Regional Women in Leadership Update: Hawaii, DC and New York

December 08, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
Hawaii, DC and New York


The Regional Women in Leadership series, funded by the Embassy of Japan, continues to inspire women and men across the country. Here are some recent events. 

First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige of Hawaii joined the Women in Leadership Luncheon hosted by USJC members in Honolulu on November 8th. Other guests included various Japanese students studying in Hawaii.

Ms. Amano-Ige (standing) and USJC Board Member Susan Eichor (right)

On November 28, USJC members in New York hosted a luncheon titled “The Balancing Act: Couples Empowering Women.” Panelists included Council Leader Fred Katayama and his wife Kaoriko Kuge; Council Leader Yoko Otani and her husband Nick Homma; and Kaori Nagao and her husband Taka Juba. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, Council Leader, moderated the panel that discussed how women balance careers and families with the support of their husbands. Mr. Katayama reflected upon the event later and said: "It was intimate, warm, casual, honest and very personal. The event [captured] what the USJC mission is all about: educating people and allowing them to network, connecting Japanese and Japanese Americans and other Americans on a people-to-people basis."

(L-R) Ms. Kuge, Mr. Katayama and Judge Matsumoto

Suzanne Basalla hosted a luncheon in Washington, DC on December 5th, where guests discussed the important role of mentoring in developing women leaders in the United States and Japan. Nobuko Sasae (seated second from the left), conference interpreter and wife of Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae, joined the luncheon.

We thank all the members who organized and hosted these events, as well as everyone who attended!