The U.S.-Japan Council strengthens ties between two close allies

We spoke to Ms. Irene Hirano Inouye, President of U.S.-Japan Council about the warm diplomatic and trade relationship between the U.S. and Japan

Ambassador Kennedy has said about the U.S.-Japanese relations that, I quote, "the depth and reach of our partnership affects all sectors of government, business, sciences, education and culture. There is always potential to do more, deepen our ties, and explore new opportunities together." How important are organizations such as yours for the further enhancement of Japanese-U.S. relations?

The mission of the U.S.-Japan Council is to strengthen people-to-people relations between the United States and Japan. This is a very important time in U.S.-Japan relations. The economies of both countries have begun to improve, and that's good for our global economy. There are many opportunities for the future, as companies in the United States look to invest in Japan and expand their business operations, and many Japanese companies are looking at the United States and seeing opportunities for greater investment. The U.S.-Japan Council is focused on creating opportunities for the future...

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