July 2014

The Japan News, July 29, 2014

The Asahi Shimbun, July 29, 2014

The Japan Times, July 29, 2014

The Wall Street Journal, July 24, 2014

Record 6.26 Mil. Foreign Visitors Arrive in Jan.-Jun
The Japan News, July 23, 2014

Kyodo News, July 21, 2014
The Washington Post, July 16, 2014

JA General Awaits Senate Confirmation
The Japan News, July 15, 2014

Japan’s Robot Revolution
The Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2014

Go For Broke to Lease Space in JANM’s Historic Building
Rafu Shimpo, July 09, 2014

Asahi Japan Watch, July 03, 2014

Japan-U.S. Pact to Enter New Stage
Rafu Shimpo, July 01, 2014

May 2014

U.S. Voices Hope for Further Defense Talks with Tokyo, Seoul

Japan Times, May 1st 

How Japan Has Perfected Hospitality Culture

Wall Street Journal, May 1st 

Godzilla's Back, with Moral Authority

New York Times, May 1st 

Japan Considers Tax Break to Promote Investment, Help Companies: Report 

Reuters, May 2nd 

Little Tokyo Inc.: Torrance Loses Toyota Motor Sales (1957-2014)

Rafu Shimpo, May 2nd 

KCET, Union Bank Name 2014 Local Heroes 

Rafu Shimpo, May 4th 

Earthquake Jolts Tokyo, No Tsunami Warning 

Reuters, May 4th 

Don't Balk on Next Tax Hike: IMF

Japan Times, May 5th 

Obama, Members of Congress Proclaim APA Heritage Month 

Rafu Shimpo, May 6th 

U.S. to Brief Pacific Trade Partners on Japan Talks

Reuters, May 7th

'Heart Mountain' Doc Wins Award; Expanded Version to Air May 10th  

Rafu Shimpo, May 7th 

Tokyo's Commercial Property Market is on Top of the World 

Wall Street Journal, May 8th 

Japanese Anime Star Doraemon Finally Makes U.S. Debut

Wall Street Journal, May 9th 

Former U.S. Ambassador Roos to Join Sony Board 

Wall Street Journal, May 13th 

Lower House Panel Approves U.S. Fingerprint Data Exchange Deal 

Japan Times, May 14th 

Senior Japan, South Korea Diplomats to Meet Thursday

Japan Today, May 14th 

Three Things to Watch in Japan's GDP Release 

Wall Street Journal 

Kennedy Vows U.S. Help to Japan for Fukushima Nuclear Clean-Up 

Reuters, May 14th

Five Takeaways from Japan's GDP 

Wall Street Journal, May 14th

Key Abe Panel Says Japan Should Exercise Right of Collective Self-Defense

Japan Times, May 15th

Japan's Economy Grows at Fastest Rate in 3 Years

New York Times, May 15th 

A Sponge Cake's Long, Strange Trip : Germany to Denver, Via Japan 

NPR, May 15th 

Book Review: "Bending Adversity"

New York Times, May 16th 

'Japanese American Lives' Review: Survival, Pride and Love 

SF Gate, May 17th 

Yahoo Japan's About-Face Reveals SoftBank Quirks 

Wall Street Journal, May 20th 

Japanese School Says it Won't Be Kinki Anymore 

NPR, May 21st 

Mizkan Buys Up Ragu, Bertolli Sauce Brands

Japan Times, May 23rd 

Nice Monster! New 'Godzilla' Fuses American and Japanese Beasts 

Christian Science Monitor, May 23rd 

How Yokohama Led the Way in Day Care 

Wall Street Journal, May 23rd 

Japanese American Memorial Group Reaches $100,000 Fundraising Goal

SM Mirror, May 23rd 

Registration Open for Manzanar Reunion

Rafu Shimpo, May 26th 

Abe's Strategy: Rearrange Region's Power Balance

Wall Street Journal, May 26th 

Abe Joins Caroline Kennedy in 'Womenomics' Push 

Wall Street Journal, May 27th 

Japan Says 'Aloha' to Hawaiian Food

Japan Times, May 27th 

Japan April Retail Sales Tumble After Tax hike, Rebound May Take Time

Reuters, May 28th 

'Legacy of Heart Mountain' to Air in Bay Area 

Rafu Shimpo, May 28th 

Abe Speech to Lay Out Asia Security Vision 

Wall Street Journal, May 29th 

Japan's Demography: The Incredible Shrinking Country

Economist, May 29th 


April 2014

Japan Moves to Expand Controversial Foreign Worker

Reuters, Apr 1st

Japan Inc. Doubts BOJ's Inflation Target 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 2nd

Japan Says it Will Abide by Whaling Ruling

New York Times, Apr 2nd 

United States Steps Up Pressure on Japan to Make Good on Trade Promises

Reuters, Apr 3rd  

Japanese Farmers Rally Against Free Trade with U.S., Australia 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 4th 

U.S. Response to Crimea Worries Japan's Leaders

New York Times, Apr 5th 

Hagel, in Tokyo, Moves to Reassure Japan on Security Ties 

Reuters, Apr 5th 

Japan's Consumption-Tax Hike: Groundhog Day? 

Economist, Apr 5th 

In a Test of Wills with China, U.S. Sticks Up for Japan

New York Times, Apr 6th 

Abe's Push for Bigger Military Role Faces Tough Opposition

Wall Street Journal, Apr 7th 

Japan-Tennessee Bond Continues to Blossom 

Tennessean, Apr 9th 

Japanese Exporters Keeping Overseas Prices Steady, Despite Yen's Drop 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 10th 

White House Confirms Michelle Obama Won't Visit Japan

Wall Street Journal, Apr 11th

Japan and South Korea Can Work Together to Wash Away the Pains of the Past 

Washington Post, Apr 11th 

Japan: New Energy Strategy Approved

New York Times, Apr 12th 

South Korea, Japan to Hold Rare Official Talks on 'Comfort Women'

Reuters, Apr 13th 

Japan May Send Maglev Train Expertise to U.S., Without A Fee

NPR, Apr 14th 

Kennedy Visit Ise Grand Shrine 

Japan Today, Apr 17th 

U.S. Agrees to Let Japanese Tariffs Stand on Rice, Wheat

Japan Times, Apr 17th 

Obama, Abe to Battle Negative Images at U.S.-Japan Summit

Reuters, Apr 17th 

How to Navigate the East China Sea Dispute Between Japan and China

Washington Post, Apr 18th 

Japan to Station Troops on Yonaguni, Near Disputed Islands 

Diplomat, Apr 19th 

Sharply Different Views of Japan in Asia

Wall Street Journal, Apr 21st 

Adopting a Child from Japan: One U.S. Couple's Story 

Japan Times, Apr 21st 

USS Reagan Sailors' Lawsuit Found 'Lacking'

Breakthrough, Apr 21st

Tokyo's 'Champs Elysees': A Business Haven in the Making?

Japan Times, Apr 21st 

Obama Arrives in Japan, Backs its Island Dispute

USA Today, Apr 23rd 

Fukushima Principal Brings Message of Hope to Socal and Arizona 

Rafu Shimpo, Apr 23rd 

Japan and its Neighborhood: Springtime in Tokyo?

Economist, Apr 24th 

Five Takeaways From U.S.-Japan Joint Statement 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 25th 

Narita Breaks Flight, Passenger Records 

Japan Times, Apr 25th 

Record Number of Foreign Visitors Come to Japan in March 

Japan Today, Apr 25th 

Obama Wraps Up Japan Visit with Security Pledge but No Trade Deal 

Reuters, Apr 25th 

Japan Retail Sales Surge on Tax Hike 

BBC News, Apr 28th 

Japan to Keep its Share of Production of Boeing's New 777x Aircraft 

Reuters, Apr 28th 

Boat Possible Washed Away During 2011 Japanese Tsunami Lands on Coast of Washington State 

Daily News, Apr 30th 

US, Japan to Boost ASEAN Maritime Security

Diplomat, Apr 30th 


June 2014

Asahi Japan Watch, June 25, 2014

Abe Planning Cabinet Reshuffle in September
The Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2014

Ceremony Marks End of Battle of Okinawa
Rafu Shimpo, June 22, 2014

An Upbeat View from the Bank of Japan
The New York Times, June 14, 2014
MLB All-Stars to Play Japan’s National Team
The Wall Street Journal, June 11, 2014
Economic Growth in Japan Stronger Than First Thought
The New York Times, June 09, 2014
Funeral for Prince Yoshihito Begins
The Wall Street Journal, June 09, 2014
Abe Confident Japanese Recovery Will Return
The Wall Street Journal, June 06, 2014
Japanese Politics: Moment of Reckoning
The Economist, June 05, 2014
APA Candidates Compete at All Levels
Rafu Shimpo, June 05, 2014

G-7 Backs Abe on Rule of Law
The Japan News, June 05, 2014

March 2014

All Eyes on Tanaka as He Makes Debut 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 1st 

Loved Abroad, Hated at Home: The Art of Japanese Tattooing 

Japan Times, Mar 3rd 

Uniqlo Billionaire Push for Global Crown Fuels J.Crew Talks

Bloomberg, Mar 3rd

Japan Recognizes 26 Listed Companies as Women Friendly in FY 2013 

Global Post, Mar 3rd 

Into the Next Stage: Go Figure - Skating Sibs' Divergent Paths to Sochi 

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 3rd

Nadeshiko Brand Adds Takeda to Index

Wall Street Journal, Mar 4th  

Opportunities and Challenges in the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Republic of Korea Alliance

U.S. Department of State, Mar 4th

U.S. Says 'Not At All Concerned' About Japan's Plutonium 

Reuters, Mar 5th 

An Evacuation of Jews, With Help from Japan

New York Times, Mar 5th 

Japan's Painful Choice on the Ukraine Crisis

Council on Foreign Relations, Mar 5th

Kennedy Urges Japan, South Korea to Resolve Diplomatic Row

Bloomberg, Mar 6th  

Japanese Official Discuss Perceived Decline in U.S. Military Might 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 6th 

Planned Giving Strategies for Nikkei Nonprofits

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 9th 

Japan, U.S. Differ on China in Talks on 'Grey Zone' Military Threats

Reuters, Mar 10th 

US Giving for Japan Disaster Reaches $730 Million

JCIE, Mar 10th  

In Tsunami's Wake, Fierce Debate Over Japan's 'Great Wall' 

NPR, Mar 11th

Japan Inc. to Boost Wages

Wall Street Journal, Mar 12th 

Japan, U.S. Make 'Bit of Progress' in Trade Talks - Japanese Official 

Reuters, Mar 13th 

Dice-K in Unwanted Spotlight Over Racial Slur 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 14th 

Japan Government Remains Upbeat on Economy Despite Worries Over Exports

Reuters, Mar 17th 

Japan Tsunami Debris Three Years Later 

Liberty Voice, Mar 17th 

Train Platform Door Tech Promotes Safety 

Japan Today, Mar 18th

Has Japan's Trade Gap Turned the Corner?

Wall Street Journal, Mar 19th 

Japan Inc More Upbeat on Tax-Hike Rebound, Sees Profit Growth: Reuters Poll

Reuters, Mar 19th 

Major Gift Supports Newly Named USC Shinso Ito Center 

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 19th 

Japanese Politics: Flaming Out 

Economist, Mar 20th 

JCCCNC Elects Donna Ong-Kimura as New President 

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 21st 

Born in Japan, Made in America 

Japan Times, Mar 22nd 

Japan to Turn Over Nuclear Stockpile to U.S. For Safe Keeping 

NPR, Mar 24th

Obama Brings Abe, Park Together for Talks 

Japan Today, Mar 26th 

Japan's Cherry Blossoms are in Bloom and They are Gorgeous 

World Post, Mar 26th 

Japan's Ruling Party Calls for More Foreign Workers

 Japan Times, Mar 26th 

China's PR on Islands Beats Japan's, Say U.S. Military Experts 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 26th 

Japan's ANA Gives Boeing a Boost with 777x Order 

Reuters, Mar 27th 

Japanese Banks Name First Women to Executive Officer Posts 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 27th 

"Our Great, Great, Great Uncle Introduced Baseball to Japan? Really?"

NBC Sports, Mar 28th 

Haneda Expansion a Travel Game-Changer

Japan Times, Mar 28th 

10 Japanese Cherry Blossoms Festival Photos That'll Leave You Insanely Jealous

Economist, Mar 28th 

Yankees' Tanaka Epitomizes the Japanese Approach to Baseball

Economist, Mar 29th 

Japanese Women and Work: Holding Back Half the Nation

Economist, Mar 29th

For Japanese Americans, a Backtrack to a Sad Past at Santa Anita

Los Angeles Times, Mar 29th 

Japan Must Halt Whaling Program in Antarctic, Court Says 

NPR, Mar 31st 

Exports Ket to Overcoming Japan's Sales-Tax Hump

Wall Street Journal, Mar 31st 


February 2014

Japan-China Tension Has U.S. Walking a Fine Line

Los Angeles Times, Feb 2nd 

A Breakthrough for Science - And Young Japanese Women 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 3rd 

Insight: Japan Unease Over U.S. Alliance Adds Fuel to Abe's Security Shift 

Reuters, Feb 4th 

America's Team? Yankees May Be Japan's Team Instead

New York Times, Feb 5th 

Yamaguchi to be 'Today' Correspondent in Sochi

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 5th 

US Officials Sees "Unprecedented Spike" in Risky China Activity in Island Dispute 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 6th 

U.S. Stresses Commitment to Defend Japan in Washington Talks 

Reuters, Feb 7th 

Japan's Win Signals Change in Figure Skating 

Boston Globe, Feb 15th 

Japans Economy Grows at Slower Pace, Raises Stakes for Abenomics 

Reuters, Feb 16th

Japan's Trade Gap with China Expected to Grow 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 18th 

U.S. Lawmakers Say Alliance with Japan, S. Korea Key 

Japan Times, Feb 19th 

Obama Meets Nisei World War II Veterans 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 20th 

Japan's Aso Urges U.S. to Communicate with Markets on Tapering 

Reuters, Feb 21st 

Shapiro: Obama-Abe Summit Key 

Japan Times, Feb 21st 

CAPAC Members Observe Day of Remembrance 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 22nd 

Las Vegas Sands Ready to Invest $10 Billion in Japan Casino

Bloomberg, Feb 24th 

TPP Sides May Cut Tariffs Bilaterally 

Japan Times, Feb 24th 

Sochi Winter Olympics: How Did Japan Do?

Wall Street Journal, Feb 24th 

Changing Course, Japan Now Sees Future for Nuclear Power

Washington Post, Feb 25th 

"Tsuru" Short Film About JA Interment Reaches Kickstarter Goal in 3.5 Days, Looks Forward to Stretch Goals 

Nikkei View, Feb 25th 

JAs in Combat Focus Talk at JANM

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 27th 

NASA And Japan Launch Climate Research Satellite

CBS News, Feb 27th 

Hawaiian Airline to Drop One of its Routes to Japan 

USA Today, Feb 28th 



January 2014

With Downed Balloon, China and Japan Cooperate

New York Times, Jan 2nd 

Japan Promises Equality, But Women Find Few Jobs

Washington Post, Jan 2nd 

PM Abe Refocuses on Economy After Shrine Visit Irks Neighbor

Wall Street Journal, Jan 6th 

Hosting Olympics to Have ¥20 Trillion Impact on Economy: Think Tank 

Japan Times, Jan 6th 

Ex-Health Minister Masuzoe Seen As Strong Candidate For Tokyo Governor 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 8th 

What You Should and Shouldn't Worry About After the Fukushima Nuclear Meltdow

Scientific American, Jan 9th 

'Legacy of a Lost Neighborhood' At California Museum 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 8th

Japan Urges 'Hotline' with China, Plays Down Shrine Visit 

Reuters, Jan 9th 

Sharp President Trying to Change Inward-Looking Corp Culture

Wall Street Journal, Jan 9th 

Baseball, Japanese Americans, and Southern California's Pacific Rim 

KCET, Jan 10th 

How Japan's Most Popular Messaging App Emerged from the 2011 Earthquake 

Business Insider, Jan 12th 

Japan's Suntory to Buy U.S. Spirits Maker Beam for $13.6 Billion Cash 

Reuters, Jan 13th 

Japan Looks to Join India, U.S. in Naval Exercise

Stars and Stripes, Jan 13th 

Japanese Car Makers Target Thrills at Detroit Show 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 13th 

Ex-PMs Join Hands in Tokyo Governor's Race 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 14th 

Japan Approves Fukushima Operator's Revival Plan 

Reuters, Jan 15th 

Updated: Nagasu's Olympic Dreams Iced 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 14th 

Reagan Replacing Washington in Japan 

CNN, Jan 15th 

Fukushima Radiation (Still) Poses No California Risk

New York Times, Jan 15th 

Shinzo Abe: Investing in the Past, Ignoring the Future

Diplomat, Jan 15th 

Japan and America: Surrounded by Sharks

Economist, Jan 16th 

Can Buildings Actually Grow? 

CNN, Jan 17th 

Miyazaki Film Among 2014 Oscar Nominees

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 18th 

Tokyo Pushing Ahead with U.S. Base Relocation Plan Despite Election Loss 

Reuters, Jan 20th 

Japan Defends Dolphin Hunt After Criticism from U.S. Ambassador

New York Times, Jan 20th 

Japan's Abe: I Am Beating Deflation

CNN, Jan 22nd 

Ambassador Kennedy Welcomes Uehara and Red Sox Nation to Her Residence 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 22nd 

Masahiro Tanaka Says He Chose Yankees "To Win the World Series"

New York Times, Jan 23rd 

Tokyo Governor Poll Campaign Begins Amid Nuclear Debate 

BBC News, Jan 23rd 

Star Envoy's Frankness Puts Kennedy Mystique to Test in Japan

New York Times, Jan 24th 

New Head of Japan's National Broadcaster to Side with Government?

Wall Street Journal, Jan 26th 

Fred Hiatt: Rocky Waters Between China and Japan Could Affect America 

Washington Post, Jan 26th 

Japan Post Record $112B Trade Deficit in 2013 

Associated Press, Jan 27th 

Happy Birthday, Little Tokyo

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 27th 

Abe Seeks Dose of Pride in Education Overhaul 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 29th 

Honda Becomes First Japan Automaker to be From U.S. 

Reuters, Jan 28th 

Honoring the Legacy of Fred Korematsu

White House, Jan 30th  

McAuliffe Attempts to Defuse Dilemma Over Textbook Maps of Sea of Japan 

Washington Post, Jan 30th 

Honoring a Japanese-American who Fought Against Internment Camps

NPR, Jan 30th 

Japan Inflation Quickens to Over Five-Year High, Output Rebounds

Reuters, Jan 31st 

Asia Colorfully Rings in Year of the Horse 

Japan Times, Jan 31st 




December 2013

Joe Biden to Visit Japan, China as Air Zone Disputes Smolders 

CNN, Dec 2nd

Japan in a Post-Growth Age

New York Times, Dec 2nd

Biden Greeted by Caroline Kennedy 

Wall Street Journal, Dec 3rd 

Kathryn Korematsu Dies at 92

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 3rd 

Researchers in Hawaii Find Lost Japanese WWII Mega-Sub

CNN, Dec 4th 

Japan Approves $182 Billion Economic Package, Doubts Remain 

Reuters, Dec 5th 

U.S. Senators to Chinese Ambassador: Senkakus Under Japanese Control 

Japan Times, Dec 6th 

No Stranger to Asia, Biden Deploys Political Experience

New York Times, Dec 6th 

Waterworld: How Worried Should We Be About Fukushima?

Diplomat, Dec 9th 

Pitcher Tanaka's American Future Uncertain

Wall Street Journal, Dec 11th 

US-Japan Alliance Sparks Korean Grand Strategy Debate

Diplomat, Dec 11th 

Record 2013 Tourism in Japan Despite Island Spat, Nuclear Fallout 

Los Angeles Times, Dec 11th 

Draft of Security Plan Calls for a Muscular Japan

New York Times, Dec 11th 

Japan: Potent Protests

Economist, Dec 14th 

Weaker Yen Seen Driving Japan's Nikkei Up 16 percent in 2014 

Reuters, Dec 12th 

English Education Set to Get Serious

Japan Times, Dec 13th 

Japan Should Embrace Nuclear Power, Government Panel Says

Reuters, Dec 13th 

Japan and Asean Nations Seek 'Freedom of Overflight'

BBC News, Dec 14th 

'No Easy Way Out' For South Korea-Japan Feud, Despite Biden's Efforts

Wall Street Journal, Dec 13th  

Yamaguchi Gives Nod to Hosting KC-130 Fleet on Okinawa 

Japan Times, Dec 16th 

ASEAN Leaders Caught Between Tokyo, Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Dec 16th 

Japan Business Mood Hits Six-Year High as 'Abenomics' Takes Hold

Reuters, Dec 16th 

BOJ Hails Fed Tapering, Sticks With Its Own Massive Stimulus 

Reuters, Dec 20th 

Japan's 'Proactive Pacifism'

New York Times, Dec 20th 

Race to Become Next Tokyo Governor Kicks Off

Wall Street Journal, Dec 20th 

Japanese Robot Wins U.S. Competition 

Japan Times, Dec 23rd 

Ed Shikada Named City Manager of San Jose 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 26th 

U.S. Says Disappointed at Japan's PM's Shrine Visit 

Reuters, Dec 26th 

Aiming to Repeat Hybrid Success, Japan Funds Duel-Cell Stations

Wall Street Journal, Dec 26th

Reagan's Signing of Redress Bill Celebrated 25 Years Later 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 27th 

Japan Optimism Rekindled 

Wall Street Journal, Dec 30th

Hirono Introduces Bill to Name Security Studies Center for Inouye 

Rafu Shimpo, Dec 30th 

Japan's State Secrets Law: Hailed by U.S., Denounced by Japanese 

NPR, Dec 31st 


November 2013

Lawmaker Under Fire for Letter to Emperor 

Japan Times, Nov 1st 

Diverging Fates of Japan's Tech Titans 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 1st 

Karin Higa, Curator of Asian American Art, Dies at 47 

Rafu Shimpo, Nov 1st 

Schieffer, Howard Among 4,242 Set for Autumn Honors 

Japan Times, Nov 3rd 

Biden to Emphasize Asia Pivot on Trip to China, Japan, South Korea 

Reuters, Nov 4th 

Japan 'Disappointed' By South Korea Summit Remarks 

BBC News, Nov 5th

No, A Massive "Island of Debris" Isn't Heading Towards the U.S.

Salon, Nov 5th  

San Jose Appoints Next City Manager 

Mercury News, Nov 5th 

Japan Collective Self-Defense Should Include Others, Not Just U.S.:Advise

Reuters, Nov 6th 

No Online Trade for 23 OTC Drugs 

Japan Times, Nov 6th 

The Olympics of the Future

New York Times, Nov 8th 

'Go For Broke: JA Soldiers Fighting on Two Fronts' Opens Nov. 12 

Rafu Shimpo, Nov 8th 

The Emperor's Code: Breach of Protocol Spurs Debate in Japan 

NPR, Nov 13th 

Japan Passes Law to Launch Reform of Electricity Sector 

Reuters, Nov 13th 

'Hi, I Am Caroline Kennedy:' A New Era for U.S.-Japan Relations 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 13th 

Reforming Japan: The Thicket of Reform 

The Economist, Nov 14th 

Hyundai Hydrogen-Power SUV to be Marketed in U.S. 

Japan Times, Nov 19th 

New Ambassador Caroline Kennedy Meets Emperor 

Japan Times, Nov 19th 

Saluting Firms That Are Fairer to Women 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 19th 

Musical Shows 'What It Is To Be A JA'

Rafu Shimpo, Nov 20th 

Inouye Posthumously Honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom 

Rafu Shimpo, Nov 22nd 

Bureaucrats Seek to Pick Winners With $1 Billion 'Cool Japan' Fund 

Reuters, Nov 24th 

Kennedy Makes First Visit to Tohoku 

Japan Times, Nov 25th 

China Slams 'Inappropriate' U.S. Remarks on Territorial Dispute with Japan 

CNN, Nov 25th 

Why Are Japan's Apologies Forgotten? 

The Diplomat, Nov 25th 

Hirono: Medal of Freedom for Inouye Well Deserved

Rafu Shimpo, Nov 27th 

Japan's Nikkei Index Hits Six-Year High

BBC News, Nov 28th 

Abe Appoints Japan's First Female PM Secretary 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 29th 




October 2013

Key Points of Japan Stimulus Package 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 1st 

Japan and Abenomics: Taxing Times

Economist, Oct 3rd 

Documentary on U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye Selected for Inflight Showings 

Hawaii Reporter, Oct 4th

"Untold Story": Film Explores Japanese American Internment in Hawai'i 

SF Gate, Oct 5th 

U.S. Warned by Japanese Over Perils of a Default

New York Times, Oct 8th 

As Debt Deadline Nears, Japan Nervously Sticks with Treasurys

Wall Street Journal, Oct 9th 

Don't Sell Out Japan in TPP Talks 

Japan Times, Oct 10th 

Abenomics is a Gigantic Headache for the World's Largest Pension Fund

Slate, Oct 10th 

Learning Budget Lessons from Japan and Britain

Reuters, Oct 13th 

Airbus Clinches Landmark Jet Order with Japan Airlines 

Reuters, Oct 10th

Japan Needs More Brawling Billionaires

Bloomberg, Oct 10th 

South China Sea Rows Not Your Affair, U.S., Japan Told 

Japan Times, Oct 11th 

Toyota Shows Off Autopilot Tech System 

Japan Times, Oct 11th 

Analysis: Boeing's JAL Loss May Bring Work Back to the U.S. 

Reuters, Oct 11th 

Seiji Ozawa's Focus is on Winning Classical Music Accolades for Japan

New York Times, Oct 11th 

Japan Awaiting Heritage Status Decision on its Food 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 15th 

Takashi Yanase, Creator of Japan's Anpanman Cartoon, Dies 

BBC News, Oct 15th 

Typhoon Wipha Weakens After Killing 15, Delaying Millions 

Bloomberg, Oct 16th 

Exchange Student who Gave Life Hailed

Japan Times, Oct 17th 

Typhoon Wipha Hits Tokyo Area, Killing at Least 18 

CNN, Oct 17th 

Senate Confirms Caroline Kennedy as U.S. Ambassador 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 17th 

Press Freedom in Japan: Secrecy and Lies

Economist, Oct 17th 

Kennedy's Nonprofit Efforts Seen as Asset

Japan Times, Oct 18th 

As Seoul Keeps Heat on Tokyo, U.S. Plays Referee 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 18th 

Corporate Japan to Hunker Down and Save Gains from the Cut: Reuters Poll

Reuters, Oct 18th 

Harris' Pacific Fleet Post a Milestone for JAS 

Rafu Shimpo, Oct 21st 

New Data Underscore Challenges for Japan

New York Times, Oct 21st 

Japan Mayor Offers Fukushima Kids Home in His Town 

New York Times, Oct 22nd 

No Damages Reported from Magnitude 7.3 Quake off Japan's East Coast 

Los Angeles Times, Oct 25th 

Japan's NTT Comm to Buy Two U.S. Cloud Computing Firms for $880 Million

Reuters, Oct 28th 

Japan's Abe Keeps Up Heat on China

Wall Street Journal, Oct 28th 

Toyota Outsells GM in Quarter as Abe Gives Edge to Japan

Bloomberg, Oct 28th 

Mizuho Report Finds No Cover-Up of Gangster Loans

New York Times, Oct 28th 

Japanese Consumers Spending More as Economy Recovers

 Wall Street Journal, Oct 29th 

Volunteers Staying the Course in Tohoku 

Japan Times, Oct 30th 

Tepco Shouldn't be in Charge of Fukushima Shutdown: Japan Panel 

Reuters, Oct 30th 

Japan's Uehara Clinches World Series! (Oh, and Red Sox Win)

Wall Street Journal, Oct 31st 



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