Regional Women in Leadership: Chicago

October 25, 2016 at 12pm - 1:30pm

Top photo: Tomoko Kizawa, Keiko Yanai, Pat Yuzawa-Rubin, Mary Doi, Donna Cole, Chikako Jo, Yoko Yamoto, Marion Friebus-Flaman, Daniela One, Miki Sankary, Keiko Ikemoto, Lisa Sakai, Amy Ancona Houlihan and Naomi Hattori gather in Chicago

On October 25, USJC members in Chicago completed their third and final luncheon as part of the Regional Women in Leadership Series, funded by the Embassy of Japan. USJC Board Member Donna Cole flew in from Texas and joined the event. Their discussion centered on women entrepreneurs and how women deal with bias, and how girls--especially those from ethnic minority groups--need role models.