September 2013

Abe Gets Ammunition for Sales-Tax Rise With G-20 Meeting 

Bloomberg, Sept 1st 

Global Panel Agrees to 15% Cut in Catch of Young Bluefin Tuna in 2014 

Japan Times, Sep 5th 

Obama, Japan's Abe Discuss Syria Crisis at G20 

Reuters, Sep 5th 

BOJ Beat: Five Takeaways From Kuroda's Comments

Wall Street Journal, Sep 5th 

Tokyo Wins Bid to Host 2020 Olympics

Japan Times, Sep 8th 

Japan's Inclusion in FTA Talks 'Changes Balance' 

Japan Times, Sep 10th 

Sony Sets  February Japan Debut to Focus on U.S. Firsts 

Bloomburg, Sep 10th 

Japan Anger over French Fukushima Cartoon

BBC News, Sep 12th 

Japan and the 2020 Olympics: Party Likes It's '64 

Economist, Sep 12th 

U.S. Says Hopes China, Japan Push Diplomacy on Spat 

Reuters, Sep 14th 

Japan's Rice Farmers See Trade Deal As Threat to Tradition

NPR, Sep 17th 

Abenomics Goes to Wall Street 

Wall Street Journal, Sep 18th 

Japan's Abe Orders Surviving Fukushima Reactors Scrapped, Pledges Safe Olympics 

Reuters, Sep 19th 

Caroline Kennedy Ready for Japan After Smooth Ride Confirmation Hearing 

The Guardian, Sep 19th 

FBI Releases Files on Inouye 

Rafu Shimpo, Sep 20th 

TPP, Hague Treaty, Senkakus to Top Agenda for Kennedy 

Japan Times, Sep 24th

Abe, Harper to Delve into Free Trade, Energy, Defense 

Japan Times, Sep 24th

Abe First Non-American to Win Conservative Hudson Institute Award 

Wall Street Journal, Sep 23rd 

Can Abe Tap Into Japan's Olympic Unity?

 CNN, Sep 24th 

Tokyo Electron Deal a Rare Foreign Takeover in Japan 

Wall Street Journal, Sep 25th 

Japan PM Abe Tries Feminist Touch with NY Speech 

Wall Street Journal, Sep 25th 

Eagles Clinch First Pacific League Title 

Japan Times, Sep 26th 

Abe Tells Wall Street Japan's Economy is Exceptionally Good 

Bloomberg, Sep 26th 

Japan's Abe Says No Concessions, But No Escalations in Islet Spat with China 

Reuters, Sep 27th 

Japan and U.S. Open Second Round of Trade Talks in Parallel with TPP

Japan Times, Sep 30th 







August 2013

U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes in Okinawa 

Reuters, Aug 5th 

Why Sony Won't Become the Next Yahoo

Wall Street Journal, Aug 6th 

U-Idaho Archaeology Dig Unearth History at Kooskia Internment Camp Site 

Rafu Shimpo, Aug 6th

Hiroshima Marks Atom-Bomb Anniversary as Japan Unveils Warship 

Christian Science Monitor, Aug 6th

Japan Says Fukushima Leak Worse Than Thought, Government Joins Clean-Up 

Reuters, Aug 7th 

Japan Launches Largest Warship Since World War II

CNN, Aug 7th 

Japanese Growth Slower Than Expected in Second Quarter

BBC, Aug 12th

 Kochi City Bakes in Record-Setting 41-Degree Heat

Japan Times, Aug 12th

Japanese Satisfied with Life, Less Certain About Economy

 Wall Street Journal, Aug 12th 

Japan Steps Up Warning System For 'Extreme' Natural Threats 

Wall Street Journal, Aug 12th

 Japanese Premier Stays Away from War Shrine, But Sends Offering

New York Times, Aug 15th 

Volcanic Eruptions Way of Life for Some Japan Residents

Wall Street Journal, Aug 19th  

Not Just A 'Black Thing': An Asian- America's Bond With Malcolm X

NPR, Aug 19th 

U.S. Pushes For More Access to Japan Auto, Insurance Markets 

Reuters, Aug 19th 

Standing in Baseball's Homeland

Rafu Shimpo, Aug 19th 

Japan Nuclear Agency Upgrades Fukushima Alert Level 

BBC News, Aug 21st 

Japan Projects A More Assertive Image To The World 

NPR, Aug 21st 

Visitors to Japan Top 1 Million for Record- High Month in July 

Japan Times, Aug 21st 

Why Ichiro Reaching 4,000 Hits Means So Much to Japan

Wall Street Journal, Aug 21st 

Japan, U.S. Defense Chiefs May Meet in Brunei 

Japan Times, Aug 21st 

Commission Approves Little Tokyo Community Design Overlay 

Rafu Shimpo, Aug 21st 

Japan Firms Standing Pat on Hiring, Brace For Tax Hit: Reuters Survey 

Reuters, Aug 22nd 

Japan PM Turns to Regular Folks Over Tax Debate

Wall Street Journal, Aug 23rd

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Bid Committee Girds for the Final Presentation

Japan Times, Aug 23rd 

Japan's Women to the Rescue

New York Times, Aug 23rd 

Regulators Monitor 'Serious Leaks' At Japanese Nuclear Plant 

NPR, Aug 23rd 

Japan's Education Minister Aims to Foster Global Talents

New York Times, Aug 25th 

Docomo Rises on Speculations Carrier to Release Apple iPhone

Bloomberg, Aug 26th 

To Raise or Not to Raise: Japan's Drug Prices

Wall Street Journal, Aug 26th 

Japan Repeats as Little League World Series Champion 

Japan Times, Aug 26th 

Messaging App LINE Expands Outside of Japan

Wall Street Journal, Aug 28th 

Japan Formally Raises Fukushima Water Leak to INES Level 3 Incident

Reuters, Aug 28th 

Entrepreneurs in Japan: Time to Get Started

Economist, Aug 29th 


July 2013

Japan Spends Millions in Order to Be Cool 

Time, Jul 1st 

Japan Business Sentiment Hits Highest Point in Two Years

New York Times, Jul 1st 

Japanese Minister of Defense Honors American Veterans at National Cemetery of the Pacific 

DVIDS, Jul 1st

Facebook's Sandberg 'Likes' Japan PM Abe's Posts 

Wall Street Journal, Jul 2nd 

France Honors Nisei Veterans

Rafu Shimpo, Jul 2nd 

Suntory Shares Rise in Trading Debut

Wall Street Journal, Jul 3rd

Ban Lifted, Japan's Politicians Race Online

New York Times, Jul 4th 

Would Affirmative Action Help Women in Japan?

Wall Street Journal, Jul 4th 

Japan Says Building Nuclear Safety Culture Will Take A Long Time

Reuters, Jul 4th 

Japanese Producing More Cars in U.S. 

Columbus Dispatch, Jul 4th

 U.S. Hoping Upper House Poll Puts End To Political Instability 

Japan Times, Jul 6th

Tommy Lee Jones to Visit Japan to Promote 'Emperor' 

Japan Today, Jul 8th 

4 Million Studying Japanese Abroad 

Japan Times, Jul 8th

Obama Nominates Former Inouye Aide Cummisky to Commerce Post 

Pacific Business News, Jul 10th 

Shorter Stay Eyed to Qualify as Resident 

Japan Times, Jul 11th 

4G Climbs Mount Fuji 

TechHive, Jul 11th

Bank of Japan sees Modest Recovery in Economy 

BBC News, Jul 11th

Japan's Glaring Image Gap 

Wall Street Journal, Jul 12th 

 BOJ Beat: Kuroda No Longer Under G-20 Heat Lamp 

Wall Street Journal, Jul 16th 

Japan Carriers Find No 787 Problems 

New York Times, Jul 16th 

Japan to Amp Up TV Content Exports

Variety, Jul 16th 

State Senator Running for Governor of Hawaii 

Rafu Shimpo, Jul 21st 

Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Japan Takes Step Over Sea Leak 

BBC News, Jul 23rd 

Abe Cabinet Approval Rate Drops to 56% 

Japan Times, Jul 23rd 

High Hopes Among Japan Inc, for Abe After Election 

Wall Street Journal, Jul 22nd

U.S.-Led Trade Talks Gain Heft, Complexity as Japan Joins

Reuters, Jul 23rd 

Japan Recommends Military Upgrades, Including Buying Drones 

Washington Post, Jul 26th 

U.S. Officials Lauded for Restoring Japanese- American Honor

Japan Times, Jul 28th 

Japan's Upper-House Election: Redemption for Abe

Economist, Jul 27th 

Japan Railway Company Apologizes for Selling IC Card Data

Wall Street Journal, Jul 29th 

Japan Automakers Team Up to Add Numbers of Electric Chargers 

Bloomberg, Jul 29th 

Artists Sought for Statues Honoring Mink, Inouye

Rafu Shimpo, Jul 31st 


June 2013

Japan's Right-Wing Politicians: Making a Hash of History

Economist, Jun 3rd 

Bob Fletcher Dies at 101; Saved Farms of Interned Japanese Americans

Los Angeles Times, Jun 3rd 

George Takei on America's Tragic Past and Bright Future 

Forbes, Jun 4th 

In Japan, New Policy Spurs Solar Power Boom 

Washington Post, Jun 4th 

Japan's Involvement in U.S. Military Drill 'Unprecedented'

Wall Street Journal, Jun 4th

Fukushima Tuna Study Finds Minuscule Health Risks 

CNN, Jun 4th

Japan Becomes First to Qualify for World Cup After Honda Equalizer 

Japan Times, Jun 5th  

House Urges Obama Address Currency Manipulation in Asia Trade Talks

Reuters, Jun 6th  

Why Abe has Staying Power

Wall Street Journal, Jun 7th 

Japan is a Model, Not a Cautionary Tale

New York Times, Jun 9th

U.S., Japan Leading Recovery in Major Economies: OECD

Reuters, Jun 10th

Japanese and US. Leaders Hopeful About Next Generation 

Rafu Shimpo, Jun 11th 

ISS Backs SoftBank-Sprint Deal After Offer Sweetened

Reuters, Jun 12th 

Japan Baseball Under Fire for Switching Balls

New York Times, Jun 12th 

U.S. Retail Investors Stick with Japan 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 12th 

Kishida, Onodera Set to Attend Okinawa Memorial Service 

Japan Times, Jun 13th 

In Hawaii, A Day Inspired by Korematsu 

Rafu Shimpo, Jun 13th 

Okinawa Pitches Futenma 'Dispersal'

Japan Times, Jun 14th 

The Third Arrow of Abenomics: Misfire 

Economist, Jun 13th 

Japan Export Surge Most Since 2010 in Boost for Abe: Economy

Bloomberg, Jun 18th 

'No, We Can't': Japan's Conservative Values Collide with Plan to Mobilize Women for Economy 

Reuters, Jun 19th 

With Sony on a Roll, CEO Looking Dreamier Than Ever

Wall Street Journal, Jun 20th 

Abe Confidante Secretly Visited China to Reboot Ties 

Japan Times, Jun 21st 

Daredevil's Latest Test: Remaking Japan's Democracy

New York Times, Jun 21st 

U.S., Japanese Officials Attend Okinawa War Memorial 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 23rd 

As CDs Spin On in Japan, Tower Records Rocks On 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 24th 

UNESCO Award Spurs Fuji Tourist Guide Frenzy 

Japan Times, Jun 25th

Vice Adm. Harris Nominated as Pacific Fleet Commander

 Rafu Shimpo, Jun 26th 

SoftBank Investors Relieved After Sprint Megadeal 

Wall Street Journal, Jun 26th 

Tokyo Panel Mulls Ways to Enhance High School English Education 

Japan Times, Jun 28th 



May 2013

Bishop, Iino to Recieve Spring Decorations From Japan Government 

Rafu Shimpo, May 2nd

Madam Ambassador Roos Shows Off Her Green Thumb 

Wall Street Journal, May 2nd 

China Likely to Use Coercion on Japan but Avoid Force 

Japan Times, May 3rd 

Does Japan's Revival Have Legs? 

Barron's, May 4th 

Abe's Child Care Proposal Draws Fire From Companies 

Japan Times, May 5th 

Author Murakami Makes First Japan Public Appearance in 18 years 

Reuters, May 6th 

Scholarships to Encourage More Japanese to Study Overseas

New York Times, May 6th 

Slain Japanese Journalist Given World Press Freedom Hero Award

Japan Today, May 6th 

Washington Budget Fight Hits Small Japan Town 

Wall Street Journal, May 8th 

Japan Film Festival L.A. Starts This Weekend

Rafu Shimpo, May 8th

Huffington in Tokyo for Launch of Japanese-Language Version of Huff-Post

Japan Times, May 9th 

Japan Protests over Chinese Article on Okinawa Sovereignty

BBC News, May 9th 

Loeb Says Japan Rally in Early Stages 

Wall Street Journal, May 10th 

U.S. Sends Japan Currency Warning as G7 Meets 

Reuters, May 10th 

A Japanese Tribute to Nisei Vets 

Rafu Shimpo, May 10th 

Michelin For the Masses: Japan's Standing Restaurants Head for New York 

Reuters, May 13th 

A Brief History Shareholder Activism in Japan 

Wall Street Journal, May 14th 

NRA Wants Monju to Remain Shut Down 

Japan Times, May 14th 

Japan OKs $908B Budget to Revive Economy 

USA Today, May 15th 

Japan PM Abe 'Would Meet' N. Korea Leader Kim Over Abductions 

BBC, May 15th 

Japan's First-Quarter Growth Spurt Shoes Early Benefit of Abe's Policy Gamble 

Reuters, May 16th 

Obama Meets with JACL, Other AAPI Groups 

Rafu Shimpo, May 16th 

Japan and Abenomics

Economist, May 16th 

Japan Starts to Recharge After Two Lost Economic Decades

 New York Times, May 18th 

Analysis: Little Sign Abe Can Shake Up Japan's Inbound FDI 

 Reuters, May 20th

Japanese Pensions Moving Into Alternatives Overseas 

Wall Street Journal, May 20th 

Ambivalent Japan Turns on its 'Insular' Youth 

Japan Times, May 21st 

Is Sony un-Japanese Enough to Entertain Change?

Reuters, May 21st 

Japan Votes to Adopt Child Abduction Treaty 

BBC News, May 22nd 

Return of the Big, Bad Japan Export Machine

Wall Street Journal, May 22nd

Japan's Bond Market: The Wild Side 

Economist, May 24th 

 'Flicker in Eternity,' 'Go For Broke!' at Janm 

Rafu Shimpo, May 30th 

Japan Suspends Wheat Imports From Pacific Northwest States

NPR, May 31st 

Apple Joins Other Foreign Brands in Raising Prices in Japan 

Reuters, May 31st 







April 2013

Abenomics Lifts Japan Business Mood, Households' Inflation Expectations

Reuters, Apr 1st 

Japan Shifting Further Away From Pacifism 

New York Times, Apr 1st

How Caroline Kennedy Could Make A Difference in Japan 

CNN, Apr 2nd 

Japan Reacts to North Korea's Nuclear Plans

Wall Street Journal, Apr 2nd 

Japan Premier, Cabinet Keep Mum to Keep Friends 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 3rd 

Appraising Abenomics

Economist, Apr 4th 

Japan's Nikkei Tops 13,000 for First Time Since 2008

BBC, Apr 5th 

Bank of Japan Takes Fight to Deflation 

CNN Money, Apr 5th 

Fish on Boat Set Adrift by Japan Tsunami Land in U.S. 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 6th 

Yen Tumbles on Aggressive BOJ; U.S. Jobs Weigh on Stocks

Reuters, Apr 7th 

Java Plans to Give Back to Military Community 

Rafu Shimpo, Apr 7th 

Kabam Woos Japanese Game Makers with$50 Million Funds  

Wall Street Jounal, Apr 8th 

LDP Panel Binds TOEFL to Degrees

 Japan Times, Apr 8th 

Fukushima Springs New Cistern Leak 

Japan Times, Apr 9th 

Japan Readies Defenses for Possible Missile Test by North Korea 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 9th 

China Angers at Japan-Taiwan Disputed Island Fishing Deal 

BBC News, Apr 10th 

U.S. Says Okada's Universal is Target of Criminal Bribe Probe 

Reuters, Apr 10th 

Japan, U.S. in Final Stage in TPP Consultation: Amari

Japan Today, Apr 10th

Japanese Carmakers Recall Millions of Vehicles Over Faulty Airbags 

NPR, Apr 1th 

Factbox: Details of U.S. Deal to Let Japan into Pacific Trade Talks 

Reuters, Apr 12th 

Editorial- The Sun Rises on Human Rights 

New York Times, Apr 12th 

Kerry Affirms U.S. - Japan Bond as North Korean Threat Looms 

Los Angeles Times, Apr 14th 

Uniqlo 'Wins' the Master of Perfect Timing 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 15th 

Dish's $25.5 Billion Sprint Bid May Fore Others to Act 

Reuters, Apr 15th 

Japan Tops New Asian University Ranking 

New York Times, Apr 15th 

Pop Culture Subcommittee Formed to Show World 'Cool Japan'

Japan Today, Apr 17th 

Moms, Modesty Also Holding Back Japan's Software Engineers 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 17th 

Japan Prepares to Defend Policy at G-20 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 17th 

Inose Calls on New York to Aid Olympic Bid 

Japan Times, Apr 18th 

US Now Japan's Number One Export Country

CNN, Apr 18th  

Toyota Readies U.S. Production of Lexus ES by 2015 

Reuters, Apr 19th 

Senate Continues to Deny Futenma Transfer Funding 

Japan Times, Apr 20th 

Fast Retailing to Unify Wages Worldwide 

Japan Times, Apr 23rd 

Yen May Have Already Reached Sweet Spot for Japan's Economy 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 23rd 

Japan PM Abe Warns China of Force Over Island Landing

BBC, Apr 23rd 

JA Interment Museum Dedicated in Arkansas

Rafu Shimpo, April 24th 

China Calls Planned U.S.- Japan Drills 'Provocative'

NPR, Apr 24th 

Editorial- Getting Japan to Guzzle American Gas 

Bloomberg, Apr 24th 

White House Formally Notifies Congress of Japan Free-Trade Talks 

Reuters, Apr 24th 

Japan Tsunami Boat Found in California to be Reunited With Home City 

Guardian, Apr 26th 

Japan OKs Dreamliners to Fly Again 

CNN, Apr 26th 

Japan Marks 'Restoration of Sovereignty' For the First Time 

NPR, Apr 28th 

The Road to Elusive 100 Yen 

Wall Street Journal, Apr 26th 

Japan and Russia Agree to Resolve Island Dispute 

BBC, Apr 29th 





March 2013

Japan Exempts F-35 Components Froms Arms Export Ban 

Reuters, Mar 1st 

Poll: 81% Welcome Foreigners of Japanese Descent 

Japan Times, Mar 2nd

The Answer to Chinese Pollution? It's in Japan

Fortune, March 4th 

BOJ Nominee Kuroda Sets Out Aggressive Policy Ideas

Reuters, Mar 4th 

IOC Team Starts Crucial Tokyo Evaluation Tour 

Japan Times, Mar 5th 

Toyota Overhauls Management, Gives More Autonomy to North America 

Los Angeles Times, Mar 6th 

Samsung Gets a Foot in at Key Apple Supplier Sharp with $110 Million Investment

Reuters, Mar 6th 

Economy Minister Looks for 'Convenient' Wage Hikes 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 6th 

'Emperor' Stirs Deep Emotions in Japan and U.S. 

Los Angeles Times, Mar 6th 

Congressional Gold Medal Exhibit to Open in Hawaii

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 7th 

What Japan's Tsunami Left Behind

New York Times, Mar 8th 

Speedy Rebuilding of Homes is Top Priority

Wall Street Journal, Mar 8th 

LA Fire Deputy in Fukushima on Second Anniversary of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 

SCPR, Mar 9th 

Japan PM Abe Vows Nation to Emerge Stronger from 2011 Triple Disasters 

Reuters, Mar 11th 

Two Years Later: The Stirring Voices of Tohoku 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 11th 

Second Anniversary of March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake 

Japan U.S. Embassy, Mar 11th 

Japan Jets Into Regional Plane Market, Eyes More Boeing Business 

Reuters, Mar 12th 

Universities to Boost Classes in English 

Japan Times, Mar 14th 

An Energy Coup for Japan - "Flammable Ice"

New York Times, Mar 13th 

CNN Reporter, Gulf Coast Native Lends Support to Japanese Tsunami Survivors 

Washington's Top News, Mar 12th 

U.S.' Kerry to Travel To South Korea, Japan, China in Mid-April 

Reuters, Mar 14th 

Boeing Presents Fix for 787's Battery Problems

New York Times, Mar 15th 

Idemitsu, Mitsui to Build U.S. Petchem Plant: Nikkei 

Reuters, Mar 17th 

Earliest Ever Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

CNN Travel, Mar 18th

 Puerto Rico Beats Japan, Reaches First WBC Final 

Associated Press, Mar 18th 

Japanese Architect Wins Profession's Highest Honor 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 18th 

Manzanar Interpretive Center Impacted By Budget Cuts

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 18th 

Power at Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Ponds Restored 

BBC News, Mar 18th 

Abe Firm on Futenma But Vows Respite

Japan Times, Mar 20th 

China's New Diplomats Signal Thaw with Japan, Keeping U.S. at Bay 

Reuters, Mar 20th 

Rat at Fukushima Plant May Have Caused Blackout

New York Times, Mar 20th 

China "Extremely Concerned" About U.S.-Japan Island Talk 

Reuters, Mar 21st 

Give Japan's New Leader the Benefit of the Doubt on Free Trade 

Economist, Mar 21st 

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Gives "Abenomics" Thumbs Up 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 22nd 

Japan Unlikely to Pay its Way out of Fix

CNN, Mar 22nd 

Ministry Files to Start Work on Futenma's Replacement

Japan Times, Mar 22nd 

'Emperor' How Peace Was Won 

Rafu Shimpo, Mar 24th 

Japan Times Reaches Deal with New York Times

New York Times, Mar 25th 

Hiroshima Court Rules Election Invalid 

Wall Street Journal, Mar 25th 

Abe Wants TOEFL to Be Key Exam 

Japan Times, Mar 25th 

Fukushima Town Revealed in Google Street View Two Years After Tsunam

Guardian, Mar 27th 

Elderly 3/11 Nuclear Evacuee Deaths Spiked 

Japan Times, Mar 28th 

Aeon to Take Over Daiei in Bid For Dominance 

Japan Times, Mar 31st 






February 2013

Nikkei's Best Weekly Run in 54 Years

New York Times, Feb 1st

JANM to Host 2013 Day of Remembrance 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 1st

Japanese Premier Holds Back on U.S. Base Relocation

New York Times, Feb 3rd 

Analysis: China, Japan Seek to Dial Down Tension,But Risk Remains

Reuters, Feb 4th  

Kishida, Kerry Confirm Intentions to Bolster Bilateral Security Alliance 

Japan Times, Feb 4th 

Japan Expects Small Tsunami After Solomon Islands Quake 

Reuters, Feb. 5th 

San Diego Critics Name 'Allegiance' Best New Musical of 2012 

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 6th 

New Japan-China Air Tensions: Smog

Wall Street Journal, Feb 8th 

Okinawan Gov't Complains After PET Water Bottle Falls From Osprey 

JapanToday, Feb 8th 

Japan's Nikkei Sprints Ahead on Abe Fever 

CNNMoney, Feb 10th 

Europe to Call on Japan, U.S. to Consolidate Public Fiances 

Reuters, Feb 15th 

Docomo to Establish Venture Fund and Incubation Program 

JapanToday, Feb, 10th 

Obama Should Woo Japan to Join Pacific Trade Pact 

Bloomberg, Feb 10th 

Tokyo Seeks Military Hot Line to Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Feb 13th 

Japanese Workers Unite For Higher Bonuses, Forego Wage Hikes

Wall Street Journal, Feb 13th 

Japan's Message for G20: Abenomics is Good For All 

Reuters, Feb 13th

How Did Japan Curb Pollution Without Sacrificing Growth

New York Times, Feb 15th 

Toshiba Decontamination Bot to Scrub No. 1 Plant 

Japan Times, Feb 16th

G20 Leaders Pledge to Advert Currency War 

NPR, Feb 18th 

For His Second Act, Japanese Premier Plays it Safe, with Early Results

New York Times, Feb 18th 

BOJ Board Rift May Delay New Governor's Policy Ambitions 

Reuters, Feb 19th 

With LDP Nod, Hague Bills Face May Diet OK

Japan Times, Feb 20th 

U.S.-Japan Council Mourns Loss of Aratani

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 21st 

Japan's Abe Seeks to Show Off Alliance, Gets Obama Nod on Abenomics

Reuters, Feb 21st 

George Aratani Dies at 95; L.A. Philanthropist who Funded Japanese American Causes 

Los Angeles Times, Feb 21st 

Health Care in Japan: Regenerative Medicine

The Economist, Feb 21st 

New Prize Awards Yamanaka $3 Million 

Japan Times, Feb 22nd 

Japan's First Lady Skips D.C., Cites Mrs. Obama's Schedule 

Wall Street Journal, Feb 23rd 

Japan's Hope: If You Build It, They Will Come 

New York Times, Feb 25th 

Abe Seeks Komeito TPP Backing 

Japan Times, Feb 26th 

Japan's Mothers in "Hokatsu" Hunt for Day Care 

New York Times, Feb 26th

Japan, U.S. Seek U.N. Inquiry into North Korea Abuses 

Reuters, Feb 26th 

Japanese, JA-Themed Films at CAAMFEST

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 26th 

Japanese Vehicles Dominate Consumer Reports' Top-Pick List

Wall Street Journal, Feb 27th

Ambassador Kennedy for Japan?

Wall Street Journal, Feb 28th 

Should the United States be Impressed by Shinzo Abe-Or Worried By Him 

Economist, Feb 28th 

Docomo Publishes 'Twitter Local Yellow Pages' for Japan 

The Bridge,  Feb 28th 





January 2013

Akaka Welcomes Schatz to Senate 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 1st. 

Beate Gordon, Feminist Heroine in Japan, Dies at 89

New York Times, Jan 1st 

Emperor Urges Public to Support Disaster-Hit Victims 

Japan Times,  Jan 2nd 

2013 Could Be the Year Japan's Economy Turns Around: Cumberland's Witherell 

Yahoo Finance, Jan 3rd 

Oshogatsu Family Festival at Janm 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 3rd 

Japan's New Cabinet: Back to the Future

Economist, Jan 3rd 

'Abe Trade': Will Japan's Bull-Run Last? 

CNN, Jan 4th 

Japanese Professor, Students Aid Sandy Victims 

Japan Times, Jan 5th 

Japan Stimulus Plans Include $4.9 Billion Business Support: Draft 

Reuters, Jan 7th 

Business Lobbies Urge Deregulation, Quick Budget Work, TPP, Self- Help

Japan Times, Jan 8th

Keiro's Miyake to Discuss 'Impact of Health Reform'

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 8th 

Japan's Abe to Visit Southeast Asia to Boost Economic Ties 

Reuters, Jan 10th 

Pacific Tuna Stocks Have Plummeted, Scientists Warn 

New York Times, Jan 10th

Congressional Gold Medal Goes on National Tour 

Associated Press, Jan 10th 

Japan Voters Back PM Abe's Effort to Spur Growth, Beat Deflation 

Reuters, Jan 13th 

Editorial- Japan Steps Out 

New York Times, Jan 13th 

Online Campaigning Ban Likely History 

Japan Times, Jan 14th 

Japan PM Shinzo Abe Begins South East Asia Push in Vietnam 

BBC news, Jan 16th 

Central Japan to Use Common Grid System 

Japan Times News, Jan 16th 

Japan Must Avoid Vacuum Without BOJ Governor: Opposition Leader 

Reuters, Jan 16th 

American Envoy Calls for "Cooler Heads" In Asian Island Dispute

New York Times, Jan 17th 

Analysis: The Ties That Bind- Boeing Unlikely to Suffer Japan Fall- Out Over 787Woes 

Reuters, Jan 18th 

Shinseki to Continue as VA Secretary; Chu Said to be Leaving Energy Post

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 18th 

Father of Prius Hybrid Set to Become Toyota Chairman: Executives 

Reuters, Jan 21st 

U.S. Central to 'Abe Doctrine' in PM's Lost Policy Speech 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 22nd 

Q&A: Bank of Japan's Inflation Target 

BBC News, Jan 22nd 

Economists Give Abenomics Early Thumbs Up 

Wall Street Journal, Jan 23rd 

State Schools Chief Urges Public to Observe Korematsu Day 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 25th 

Firms Starting to See Value in Hiring Grads who Have Studied Overseas 

Japan Times, Jan 25th 

Japan Tries to Ease Fears That Policies Will Lead to Currency Wars

New York Times, Jan 25th 

On Japan's School Lunch Menu: A Healthy Meal, Made From Scratch 

Washington Post, Jan 26th 

Japan Voters Split on Revision Pacifist Constitution: Poll 

Reuters, Jan 27th 

Japan's Leader Expresses Willingness to Meet Chinese Counterparts

New York Times, Jan 29th 

Foreign Workforce in Japan Down 0.6% in October 

Japan Times, Jan 30th 

U.S. Justice Dept says Examining Softbank, Sprint Deal 

Reuters, Jan 29th 

CAPAC Members Commemorate Fred Korematsu Day

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Jan 30th 

Japan Factory Output Up, Firms Expert Recovery 

Reuters, Jan 31st

JACCC Announces Appointment of Leslie Ito as President/CEO 

Rafu Shimpo, Jan 31st 


November 2012

Worker: Japan Nuke Crisis Crew Not Told of Danger 

Associated Press, Nov. 1st

New Generation of Japanese Entrepreneurs Sets Sights on Silicon Valley, Nov. 1st 

Tokyo Voted for Seoul UNSC Post 

Japan Times, Nov 2nd 

Japan's Electronics Giants Struggle to Reboot 

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 2nd 

Japan Deplores Assault on Boy by Suspected U.S. Serviceman 

Reuters, Nov. 2nd 

Japan Tech Groups Confront Past Mistakes 

CNN, Nov. 4th 

U.S. and Japan Begin Huge Military Drill, Minus Key Part

New York Times, Nov. 5th 

Q&A: After quake, U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos Sees a Resurgent Entrepreneurial Culture, Nov. 5th 

Hirono Becomes First U.S. Senator Born in Japan

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 6th 

Sports Log: Yu Darvish Decides Not to Pitch for Japan 

Boston Globe, Nov. 7th 

UPDATE: 2-Tepco Seeks More Govt Support as Fukushima Coasts Soar 

Reuters, Nov 7th 

Obama's New Japan Team 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 7th 

Sony's Software Chief to Leave Company 

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 8th 

Japan PM Eyes Snap Election After Backing U.S. - Led Trade Pact

Reuters, Nov. 11th

Japan Economy Contract as Global Slowdown Hits Exports 

BBC, Nov 12th 

Parties in Japan Agree on Bill to Finance Deficit 

Reuters, Nov 13th

Japan Set for Elections as Premier Yoshihiko Noda Pledges to Dissolve Parliament 

Washington Post, Nov. 14th 

No TPP Decision in Offing: Edano 

Japan Times, Nov. 14th 

Sprint Files for FCC Approval for Softbank Deal 

Reuters, Nov 15th 

Re-elected Obama Won't be Senkaku Savior 

Japan Times, Nov. 17th 

Video Games: Japan Fights Back 

The Economist, Nov 17th 

Japan Opposition LDP Keeps Lead Before Vote: Poll

Reuters, Nov 18th 

Obama at Asean Summit Urges Nations to Ease Sea Rows 

BBC, Nov 20th 

A Call for Japan to Take Bolder Monetary Action 

New York Times, Nov 20th 

In Talk With Obama, Noda Again Plays up TPP

Japan Times, Nov 21st

Scholar Tries to Ease Okinawa's U.S. Pains 

Japan Times, Nov 24th 

Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan's Displaced 

New York Times, Nov 25th 

U.S. Ties Depend on Tokyo's Initiative, Leadership 

Japan Times, Nov 24th 

Japan Feeling Friendly - Except Toward China, South Korea 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 26th 

TV or Online? Japan's Leaders Debate on How to Host Debate 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 27th 

Japan's Prospective PM Keeps Up Calls for Bold BOJ Stimulus 

Reuters, Nov 27th 

Japan's 'Destroyer'Eyes Comeback with Party No. 7

Wall Street Journal, Nov 28th 

U.S. Not Neutral About Japan, Armitage Told Beijing

Wall Street Journal, Nov 29th 

Gerald L. Curtis: The Declinist Debate is a Diversion

Council on Foreign Relations, Nov 29th 

Japan's Space Agency Say Rocket Information Was Stolen by Computer Virus 

New York Times, Nov 30th 

Japan's Kobe Beef Bound for U.S. 

Wall Street Journal, Nov 30th 

Granderson to Tour Korea and Japan as MLB Ambassador 

New York Yankees, Nov. 30th 






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