September 2012

Remnants of Japan's Tsunami Attract Archaeological Interest

The New York Times, Sept. 3rd 

Japan Steps Up to Plate for WBC in 2013 

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 4

Pentagon Maps Japan Radiation, Say After U.S. Personnel Safe

Reuters, Sept 5th 

JAL to Take Off Again with $8.5B IPO

CNN, Sept, 7th 

Political Impasse Forces Japan to Delay Spending

The New York Times, Sept. 7th 

Japan Confirms Disputed Islands Purchase Plan 

BBC News, Sept. 10th 

Japan's PM Noda Likely to Keep Party Leadership 

Reuters, Sept. 10th

A Farewell to a Tsunami City's Tree of Hope

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 12th 

Japan Aims for Zero Nuclear Power in 2030s

Reuters, Sept. 12th 

Japan Sun Subsidy Fires Electric Spending Rush

Reuters, Sept. 12th

Japan's New China Ambassador Falls Ill 

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 13th 

Japan Set to Win Extended Waiver of U.S. Sanction on Iran Oil

Reuters, Sept. 14th

Japan Unveils Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Power

BBC News, Sept. 14th 

The Rising East: Japan is Incapable of Becoming an "Indispensable Ally" 

Civil Beat, Sept. 15th 

U.S. and Japan Agree on Missile Defense System

The New York Times, Sept, 17th 

 U.S. urges China, Japan to Cool Anger in Islands Disputes

Reuters, Sept. 17th 

Nuclear Power: Japan Cools on Phase-Out Deadline

BBC News, Sept. 19th 

Markets Unmoved by Bank of Japan Easing

The Associative Press, Sept. 19th 

With China's Rise, Japan Shifts to the Right 

The Washington Post, Sept. 20th 

Airline Services Hit as Sino-Japan Tensions Escalate

Reuters, Sept 21st 

Japan's PM Yoshihiko Noda Wins Party Leadership Vote 

BBC News, Sept. 21st

Companies Reopen as Anger Eases in China 

The Japan Times, Sept 21st 

Local Press Gives 'Allegiance' Thumbs Up 

Rafu Shimpo, Sept. 21st 

Japan Envoy Heads to China as Ships Sail Near Islands 

BBC News, Sept. 21st

Japan PM Taps Fiance Minister for Party Post, New Finance Minister Undecided 

Reuters, Sept 24th 

Factbox: Key Facts About Japan New Oppositions Leader Abe 

Reuters, Sept. 26th 

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Eyes Return to Power 

The Washington Post, Sept 26th