Annual Conference Social Media Contest


Want to win FREE registration for the 2016 USJC Annual Conference? You've come to the right place.

During the Conference registration period, USJC will be awarding three free registration codes to the winners of our Annual Conference Social Media Contest. 

You can find out more information about the Annual Conference here.



"How Do I Win?"

Share this Facebook post with your friends. You'll be automatically entered into a random-selection raffle.  (If your post is not set to "public" it may not be counted. Please use the "Public" setting - signified by the globe - instead of "Friends Only" to ensure that we see it.)


"When Will I Know?" 

Three days before the close of the registration for each registration type, we will alert you in a private Facebook message that you have won and supply your free registration code. If you don't win during one raffle, you can also enter the later ones by sharing the post again! Although, if you wait for later registration, you will have to pay the Regular or Final Call registration rates.

- Early Bird Registration Raffle: Closed June 27
- Regular Registration Raffle: Closes September 30
- Final Call Registration Raffle: Closes October 24


"But I already registered for Conference...."

You can still participate! If you've already registered for the Conference and then you win the contest, we will refund the price of your registration. 


"I can't wait! I want to register now!"

If you don't want to wait for a winner to be announced, you can register for the Annual Conference at the button below! (But I'm sure you want to share the post anyways - so that one of your friends can join you in Silicon Valley!)



Other Information...

- This code will only cover the cost of registration for the Conference. Flight and hotel costs will NOT be covered by USJC.
- There will be one post per registration period. You must share the post that is currently active. (You can find that post in the "How Do I Win?" section above.
- You must share the post. Copying and pasting the content into a new post will not be monitored.
- You must be 18 or older to participate in the contest. 
- This contest will take place only on Facebook. Facebook is not a sponsor of USJC or of this contest.