Minster Shinzo Abe Declares "TPP New Trade Rules," RCEP, FTAA to reinforce of Asia's Growing Economic Strength.

On November 9th, with the aim of strengthening U.S.-Japan relations, at the U.S.-Japan Council's Annual Conference, Prime Minister Abe's hopes related to the new TPP trade rules, and his desire for the TPP to act as the base for expanding the economic collaboration within the Asia-Pacific region. He also talked about the importance of pushing forward, and the interchange between Japan and the United States to form the core of the two countries' multi-layer relationship. Prime Minister Abe mentioned his belief that the Japan-U.S. Alliance contributes to world peace and prosperity while, also "[serving] as the foundation for local peace and prosperity."

This ビジネスIT's article is about the 2015 USJC Annual Conference. To continue reading the article (in Japanese), click here.