July 2016

Three-Piece Dream Suit 
The Economist, Jul 30th 

The American Chef Bringing Kyoto 'Kaiseki' to Tokyo 
Japan Times, Jul 29th 

U.S. Military to Return 4,000 Hectares of Land on Okinawa to Japan 
TIME, Jul 29th 

Philippines Must Work With Japan, U.S. to Deal with S.China Sea Issue
Japan News, Jul 29th 

North American Markets Hold Steady Ahead of Bank of Japan Policy Meeting
Canadian Press, Jul 28th 

U.S.-Japan Alliance Must Work With Others in Asia to Preserve Status Quo: U.S. Admiral
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

'Trumpetings' Mean Trouble for Japan and Asia
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

Japanese See Americans as Idle
Japan Times, Jul 27th 

Asian Stocks Advance Ahead of Policy Meetings in U.S., Japan
Bloomberg, Jul 24th 

'Pokemon Go' Launch Has Japanese Government Freaking Out 
Huffington Post, Jul 21st 

Japan, U.S. Finance Ministers to Meet Ahead of G20 in China
Reuters, Jul 20th 

Territorial Battles Will Continue Despite Ruling
Japan Times, Jul 20th 

Asian Shares Mostly Lowers as U.S. Dollar Rises, Japan Earning Loom 
Wall Street Journal, Jul 20th 

For Some Expats, U.S. Gun Violence Makes Japan Feel Like a Haven
Washington Post, Jul 19th 

Japan Tobacco Brings Cheap Cigarettes to the U.S.
Wall Street Journal, Jul 18th 

Vice Foreign Ministers from S. Korea, US, Japan to Hold Talks in Hawaii
Korea Times, Jul 15th

Japan's Aluminum Fabricators Beef Up U.S. Output Betting on Rising Auto Use
Reuters, Jul 15th 

Japan's DENSO Crop. Will Pay Out Additional $193.8 Million to American Consumers in Auto Parts Settlement
PR News Wire, Jul 14th 

Japan Emperor Intends to Abdicate 'In a Few Years'
Reuters, Jul 13th 

Faster: Google Plugs Their Undersea Cable into Japan
Wired, Jul 1st 


April/May 2016


March 2015

U.S. first lady highlights cooperation with Japan on girls' education
Mainichi Shimbun, Mar 19

Museum attack in Tunisian capital kills 19; Abe says 3 Japanese confirmed killed
Yomiuri Shimbun, Mar 19

China, Japan start first security talks in four years
Reuters, Mar 19

New theme park to be built near military bases in Okinawa, Japan
Los Angeles Times, Mar 18

U.S. ambassador Kennedy gets death threats in Japan
Asahi Shimbun, Mar 18

From a minstrel no-show to a black beauty queen, in a week
The Japan Times, Mar 18

Why Are Cool American Food Brands Expanding to Japan
Eaters, Mar 17

Japanese historians contest textbook’s description of ‘comfort women’
The Washington Post, Mar 17

Nintendo forms alliance with mobile game firm in about face
The Washington Post, Mar 17

Who will look after Japan's elderly?
BBC, Mar 16

Once Lost, Internment Camp In Hawaii Now A National Monument
NPR, Mar 16

China says Japan ties face test, opportunity this year
Reuters, Mar 15

Japan's asylum laws: no entry
The Economist, Mar 14

Japan understands threat of natural disasters
The Japan Times, Mar 14

Japan budgets over $15 million for overseas universities in soft power push
Reuters, Mar 13

Japan's Nikkei closes at 15-year high
BBC, Mar 13

Photos: Four-Year Anniversary of Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 12

After 4 years, Fukushima nuclear cleanup remains daunting, vast
The Los Angeles Times, Mar 11

Salvage Operation Returns 90,000 Photos Lost in 3/11 Quake
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 11

Japan marks 70th anniversary of Tokyo firebombing
BBC, Mar 10

In a Test of Wills, Japanese Fighter Pilots Confront Chinese
The New York Times, Mar 8

Inflation in Japan: The signal and the noise
The Economist, Mar 7

Japan and the past: Undigested history
The Economist, Mar 7

Japan eyes MI6-style spy agency as it seeks to shed pacifist past
Reuters, Mar 6

Bill To Lower Voting Age Submitted to Parliament
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 5

Japan, China to hold first security talks in four years
Reuters, Mar 5

Fukushima fears no longer a drag on tourism
The Japan Times, Mar 5

Japanese World War II Battleship Musashi Found, Billionaire Paul Allen Says
NPR, Mar 4

Born In 1898: World's Oldest Living Person Celebrates Birthday
NPR, Mar 4

U.S. honors Japanese activist fighting against ‘maternity harassment’
The Japan Times, Mar 4

Michelle Obama to visit Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 3

Japan negotiator: TPP trade deal with US do-able by spring
The Washington Post, Mar 3

U.S. researchers criticize Japanese gov't for pressure over history textbook
Mainichi Shimbun, Mar 3

Oregon family hopes to free daughter jailed in Japan
The Washington Post, Mar 2

From Sulu to Spock
Rafu Shimpo, Mar 2

Top WSJ Stories on Japan: Lowering Voting Age, BOJ’s Nakaso, Suzuki Motor
The Wall Street Journal, Mar 2

Educator brings fresh learning opportunities to Tohoku youths
The Japan Times, Mar 1

Park urges Japan to resolve 'comfort women' issue
Mainichi Shimbun, Mar 1

Prince William meets Japan tsunami survivors who handwrote newspaper
BBC, March 1


February 2015

Volcano grows Japanese island
CNN, Feb 28 

Reforming Japan: Just do it
The Economist, Feb 28

Britain’s Prince William visits Fukushima with Abe
Japan Times, Feb 28

A prime opportunity to turbo-charge our economy
CNBC (Commentary), Feb 27

Top WSJ Stories on Japan: Prince William Visit, Nissan Infiniti, Taco Bell
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 27

LDP, DPJ to face off in just 2 gov. polls / Joint support of incumbents eyed in 6 races
The Japan News, Feb 27

Gov't aims to expand ship inspections as support for foreign forces
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 27

Japan’s Household Spending and Retail Sales Decline
The New York Times, Feb 26

Japan's tug-of-war over World War II statement
Los Angeles Times, Feb 26 

Kennedy thanks woman who gave ‘hina’ doll set to her father
The Japan Times, Feb 26

Big 3 gas turbine makers eye thermal plant orders
The Japan News, Feb 25

Okinawa governor likely to halt seabed survey for Futenma relocation
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 25

Secondary exams for national, public universities start across Japan
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 25

Opposition assails Abe over Nishikawa resignation
The Japan Times, Feb 24 

A Caregiver Robot With a ‘Gentle Touch’
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 24

Tokyo police to station ex-officers at banks to prevent money transfer scams
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 24

Honda's President Resigns, After A Troubled Year For Carmaker
NPR, Feb 23

Nishikawa resigns as minister over funds
The Japan News, Feb 23

Defense Ministry eyes law change to loosen civilian grip on SDF
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 22

Japan Inc. sees no need for 2 percent inflation or more easing: Reuters poll
Reuters, Feb 22

Vision not yet clear for security legislation / LDP, Komeito remain apart over policy
The Japan News, Feb 21

Yutaka Katayama dies at 105; auto exec led Japan's rise in U.S. market
Los Angeles Times, Feb 21

Japan, France to hold security talks in mid-March
The Japan Times, Feb 21

Japan-led group to win Qatar subway order
The Japan News, Feb 20

Gov't picks for war anniv. panel designed to emphasize body's neutrality
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 20

Japan and immigration: Bad timing
The Economist, Feb 20

IMF Shinohara Says More BOJ Easing May Be Needed
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 19

Japan, China may resume security talks in April: sources
The Japan Times, Feb 19

Hitachi develops world's most powerful electron microscope
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 19

Sony outlines 3-year recovery plan, targets $4.2B earnings
The Washington Post, Feb 18 

Abe moves to shape national security debate
The Japan News, Feb 18

Japan eyes fine of 1 bil. yen for leaking industrial secrets abroad
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 18

Suntory wins 2014 sales crown
The Japan News, Feb 17

Japan to give $15.5 million for anti-terror efforts
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 17

Top WSJ Stories on Japan: GDP, Currency Swap Program, Industrial Robot
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 17

Japan pulls out of recession, but economic growth disappoints
Los Angeles Times, Feb 16

South Africa protests apartheid column in Japanese press
The Washington Post, Feb 16

Tokyo University of the Arts partners with schools in U.S., UK, France
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 16

Japan, U.S. cooperating on joint document to mark 70th anniversary of war’s end
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 15

Honda to reduce vehicle lineup by 20%
The Japan News, Feb 15

American forces in Japan: Showdown
The Economist, Feb 14

Corporations suspected of rigging bids for pavement projects since before 3/11
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 14

US appeals to Japanese business to help push for trade pact
The Washington Post, Feb 13 

A confident Abe plans drastic reform
The Japan News, Feb 13

Report: Japan's press freedom deteriorates under state secrets law
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 13

Japan’s Abe Faces Uphill Battle in Putting Fiscal House in Order
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 12

District in Tokyo Plans to Extend Rights of Gay Couples
The New York Times, Feb 12

Red Cross chief offers Abe way to help war victims without taking sides
The Japan Times, Feb 12

ODA used as strategy to bolster relations
The Japan News, Feb 11 

Japan: JFK gift-giver traced after 53 years
BBC, Feb 11

Japanese book with Muhammad cartoons goes on sale amid criticism
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 11

Hostage crisis sharpens focus on Japan’s Middle East risks
The Washington Post, Feb 10

Japan, Thailand to cooperate on railway projects
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 10 

Japan adopts new aid policy, may aid foreign militaries
The Japan Times, Feb 10

Support rate for Cabinet climbs to 58%
The Japan News, Feb 9 

From Soy Sauce To Bullet Trains: Famed Japanese Designer Dies At 85
NPR, Feb 9

BOJ Board Member Warns of Risks from Latest Easing
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 9

Old Ways Prove Hard to Shed, Even as Crisis Hits Kimono Trade
The New York Times, Feb 9

Japan seizes passport of Syria-bound journalist
BBC, Feb 8

Police officers to run in Tokyo Marathon in bid to prevent terrorist attacks
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 8

Japan after the tsunami: Grinding on
The Economist, Feb 7

Move to lower voting age from 20 to 18 now a done deal
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 7

Major companies see boost to sales, profits from weaker yen
The Japan News, Feb 7

Tokyo Population Keeps Growing
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 6 

Separation of power generation and transmission to come in 2020
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 6

Tokyo, Okinawa stuck in cold war over U.S. base
The Japan Times, Feb 6

Decision on new sports for Tokyo Games put off until 2016
The Washington Post, Feb 5

Facing up to international terrorism / Foreign intelligence key against terrorism
The Japan News, Feb 5

McDonald's Japan pushed into loss by food safety woes
Reuters, Feb 5

Abe seeks national referendum for amending the Constitution as early as late 2016
The Asahi Shimbun, Feb 4

Sony trims full-year loss forecast to $1.4 billion
The Washington Post, Feb 4

Top WSJ Stories on Japan: BOJ Nominee, TV Makers, Muslims
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 4

Facing up to international terrorism / Crisis response, a turning point
The Japan News, Feb 3

Work begins to build interim nuclear soil storage in Fukushima
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 3

Japan and Islamic State: The bitter end
The Economist, Feb 2 

Tokyo offers to cut tariffs on U.S. pork in TPP talks, sources say
The Japan Times, Feb 2

Beloved Japanese Author Answers Questions At 'Mr. Murakami's Place'
NPR, Feb 2

Super Bowl Party is Good Business in Tokyo
The Wall Street Journal, Feb 2

Departing From Japan’s Pacifism, Shinzo Abe Vows Revenge for Killings
The New York Times, Feb 1

Researcher works to make database of A-bomb survivor accounts
Mainichi Shimbun, Feb 1


January 2015

ISIS: Japanese hostage beheaded
CNN, Jan 31

Weaker yen boosts forcasts at major firms
The Japan News, Jan 31

Honda lowers forecasts after recalls push profit down
The Washington Post, Jan 30

Gov't panel calls for watchdog to oversee controversial foreign trainee program
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 30

Japan, U.S., South Korea seek credible denuclearization talks with North Korea
The Japan Times, Jan 29

U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister of Japan Says
The New York Times, Jan 29

Dollar slips below ¥118 as selling picks up pace
The Japan News, Jan 29

New message says '24 hours left' for Islamic State's Japanese hostage
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 28

Toyota’s global output reaches new record
The Japan News, Jan 28

Nishikori Bows Out of Australian Open
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 28

Top WSJ Stories on Japan: $5 Million Gift to Columbia University, Uniqlo, Social Withdrawal
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 27

DPJ questions Abe’s timing of Mideast aid
The Japan Times, Jan 27

Clothes to be certified ‘Made in Japan’
The Japan News, Jan 27

2014 trade deficit hits record high of ¥12.78 tril.
The Japan News, Jan 26

Former DPJ lawmaker Goto wins Yamanashi gubernatorial race
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 26

Australia deal may spur resolution of TPP
The Japan News, Jan 25 

Abe in Contact With Jordan Amid Hostage Crisis
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 25

Two Japanese Hostages, as Different as Can Be, Linked by Fate in Syria
The New York Times, Jan 25

Diet session to start Monday, with focus on security bills
The Japan Times, Jan 24 

Nursing to be added to foreign trainee program, but Japanese skills required
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 24 

Memorial ceremony held for Japanese war dead on Iwo Jima
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 24

Fate Of Japanese Hostages Unclear After Islamic State's Deadline Lapses
NPR, Jan 23

Govt keeps economic outlook unchanged
The Japan News, Jan 23

Sumo Yokozuna Hakuho Breaks All-Time Championship Win Record
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 23

Time is running out for Japanese hostages held by Islamic State
The Washington Post, Jan 22

Japan, Britain agree closer on security cooperation
The Japan Times, Jan 22

Dollar firmer around ¥118 amid buzz over ECB monetary policy decision
The Japan News, Jan 22

Possibility of negotiations to free hostages still unclear
The Japan News, Jan 21

Plan OK'd for dumping Fukushima's water into ocean after treatment
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 21

It’s a hoot hanging out with owls at this Tokyo cafe
The Washington Post, Jan 21

Islamic State threatens to kill Japanese hostages, demands $200 million
Los Angeles Times, Jan 20 

Itochu, Thai firm eye ¥1 tril. investment in CITIC Group
The Japan News, Jan 20

Coming Off the Bench, a Basketball Ambassador
The New York Times, Jan 20

Defense in Japan: Up in arms
The Economist, Jan 19 

BOJ Beat: Bank Lending Program Up Next?
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 19

Okada edges Hosono in run-off, will lead opposition DPJ for second time
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 18

First e-campaigns heavily ignored by voters during snap election
The Japan Times, Jan 18 

Man, 53, to debut as a bullet train driver on new Hokkaido line
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 18

In Egypt, Abe pledges support for Mideast countries battling Islamic State jihadis
The Japan Times, Jan 17

Government considers 20% target for nuclear power output in 2030
The Japan News, Jan 17

Japan Marks 20th Anniversary of Kobe Earthquake
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 17

Analysis: Why Cheap Oil Helps Japan’s Industries More Than Consumers
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 16

METI eyes lowering solar energy buying rate under feed-in tariff system
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 16

Abe urges Seoul to respect press freedom, let journalist leave country
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 16

Abe wants maritime liaison talks accelerated
The Japan News, Jan 15

900 billion yen allocated for women's empowerment in fiscal 2015 budget
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 15

Want to discuss cats or novels? Haruki Murakami will answer
The Washington Post, Jan 15

Japan Cabinet OKs record military budget with eye on China
The Washington Post, Jan 14

Bonds to fund nearly 40% of record budget in fiscal 2015
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 14

State secrets law could constrain researchers
The Japan Times, Jan 14

Ministry doubles funding for research to produce 'power semiconductor'
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 13

Robots to Greet Customers at Japanese Bank
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 13

The Changing Workplace / Internet creates new ways of working
The Japan News, Jan 13

Park says she is open to 'meaningful' summit with Abe
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 12 

Government projects 1.5% real GDP growth for FY15
The Japan News, Jan 12

LDP to seek multiparty project team to draft revised Constitution
The Japan Times, Jan 12

Ruling bloc may push back security legislation talks
The Japan Times, Jan 11

Japan in Depth / Hosono, Okada seen leading tight DPJ race
The Japan News, Jan 11

Sara Takanashi of Japan wins 2nd straight ski jumping World Cup event on home soil
Los Angeles Times, Jan 11

OUTLOOK 2015 / Will Abe’s growth strategy make our cups flow over?
The Japan News, Jan 10

Most prefectures, major cities acquire more disaster-prevention staff after 2011 quake
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 10

Kishida to visit India, Europe, eyes talks on terrorism in France
The Japan Times, Jan 9

Japanese Whalers Leave for Antarctic Mission–Without Harpoons
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 9

Snow monkeys to Washingtonians: You’re doing it wrong.
The Washington Post, Jan 9

Opening of new bullet train line section may be brought forward for Olympics
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 8

Govt drafts medical insurance reform plan for aging society
The Japan News, Jan 8

Sony Project Offers Drag-and-Drop Solutions
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 8

DPJ leadership campaign begins, with three candidates running
The Japan Times, Jan 7

The Changing Workplace / Firms use creativity to build up business
The Japan News, Jan 7 

Surprise sides: Tooth, plastic in McDonald’s meals in Japan
The Washington Post, Jan 7

Son of Baseball Legend Yonamine Named IBM Japan Chief
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 6 

Asahi Shimbun to introduce public editor system in wake of misreporting
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 6 

PM vows to spread fruits of Abenomics to regions
The Japan News, Jan 6

Key Events to Watch in Japan 2015
The Wall Street Journal, Jan 5

Abe to follow Murayama statement on historical recognition
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 5

Japan to keep pushing N. Korea to advance abduction issue
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 4

Experts urge Japan to play greater role in nuclear disarmament process
The Japan Times, Jan 4

Support booming for venture companies
The Japan News, Jan 4

Business heads bullish on economy / Leaders optimistic about 2015
The Japan News, Jan 3

Abe plans U.S. visit, summit with Obama during Golden Week holidays
The Asahi Shimbun, Jan 3

Gov't to update estimates of different energy source costs
Mainichi Shimbun, Jan 2

All eyes on Abe for war’s 70th anniversary
The Japan Times, Jan 2

Price hikes to put pressure on purses
The Japan News, Jan 1

To Rescue Economy, Japan Turns to Supermom
The New York Times, Jan 1


December 2014

No. of new adults in Japan rises for 1st time in 21 years
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 31

Abe, Obama to hold summit, reaffirm Japan-U.S. ties 70 years after end of WWII
The Japan Times, Dec 31

Japan, U.S. experts begin building ‘Pacific Vision 21’
The Japan News, Dec 30

Demographics Needn’t Mean Deflation, Argues Former BOJ Official
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 30

Japan, U.S., S. Korea sign pact to share intelligence on North Korea
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 30

Tokyo’s Stock Bubble: The Nikkei Index Since 1989
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 29

Govt eyes raising gift-tax exemption to ¥40 million
The Japan News, Dec 29

Youths from disaster-hit Tohoku region blossom in Paris in self-produced festival
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 28

Toshiba eyes new NAND flash memory chip plant
The Japan News, Dec 28

Ministry, TEPCO seek to end compensation for Fukushima businesses in Feb. 2016
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 27

McDonald’s in Japan Resolves Fry Shortage
The New York Times, Dec 27

Citigroup to sell retail banking biz in Japan to SMBC
The Japan News, Dec 26

Report: Kuroda to pitch in Japan in 2015
Los Angeles Times, Dec 26

Shinzo Abe Has Eyes on Revising Constitution in Japan
The New York Times, Dec 25

Replacing old reactors with new ones may be option for Japan: report
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 25

Sumo Champion Hakuho Looks to Break Record in 2015
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 25

Yomiuri-Gallup Survey / Strong U.S.-Japan ties endure, but some perception gaps widen
The Japan News, Dec 24

Renho Tosses Hat in Ring to Lead Opposition Democrats

The Wall Street Journal, Dec 24

Education panel calls for introduction of new university entrance tests
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 23

Visitors to Japan exceed 13 million
The Japan News, Dec 23

In Japan, nothing beats takeout fried chicken for Christmas
Los Angeles Times, Dec 23

Japan, U.S., ROK near DPRK info-sharing deal
The Japan News, Dec 22

In Boyle Heights, Japanese churches look to broaden their membership
Los Angeles Times, Dec 22

Yamagata farmer-singers write song for nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima residents
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 21

Eco-car tax break likely for minicars
The Japan News, Dec 21

The Scary and the Ornamental: A Review of Two Exhibitions in Katonah on the Culture of Japan
The New York Times, Dec 21

Japan’s Election: The Abe habit
The Economist, Dec 20

Reforms devised for feed-in tariff system
The Japan News, Dec 20

Abe welcomes U.S.-Cuba thaw
The Japan News, Dec 19

Sony CEO worried for months about 'The Interview,' emails show
Los Angeles Times, Dec 19

Riken institute abandons attempts to replicate STAP cells; Obokata to leave
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 19

Japan Targets Wealthy With Exit Tax
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 18

Government eyes ¥3 trillion extra budget for economic aid
The Japan News, Dec 18

The Sony Pictures hack, explained
The Washington Post, Dec 18

Revision of Japan-U.S. defense cooperation guidelines postponed
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 17

Govt to lower nursing care benefits
The Japan News, Dec 17

Japan's Butter Shortage Whips Its Cake Makers Into A Frenzy
NPR, Dec 17

With election win under his belt, Abe pledges Constitution rewrite
The Japan Times, Dec 16

Skymark set to code-share with JAL on Haneda routes
The Japan News, Dec 16

McDonald’s Japan Famished by Potato Shortage
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 16

Japan’s snap election result: Romping home
The Economist, Dec 15

Japan's Ocean Spiral proposed as giant underwater city
CNN, Dec 15

Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Car Mirai Goes on Sale
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 15

News Guide: Japan ruling party wins big
The Washington Post, Dec 14

35-student class size likely to stay
The Japan News, Dec 14

Takahama nuclear plant restart could come next spring
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 13

Govt, business panel move to raise wages
The Japan News, Dec 13

Japanese property: Waking from sleep
The Economist, Dec 13

Low-income homes see further tax aid
The Japan News, Dec 12

Rare Ainu scholar wants indigenous group’s women to aim high
The Japan Times, Dec 12

Top court rejects residents' demand for new base relocation assessment
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 12

Mock elections on rise to engage youth in politics
THe Japan Times, Dec 11

Suffering a media free-for-all, Japanese press now has the government weighing in
The Washington Post, Dec 11

Letter from Toyko: The last Tower Records standing
Los Angeles Times, Dec 11

Apple to Open New Research Site in Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 10

Asian neighbors cast watchful eyes on Abe's foreign policy steps ahead of poll
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 10

Relocating firms to see tax incentives
The Japan News, Dec 10

SoftBank’s Son Named CEO of the Year
The Wall Street Journal, December 9

Japan's Nobel physics prize winners give lectures in Stockholm
December 9, Mainichi Shimbun

Cool Japan’s Latest Offering: Ramen Noodles
The Wall Street Journal, December 9

Itochu announces massive solar power plant project in Okayama
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 8 

Japan's early elections are all about the economy
BBC, Dec 8

Godzilla: Japan planning to make new monster movie
BBC, Dec 8

Protesters vow to continue fight to scrap controversial secrecy law
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 7

Japan, U.S. to release initiative on 70th anniv. of postwar relations
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 6

Japan and Abenomics: Moment of reckoning
The Economist, Dec 6

Weaker Yen Set to Drive Corporate Profits Higher in 2015
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 5

Party leaders urged to go see Fukushima's harsh realities for themselves
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 5 

Softbank invests in Altaeros' airborne wind turbine technology
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 5

Japan's SoftBank invests $250m in GrabTaxi
BBC, Dec 4

Toyota Tsusho venture begins lithium production in Argentina
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 4

Japanese space explorer to blow crater in asteroid
Los Angeles Times, Dec 4

Is 'Womenomics' The Answer To Japan's Economic Woes?
NPR, Dec 3

Funds to move U.S. marines unfrozen
The Japan News, Dec 3

Tokyo Keeps Grip on Michelin Top Spot
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 3

Japan launches space probe to asteroid to 'clarify origin of solar system'
CNN, Dec 3

Japan election campaign starts with economy, security on agenda
Mainichi Shimbun, Dec 2

Square Enix to start video game streaming service for smartphones, tablets
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 2

Honda's new 'Grace' hybrid sedan goes on sale in Japan
The Asahi Shimbun, Dec 1

A framework for resolving Japan-China dispute over islands
Los Angeles Times, Dec 1

Akihiko Otsuka, Creator of Pocari Sweat, Dies at 77
The Wall Street Journal, Dec 1

How (not) to drink the world's best whisky
CNN, Dec 1


November 2014

New proposals eyed for Japan-U.S. ties
The Japan News, Nov 30

Japanese Unearth Remains, and Their Nation’s Past, on Guadalcanal
The New York Times, Nov 30

Making 'a bed for an eel': How Kyoto is saving its unique, skinny townhouses
CNN, Nov 30

Keidanren delegation to meet with S. Korean president on Dec. 1
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 29

Japanese politics: To the district born
The Economist, Nov 29

Firms, business groups boost donations to LDP by 40%
The Japan News, Nov 29

Hayabusa-2 to carry camera developed with public donations into space
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 29

Concerns simmer over access to nuclear info as enforcement of secrets law nears
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 28

Japan's rise to racing prominence
CNN, Nov 28

Gay Assemblyman to Run in Japan’s General Election
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 28

Japan in Depth / Diet sluggish on electoral reform to tackle vote-value disparities
The Japan Times, Nov 27

Few women on major parties' election slates despite talk of female empowerment
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 27

5 Things to Know About Japan’s Handmade ‘Washi’ Paper
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 27

Japan Calls for Speed in Repair of Takata Airbags
The New York Times, Nov 26

Industry minister sets summer deadline for energy policy
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 26

Japan as you've never seen it before
CNN, Nov 26

Kuroda Turns Up Heat on Japan Inc.: Turn Profits Into Higher Wages
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 25

Relaxing music improves work ethic
The Japan News, Nov 25

Japan carmakers struggling to keep up with foreign competitors in China
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 25

ASAHI POLL: LDP en route for election win despite poor support for Abenomics
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 24

DPJ pledges U-turn on collective self-defense Cabinet decision
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 24

Former DPJ prime ministers return to humble beginnings in reaching out to voters
The Asahi Shimbun, Nov 23

Choosing Fast and Cheap Over High-End Chic in Yokohama, Japan
The New York Times, Nov 23

Japanese politics: Taking up arms
The Economist, Nov 22

Dozens injured after strong earthquake shakes central Japan
CNN, Nov 22 

Abe vows to continue taking steps to empower women in society
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 22

Key Dates in Japan’s Lower House Elections
The Wall Street Journal, Nov 21

Japan Coast Guard changes approach to Chinese coral poachers
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 21

Opposition leaders take to streets as parties move into election mode
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 20

Low Consumer Spending Hinders Japan's Economic Recovery
NPR, Nov 20

A Sudden Schism Emerges Between Abe and the Bank of Japan Governor
The New York Times, Nov 20

Focal Points / Abe looked to Nakasone’s surprise dissolution of ’86
The Japan News, Nov 19

Japan to dissolve parliament, hold snap elections after news of recession
CNN, Nov 18

¥2 tril. stimulus mulled for budget
The Japan News, Nov 18

Ken Takakura dies at 83; outlaw and hero in Japanese films
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

MLB stars close Japan Series with another win
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

Defying Expectations, Japan’s Economy Falls Into Recession
The New York Times, Nov 17

What Japan’s recession means for country, world
The Washington Post, Nov 17

Okinawa elects new governor opposed to U.S. air base
CNN, Nov 17

Japan, U.S., Australia ‘to deepen security ties’
The Japan News, Nov 17

Relocation of U.S. base in Japan likely won’t happen after Japanese election
CNN, Nov 16

DPJ, Your Party mull teaming up
The Japan News, Nov 16

Politics in Japan: Snapping to Attention
The Economist, Nov 15

Abe highlights policy effects at G-20 summit
The Japan News, Nov 15

Nearly 70% of college students graduating next March find jobs
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 15

Abe likely to link tax hike, low rate for necessities
The Japan News, Nov 14

Abe’s key bills set to be tossed if Diet dissolved
Japan Times, Nov 14

Japan takes a step toward lowering voting age to 18
Japan Times, Nov 14

Opposition parties scramble to team up for possible poll
The Japan News, Nov 13

Japan, ASEAN to cooperate against transnational crimes, terrorism
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Japan offers Myanmar 25.8 bil. yen loan for development projects
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea to hold talks by end of year
Japan Times, Nov 12

Avigan could be formally approved as Ebola drug early 2015: Fujifilm
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 12

Hall of Fame digitizes film of 1934 Japan tour
The Washington Post, Nov 12

NHK expects subscription fee income to rise by 100 billion yen under new business plan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 11

Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market
The Washington Post, Nov 11

Leaders of Japan, China meet in Beijing after long frosty spell
Los Angeles Times, Nov 10

Abe, Putin agree to prepare for Japan visit next year
Japan Times, Nov 10

Conference on education for sustainable development opens in Nagoya
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 10

Govt to ease visa requirements for Chinese
The Japan News, Nov 10

What the fork? Edible tableware takes off in Japan
CNN, Nov 10

Japan eyes shake-up to infrastructure subsidy system for local governments
Japan Times, Nov 9

Japan and Abenomics: Riding to the Rescue
The Economist, Nov 8

Leaders of Japan, U.S., Australia to meet on G-20 fringes
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 8

China, Japan agree on steps to ease tensions ahead of APEC summit
Los Angeles Times, Nov 7

Regional Government OKs Restart Of Japanese Nuclear Plant
NPR, Nov 7

Tokyo restaurant to host event to cheer up Fukushima natives
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 7

$100 million more in Ebola aid
The Japan News, Nov 7

Aquino eyes joint drills with SDF
The Japan News, Nov 6

Republican control of Congress does not mean TPP is a done deal
Japan Times, Nov 5

Tsunami disaster prevention drills held across Japan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 5

Japan to press China over coral poaching
Japan Time, Nov 4

25 years after murders of lawyer and family, friend continues memorial violin concerts
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 4

Business vs. Economics
The New York Times, Nov 3

Fukushima town evacuee helps in work to connect fellow displaced citizens
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 3

Nuclear Power in Japan: Critical Mass
The Economist, Nov 3

Man uncovers history of early Japanese baseball stadium in new book
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 2

Music video shot with drone goes viral
CNN, (Video link)


October 2014

Okinawa Governor Race Begins as U.S. Military Base Transfer Eyed
Mainichi Shimbun, Oct 30

Japan Crown Princess Masako Attends First Banquet in 11 Years
BBC News, Oct 30

Tepco May Ask U.S. Utility to Inspect Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant
Japan Times, Oct 30

Chefs and Scientists Team Up to Make Japanese Food Even More Delicious
The Washington Post, Oct 27

Tokyo's Soft Power Problem
The New York Times, Oct 24

Miyazaki to Receive Academy's Governors Award
Rafu Shimpo, Oct 21

Kansas City's Aoki to Join List of Japanese Who Have Appeared in World Series
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 21

Abe to gather expert opinions on next sales tax hike
The Japan Times, Oct 21

Ruling parties look to regroup after resignations of ministers
Mainichi, Oct 21

U.S., Japan to conduct joint military drill for island defense
Reuters, Oct 21

Nightlife in Japan: Party on
The Economist, Oct 21

Why Rapid Downfall of Two Ministers Matters for Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 20

Japan's Economy: Consumptive
The Economist, Oct 18

Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni; several lawmakers visit shrine
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Ex-U.S. POWs visit Japan, recall horrors of war
Japan Today, Oct 17

Japan may ramp up Ebola aid, Abe tells ASEM
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Japan proposes dialogue with China to settle Senkaku spat
Mainichi, Oct 16

Japan's weapons-makers now open for business
Japan Today, Oct 15

Obama, Abe discuss TPP, Ebola by phone
Japan Today, Oct 15

Virtual Idol Makes American TV Debut on Letterman Show
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 10

Japan, S Korea finance ministers to meet in Washington
Japan Today, Oct 10

U.S., Japan eye closer security ties in Japan defense pact update
Reuters, Oct 8

U.S. Experts Challenge Abe View of 'Comfort Women'
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 7

The mystery of Japan's sluggish exports
The Economist, Oct 6

Food fight
The Economist, Oct 6

Japan, America and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Stalemate
The Economist, Oct 2


September 2014

New Japanese Price Index Shows Inflation Lingers
Wall Street Journal, Sept 29, 2014

At least 36 feared dead on Japanese volcano, search called off
Reuters, Sept 29, 2014

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World
The Diplomat, Sept 29, 2014

Abe vows bold steps for local revitalization
The Japan News, Sept 29, 2014

Gambling in Japan: Balls in the air
The Economist, Sept 27, 2014

Abe pledged $50 million in humanitarian aid to stem Islamic State crisis
The Japan Times, Sept 26, 2014

Japan again seeks a permanent UNSC seat; China the biggest hurdle
The Asahi Shimbun, Sept 26, 2014

Evolution of the Japanese Language: Dissing, Panicking and Riding a Cab
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 25, 2014

Japan's Road Warrior Diplomacy
The Diplomat, Sept 25, 2014

Japan Needs Global Growth to Boost Exports Says OECD Official
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 22, 2014

Froman Calls for Abe's Decision on TPP
The Japan News, Sept 20, 2014

Finance Ministers of Japan, China, S Korea Meet
NHK World, Sept 19, 2014

U.S. Calls for Japan to Buckle Down on Pacific Trade Pact
Reuters, Sept 18, 2014

Japan Trade Deficit Narrows in August
BBC News, Sept 17, 2014

CD-Loving Japan Resists Move to Online Music
The New York Times, Sept 16

A Necessary Asian Defense Boost
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 15, 2014

All-Japanese Families Take a Chance on International Schools
The Japan Times, Sept 14, 2014

Abe waiting on third-quarter indicators before deciding whether to raise sales tax to 10%
The Japan Times, Sept 14, 2014

Japan, U.S. to compile interim defense guidelines in October
The Japan Times, Sept 13, 2014

IMF's Legarde to Japan on Women: Good Work, But Not Enough
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 12, 2014

New Tohoku town comes to life
The Japan News, Sept 11, 2014

Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo

Reuters, Sept 10, 2014

Nago voters send a message

The Japan Times, Sept 9, 2014

California, Japan Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Rafu Shimpo, Sept 9, 2014

Abe Backs Women With Tough Jobs
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 9, 2014

Yen drops to lowest levels in six years

The Japan News, Sept 5, 2014

JR East ready to pitch Shinkansen technology in California
The Japan News, Sept 5, 2014

Abe Cabinet Profiles
The Japan Times, Sept 3, 2014

Abe issues policy priority list, with Tohoku and women at the forefront
The Japan Times, Sept 3, 2014

Is Japan's Grand Security Strategy the Key to Preserving U.S. Power in Asia?
Foreign Policy, Sept 2, 2014

Japan's 'Abenomics' Feared in Trouble as Challenges Build
Reuters, Sept 2, 2014

Japan's Military Spending: Tooling Up
The Economist, Sept 1, 2014

Haruki Murakami's 'Colorless Tsukuru' Tops Best-Seller List Again
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 1, 2014


August 2014

Tohoku Cities to Jointly Stage Food Fairs in Four U.S. Cities in October
Japan Times, Aug 27, 2014

Abe to Reshuffle Cabinet on Sept 3
Mainichi Daily News, Aug 26, 2014

Abe Visits Hiroshima, Vows Support
The Japan News, Aug 25, 2014

Kuroda Douses Japan Stimulus Expectations
The Wall Street Journal, Aug 25, 2014

Westernized 'Doraemon' Successful in North American Run
Asahi Japan Watch, Aug 25, 2014

Veterans' Book Heads to Camp Shelby and National WWII Museum
Rafu Shimpo, Aug 24, 2014

Railways Plan Faster Access to Central Tokyo from Haneda Airport
The Wall Street Journal, Aug 21, 2014

Heading to Pyongyang, Japanese Ex-Wrestler Hopes to Win Over North Korea
The Washington Post, Aug 21, 2014

Hello Kitty Joins the Space Race
NPR, Aug 20, 2014

Rebound in Exports Signals Hope in Japan
The New York Times, Aug 20, 2014

U.S. Official Says Unified with Japan on Need for Russian Sanctions
Reuters, Aug 20, 2014

Son, Nobel Laureate Tanaka Take Up Ice Bucket Challenge
The Wall Street Journal, Aug 20, 2014

Schatz Beats Hanabusa in Tight Race
Rafu Shimpo, Aug 18, 2014

With Eye on China, Japanese Premier Skips War Shrine
The New York Times, Aug 15, 2014

Haruki Murakami's 'Colorless Tsukuru' Comes Out in U.S.
The Wall Street Journal, Aug 12, 2014

Horinouchi Appointed Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles
Rafu Shimpo, Aug 12, 2014

BOJ Offers Bleaker Exports View, but Kuroda Stays Upbeat
Reuters, Aug 8, 2014

U.S. Experts Eye Japanese Drug in Race for Ebola Cure
The Japan Times, Aug 8, 2014

Showdown with China Looms at Regional Security Summit
Japan Today, Aug 8, 2014

Feeling the Pinch
The Economist, Aug 7, 2014

Full Text of Hiroshima Peace Declaration 2014
The Japan Times, Aug 6, 2014

Discussion on Abe's 'Third Arrow' in Torrance
Rafu Shimpo, Aug 5, 2014

Japan's Security Fears Grow as Neighbors Build Up Arms
Reuters, Aug 5, 2014

Japan Imposes New Sanctions on Russia But Keeps a Diplomatic Door Open
The New York Times, Aug 5, 2014

Caroline Kennedy To Attend Hiroshima Ceremony
The Wall Street Journal, Aug 4, 2014


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