USJC New Year's Reception in Hawaii

January 12, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm


Board Members gather with guests: (L-R) Mr. Yosuke Honjo, Ms. Susan Eichor, Ms. Wendy Abe, Mr. Robert Ichikawa, Mr. Dennis Teranishi, Mr. Michael Hirai, Ms. Irene Hirano Inouye, Ms. Yoko Misawa, Mr. Colbert Matsumoto, Consul General Yasushi Misawa

On January 12, USJC welcomed more than 70 members and supporters to a New Year reception in Honolulu.

USJC President Irene Hirano Inouye, Chairman Dennis Teranishi and others thanked former Members of the Board of Directors Michael Hirai, Robert Ichikawa and Colbert Matsumoto, all based in Hawaii, for their six-plus years of service on the Board. They also welcomed Wendy Abe and Susan Eichor as new Hawaii-based Members of the Board of Directors.

Irene Hirano Inouye addresses guests

Speakers at the event included Mr. Matsumoto, who gave a strong speech about the Consuls General & Japanese American Leaders Meeting in 2004. He and Mr. Ichikawa had attended this meeting, and heard Senator Daniel Inouye's remarks about the importance of U.S.-Japan relations. Mr. Matsumoto said that the Senator's words felt like a forerunner to the formation of USJC. 

USJC Associates pose for a photo: (L-R) Mr. Teranishi, Mr. Nate Gyotoku, Mr. Kenshiro Uki, Ms. Lynn Miyahira, Ms. Margot Sakazaki, Ms. Aki Marceau, Ms. Nicole Velasco, Ms. Hirano Inouye, Mr. Brandon Marc Higa, and Mr. Kent Walther

The reception also discussed the 2015 Annual Conference held in Tokyo this past November, and ongoing preparations for the upcoming 2016 Annual Conference in Silicon Valley.

Attendees included new Board Member Yosuke Honjo, 2016 JALD Delegate Stan Masamitsu, and Associates (and ELP alumni) Nate Gyotoku, Brandon Marc Higa, Aki Marceau, Lynn Miyahira, Margot Sakazaki, Kenshiro Uki, Nicole Velasco and Kent Walther. Consul General Yasushi Misawa and his wife, Ms. Yoko Misawa, also attended.

Will you come?