October 2012

A New Tech Generation Defies the Odds in Japan

New York Times, Oct. 5th 

'The Art of Gaman' to Tour Japan 

Rafu Shimpo, Oct. 5th 

Voices of the 'Explosion Covered People'

NPR, Oct. 5th 

Fast Retailing Plans 10 Uniqlo Stores on U.S. West Coast 

The Japan Times, Oct. 6th 

Nobel Prize Honors Two Stem Cell Research Stars

Los Angeles Times, Oct. 9th 

Japan's Loss isn't America's Gain in the Enormous Chinese Auto Market 

Business Insider, Oct. 10th 

Japan and South Korea Vow Economic Cooperation During Talks

New York Times, Oct. 11th 

Japan's Softbank in Talks to Acquire Sprint Nextel 

Los Angeles Times, Oct 11th 

Japan Sees U.S. as Deterrent to China in Islands Dispute

Japan Today, Oct 12th 

Ambassador Fujisaki Disputes War Talk 

The Wall Street Journal, Oct 12th 

TEPCO Admits Inadequate Precautions at Nuclear Plant

New York Times, Oct 12th 

Recap: Softbank's Son Explains Big Sprint Bid 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 15th 

Ambassador Fujisaki Received Award From Java

Rafu Shimpo, Oct 15th 

Mizuho Rides Softbank to Top in M&A

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 17th 

 Japan to Hold Rxtra Parliament Session from Oct 29 Tackle Deficit 

Reuters, Oct. 19th 

Group to Try Talks on Islands in Japan-China Trip 

New York Times, Oct 19th

Sharp to Sell Off U.S. Solar Subsidiary 

The Japan Times, Oct 20th

 In Japan, Need of Fossil Fuels Pushes Climate-Change Targets to Back Seat 

Washington Post, Oct. 20th 

U.S. Candidates Silent on Japan 

Wall Street Journal, Oct 23rd 

Tokyo's Firebrand Governor Quits to Form New National Party 

New York Times, Oct. 25th 

Unstable Politics Hamstring Japan's Diplomacy- U.S. Experts 

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 27th  

Outcry in Japan Over Diversion of Post-Disaster Aid Funds 

New York Times, Oct. 30th 

Japanese Cars Dominate Latest Consumer Report Rankings 

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 30th 

Tokyo Messages for Obama, Romney 

CNN, Oct. 30th 

Japan Seeks Exemption on U.S. Sanctions on Iran- Nikkei 

Reuters, Oct. 30th 

Bank of Japan Announces Fresh Economic Stimulus 

New York Times, Oct 30th






September 2012

Remnants of Japan's Tsunami Attract Archaeological Interest

The New York Times, Sept. 3rd 

Japan Steps Up to Plate for WBC in 2013 

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 4

Pentagon Maps Japan Radiation, Say After U.S. Personnel Safe

Reuters, Sept 5th 

JAL to Take Off Again with $8.5B IPO

CNN, Sept, 7th 

Political Impasse Forces Japan to Delay Spending

The New York Times, Sept. 7th 

Japan Confirms Disputed Islands Purchase Plan 

BBC News, Sept. 10th 

Japan's PM Noda Likely to Keep Party Leadership 

Reuters, Sept. 10th

A Farewell to a Tsunami City's Tree of Hope

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 12th 

Japan Aims for Zero Nuclear Power in 2030s

Reuters, Sept. 12th 

Japan Sun Subsidy Fires Electric Spending Rush

Reuters, Sept. 12th

Japan's New China Ambassador Falls Ill 

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 13th 

Japan Set to Win Extended Waiver of U.S. Sanction on Iran Oil

Reuters, Sept. 14th

Japan Unveils Plan to Phase Out Nuclear Power

BBC News, Sept. 14th 

The Rising East: Japan is Incapable of Becoming an "Indispensable Ally" 

Civil Beat, Sept. 15th 

U.S. and Japan Agree on Missile Defense System

The New York Times, Sept, 17th 

 U.S. urges China, Japan to Cool Anger in Islands Disputes

Reuters, Sept. 17th 

Nuclear Power: Japan Cools on Phase-Out Deadline

BBC News, Sept. 19th 

Markets Unmoved by Bank of Japan Easing

The Associative Press, Sept. 19th 

With China's Rise, Japan Shifts to the Right 

The Washington Post, Sept. 20th 

Airline Services Hit as Sino-Japan Tensions Escalate

Reuters, Sept 21st 

Japan's PM Yoshihiko Noda Wins Party Leadership Vote 

BBC News, Sept. 21st

Companies Reopen as Anger Eases in China 

The Japan Times, Sept 21st 

Local Press Gives 'Allegiance' Thumbs Up 

Rafu Shimpo, Sept. 21st 

Japan Envoy Heads to China as Ships Sail Near Islands 

BBC News, Sept. 21st

Japan PM Taps Fiance Minister for Party Post, New Finance Minister Undecided 

Reuters, Sept 24th 

Factbox: Key Facts About Japan New Oppositions Leader Abe 

Reuters, Sept. 26th 

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Eyes Return to Power 

The Washington Post, Sept 26th 



August 2012

Azumi Spurns Calls for BOJ to Buy Foreign Bonds to Curb Yen 

Reuters, August 1st

Japan's LDP May Call No-Confidence Vote: Report 

MarketWatch, August 5th 

Japan and the Atom:Nuclearphobia

The Economist, August 6th 

Foreign Students of Japanese Hold Tokyo Summit 

The Japan Times, August 6th 

Japan's Nuclear Debate Weighs Safety, Economics

NPR, August 8th 

LDP Pulls Threat, Will Vote on Bill for Tax Hike 

The Japan Times, August 8th

London 2012 Women's Olympic Soccer Final: U.S. Beats Japan 2-1 to Win Gold

NPR, August 9th 

Namesake Japanese Town Looks to Four More Years of Obama

The Wall Street Journal, August 10th 

Tokyo Riled by Lee's Visit to Disputed Islets

Japan Times, August 10th 

Record Low Number of Babies Born in Japan

The Los Angeles Times, August 11th 

 Tsunami Debris from Japan Poses Costly Coastal Cleanup Emergency 

The Los Angeles Times, August 14th 

Chinese Activist Arrested by Japan After Landing on Disputed Island Group 

The Washington Post, August 15th 

Japan Looks for Ways to Keep Communities Intact 

NPR, August 15th 

In Japan, New Taxes Levy Political Toll on Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda

The Washington Post, August 18th 

China-Japan Island Dispute Fuels Protests 

The Los Angeles Times, August 20th 

U.S., Japan Follows EU Into WTO Litigation Against Argentina

Reuters, August 21st

Japan's Prime Minister Meets with Antinuclear Protesters

The New York Times, August 22nd 

Japan's Ambassador to Return to South Korea 

BBC News, August 22nd

Consumer Reports Car-Test Boss David Champion Joins Nissan 

The Wall Street Journal, August 23rd 

In Japan, Mobile Startups Take Gaming to Next Level 

NPR, August 23rd

NPOs Send Tutors For Children in Irate Town 

The Japan Times, August 24th 

Japan Vows to Press Claims Over Disputed Islands

The New York Times, August 24th 

Japan Tough but Wary on South Korea row; Debt Plan Deal on Line 

Reuters, Aug 24th 

Japan Agrees Crash of Osprey in April Was Caused by Human Error

The Japan Times, August 26th 

Little League World Series Japan Routs Tennessee for Title 

The New York Times, August 26th 

Japan Tobacco Gets First FDA Approval 

The Wall Street Journal, August 28th 

Japan's Graduates Face Tough Job Market 

The Wall Street Journal, August 28th 

Japan and North Korea to Hold First Talks in Four Years 

BBC News, August 29th 

Noda Sends Note to Beijing in Bid to Defuse Tension

The Japan Times, August 29th 

Japan Faces Costs of Closing Reactors

The New York Times, August 29th 

Japan Industrial Production Drops Again 

CNN News, August 31st 

In Japan, a Setback for Apple in Patent Fight 

The New York Times, August 31st 





July 2012


June 2012

Tokyo Gas Attack Suspect Arrested After 17 Years on Run 

CNN News, June 4th 

Married Women Want to Work 

The Japan Times, June 4th

Japan PM Noda Reshuffles Cabinet Over Tax Bill

BBC News, June 4th  

Japan's Long-Overdue Insider Crackdown on Foreign Investors 

The Wall Street Journal, June 8th 

Japanese More Opposed to Nuclear Power a Year After Tsunami

The Los Angeles Times, June 5th

Japanese Dock Reaches Oregon;Tsunami Debris Arriving Sooner Than Expected

NPR, June 7th  

Japan's Prime Minister Seeks Support for Nuclear Energy 

The New York Times, June 8th 

Group Searches L.A. County Beaches for Tsunami Debris

The Los Angeles Times, June 8th 

Fuji Heavy Eyes New U.S. Subaru Factory 

The Japan Times, June 9th 

First Ever Basketball Without Borders Asia in Tokyo, Japan Ends on a High 

NBA, June 13th

Ospreys Add to Okinawa Grievances

The Japan Times, June 14th 

Alaska Returns Basketball Washed Away by Tsunami 

Associated Press, June 13th 

Japan Moves Closer to Restarting First Nuclear Reactors Since Tsunami 

The Washington Post, June 14th 

Japan Reaches Tax Deal That Could Help Shrink Debt

The New York Times, June 16th 

Fukushima Watch: Moody's Rates Restarts 

The Wall Street Journal, June 18th 

Microsoft Surface May Sink Japan Inc.'s Tablet Hopes 

The Wall Street Journal, June 19th 

Japanese Officials Failed to Use U.S. Data Tracking Radiation After Tsunami

The New York Times, June 19th 

Japan's Exports Surge 10% in May Easing Slowdown Fears

BBC News, June 20th 

Japan Posts First Trade Deficit With EU

The Financial Times, June 20th 

Noba Officially Gives in on Tax, Welfare Reform

The Japan Times, June 21st 

Nissan Chief Denies Report That He Plans to Step Down Early 

The New York Times, June 22nd 

Uncommon June Typhoon Forces Thousands to Flee

 The Japan Times, June 21st 

Light Cars Are Heavyweights in Japan 

The Wall Street Journal, June 25th 

A Pound of Flesh: After 15 Years, Japan's Fiscal Hawks Appear to be Getting What They Want 

The Economist, June 21st

Fukushima Markets Get First Local Seafood Since Nuclear Meltdown 

NPR, June 25th 

Japan's Nuclear Victims Seek Compensation, But Not A Day in Court 

The Washington Post, June 25th 

In Japan, Sales Tax increase Advances in Parliament Despite Ruling Party Rift

The Washington Post, June 26th 

Tax Smackdown 101: What It All Means 

The Wall Street Journal, Jun 26th 

Japan Set to Power Up Nuclear Reactor Amid Protests

CNN News, June 27th











May 2012

Metro Board Approves Contract with Kinkisharyo

Rafu Shimpo, May 2nd 

Japan Goes Gaga Over Auction for Lady Gaga's Teacup 

The Wall Street Journal, May 2nd 

Expats Says Goodbye to Gaijin Card 

The Wall Street Journal, May 7th 

Harry Potter Heads to Universal Studios Japan 

The Los Angeles Times, May 9th 

Japan to Nationalize Fukushima Utility 

The New York Times, May 9th

Japan Current Account Surplus Shrinks 

The Wall Street Journal, May 10th

After The Quake, Japanese Shop For Survival 

NPR, May 10th 

Japan Power Price Hike Considered

BBC News, May 15th

Japanese Banks Project Better-Than-Expected Year 

The New York Time, May 15th 

U.S. Defense Shift Keeps Okinawa in Strategic Mix

The Japan Times, May 16th

Japanese Growth in Strong Bounce

Financial Times, May 17th 

Japan Launches Rocket with First Foreign Satellite

Associated Press, May 18th

Japanese Banks in Asia: Lending a Hand

The Economist, May 17th

World's Tallest Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Opens

CNN, May 22nd  

Flitch Downgrades Japan's Sovereign Rating 

The New York Times, May 22nd

Japan's Tech Rivals Learn to Cooperate

The Wall Street Journal, May 22nd

Young and Global Need Not Apply in Japan

The New York Times, May 29th  

US Defense Chief Panetta Urges Naval Strength in Asia 

BBC News, May 30th 

Japanese M&A: Beating the Galapagos Syndrome 

The Wall Street Journal, May 30th 

Japan Moves Closer to Restart of Nuclear Plant 

The New York Times, May 31st

They're Back! Japanese Luxury Shoppers Return, Fussier Than Ever 

The Wall Street Journal, May 31st




April 2012

Storm with typhoon-strength winds kill 4 and injures scores in Japan 

The Associated Press, April 4th 

Nuke Restarts: Edano Now On Board? 

The Wall Street Journal, April 4th 

Bank of Japan Seen Adding Stimulus on Nominee Rejection:Economy 

The Bloomberg, April 6th 

Japanese 'Ghost Ship' Laid to Rest on The Ocean Floor off Alaska 

The Los Angeles Times, April 6th 

Japan Sets New Safety Standards for Nuclear Plants 

The Associated Press, April 6th 

100 Years of Washington Cherry Blossoms

BBC News, April 8th 

Japanese Airlines to Steer Clear of North Korean Rocket

The Wall Street Journal, April 10th

U.S. Tells Diet Members to Address Concerns Before Joining TPP Talks

The Japan Times, April 12th 

Japanese Students Not Hot on Study Abroad 

The Wall Street Journal, April 12th 

Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs, Turn Around TV Business 

The Associated Press, April 12th 

A (slightly) more muscular Japan

The Economist, April 12th 

Declining as a Manufacturer, Japan Weighs Reinvention

The New York Times, April 15th

Japan's Overseas Hunt Grows 

The Wall Street Journal, April 17th 

Japan Still Divided over Nuclear Power After Fukushima

The Los Angeles Times, April 17th 

Obama to Host Noda at White House on April 30 

JapanToday, April 18th 

American Engineers Design Plan to Help Fukushima Clean-Up 

JapanToday, April 18th 

Noda Says Japan Running Out of Time to Increase Taxes, Restart Reactors

The Washington Post, April 19th 

Crippled Fukushima Reactors Officially Closed 

The Wall Street Journal, April 20th 

Overseas Studies to Get Funding Push 

The Japan Times, April 20th 

Japan to Forgive Myanmar Debt to Support Reform 

The New York Times, April 21st

March Tourism Numbers Show 92% Rebound 

The Japan Times, April 21st 

Japan Insider Trading Fears Awaken

The Financial Times, April 21st

JAL Begins Flights to Boston with 787s

The Japan Times, April 23rd

Japan Tobacco to Break Free of Government

The Wall Street Journal, April 24th 

Japan to Keep U.S. Thinking About IMF Reforms: Azumi 

The Japan Times, April 25th 

Refile: Japan Says No Impact on TPP Talks From U.S. Mad Cow Case

Reuters, April 25th 

Japan Power Broker Acquitted in Scandal 

The New York Times, April 26th 

Japan adds $61B to Asset Purchase Plan 

CNN News, April 27th 

Nichi Bei to Publish Every Other Week 

Rafu Shimpo, April 28th 

A Strategy For the U.S.-Japan Alliance 

Council on Foreign Relations, April 28th

China focus of Japan-U.S. Defense Deal 

The Japan Times, April 30th 

Trade, Security on Agenda For Obama, Japan's Noda

NPR, April 30th 




March 2012

Japan One Year On: What's Changed?

CNN, March 1st 

Poverty in Japan: Shadowy Figures

The Economist, March 1st 

Smoke From Europe's Debt Crisis Gets in Japan's Eyes 

The Wall Street Journal, March 2nd

One Year On: Sendai Volunteers Spread Word

The Wall Street Journal, March 5th 

Government to Pay Debris Disposal Costs

JapanTimes, March 6th 

Japanese Emperor Akihito back in Hospital 

BBC, March 7th 

With Radiation, Doubt Grows in Fukushima Farms 

NPR, March 8th 

Japan Looks Beyond Its Borders for Investors 

The New York Times, March 8th 

Japan Disaster: A Year Later

The Los Angeles Times, March 8th 

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: A Child's Eye View

Independent, March 8th 

Statement by the President on the One Year Anniversary of 3/11 in Japan

The White House, March 9th

Japan: Then and Now 

The Washington Post, March 11th 

Fukushima Taiko Drummers Japan's Newest Stateside Export 

CNN, March 14th

Scientist Studying Japan Tsunami's Impact on California

The Rafu Shimpo, March 14th  

Moving Forward with Friendship, Support

The Rafu Shimpo, March 15th

Early Spring Weather Means Peak Bloom for DC Cherry Blossoms Moved Up

The Associated Press, March 15th

Noda Makes Final Push to Ensure Cabinet Approval of Sales Tax Hike

The Japan Times, March 15th  

Washington Museums Join Celebration of Cherry Trees' Centennial 

The Washington Post, March 16th 

Students From Tohoku to Participate in L.A. Marathon

The Rafu Shimpo, March 16th 

North Korean Missile Could be in Japanese Cross Hairs 

The New York Times, March 18th 

Pension Obligations Threaten to Sink Small Companies in Japan 

The New York Times, March 20th 

Nisei Students to Receive Honorary Degrees from USC

The Rafu Shimpo, March 20th 

Nissan to Revive Datsun Brand in Emerging Markets

The Wall Street Journal, March 21st 

Noda Support Rate Up But More Snub Tax Hike 

The Japan Times, March 21st 

AKB48 in D.C. - Beneath the Cherry Blossoms

The Wall Street Journal, March 22nd 

U.S. Baseball's Opening Day Heads to Japan 

CNN, March 22nd 

Japan Prepares Missile Defense Ahead of North Korea Launch

CNN, March 23nd

Vessel Tossed to Sea in Japan's Tsunami Nears Canada 

The New York Times, March 25th 

Deeper U.S. ties to anchor Asia: Blue Book draft

The Japan Times, March 26th 

Editorial: Promoting Tohoku Tourism 

The Japan Times, March 26th 

Interior Department Awards Funds to Preserve, Interpret Confinement Sites

Rafu Shimpo, March 27th 

Japanese Girl Group AKB48 Breezes Through D.C. in Whirlwind of Cuteness

The Washington Post, March 27th 

Japan Has Lots of Plutonium on Hand, Little Way to Use It 

The Washington Post, March 27th 

Facebook's Zuckerburg Meets Japan's Prime Minister 

The Wall Street Journal, March 30th 

Japan Orders to Intercept North Korea Rocket If It Poses Threat 

The New York Times, March 30th 

Rich, and Getting Richer: Japan's Forbes 40 

The Wall Street Journal, March 30th 

First Lady Reenacts Cherry Tree Planting in D.C. 

Rafu Shimpo, March 30th 



January/February 2012

Political Visions in Japan: Generational Warefare 

The Economist, Jan 28th

State Won't Fund Free Medical Care in Fukushima

The Japan Times, Jan 29th 

Sony's Hirai Will Replace Stringer as CEO as Company Seeks to Engineer Turnaround

Yahoo!Finance, Feb 1

Tokyo Exchange Temporarily Halts Trading of Scores of Stocks

CNN, Feb 2nd

Mayor to Residents of Evacuated Japanese Town: Come Home

Los Angeles Times, Feb 2nd

Japan's Parliament Approves Fourth Extra Budget to Fund Disaster Relief Projects

Yahoo!Finance, Feb 3rd

Student's Retreat from English (Editorial)

The Japan Times, Feb 5th

Forex Stealth Intervention for Dummies

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 7th 

Amid Futenma Impasses, U.S. Pledges to Move Marines to Guam 

Washington Post, Feb 8th 

Japanese Emperor to Have Heart Bypass Surgery 

Associated Press, Feb 12th 

Japan's GDP Shrinks 2.3% in Fourth Quarter 

Financial Times, Feb 13th 

Noda Plans First Visit to Okinawa 

The Japan Times, Feb 15th 

Sony's New Gadget: Energy Consumption-Monitoring Outlets

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 15th 

 Japanese Brands Top Annual Vehicle- Dependability

The Los Angeles Times, Feb 15th 

180 Students from Disaster-Hit Tohoku to Have Homestay in U.S. 

JapanToday, Feb 16th 

Tokyo Promises Improved Bid for 2020 Olympics with Main Stadium in City Center 

ESPN, Feb 16th 

Okinawa Gov. Submits Opinion on Base Relocation, Calls it "Impossible"

Ryukyu Shimpo, Feb 21

The Japanese Tycoon Battling Steve Wynn 

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 21

U.S. Nuke Official: "This is Too Big for TEPCO"

The Wall Street Journal, Feb 22nd

TOMODACHI Educational Programs Will Bring Japanese Students to U.S.

Rafu Shimpo, Feb 23rd

Japanese Authorities Concerned about "Lonely Deaths"

BBC News, Feb 24th 

U.S. Penalizes Japan's Largest Organized-Crime Group 

The New York Times, Feb 24th 



December 2012


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