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Watanabe_Leadership_Weekend_2017_1500x800.jpgThe 2016-17 scholars with Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe (front row, second from left) and Hidemi Watanabe (front row, third from right) at the 2017 Watanabe Leadership Weekend in Los Angeles



The Toshizo Watanabe Endowed Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to undergraduates/graduate students for a semester or year-long study abroad program in either the United States or Japan. A generous endowment gift of $10 million from Mr. Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe to the U.S.-Japan Council makes it possible to award scholarships to students for whom study abroad would not be possible without financial support. 

The scholarship will support up to the full cost of attendance to the study abroad program of the applicant’s choice. The scholarship program grants awards to recipients in amounts determined by financial need and other qualifications. 2019 marks the second year to support American students studying abroad in Japan, and the fourth year for Japanese students studying abroad in the United States. 


The application for the 2019-20 academic year will be available starting January 2019.
Please check back in late December 2018 or January 2019 for more information. 

Please join our mailing list and we will send you the details when it becomes available.

Eligibility (to Study Abroad in Japan)

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Currently in good academic standing at an accredited college or university in the U.S.
  • Will be enrolled in a credit-bearing course of study at a college, university or approved academic center in Japan in the upcoming academic year
  • Demonstrates financial need for international study (i.e. Without financial assistance or support, would not be able to study abroad)
  • (Preferred) Applicants who have been raised by a single parent or who have lost both parents
  • (Preferred) Applicants without significant international travel or study experience
  • (Preferred) First in family to attend/graduate from college (i.e. first-generation)
  • (Priority) The priority for the scholarship is undergraduates who are studying abroad for a year or less. Graduate students and international degree-seeking students may also apply, however the maximum amount of an award is $25,000 for one year.


Virtual Information Sessions

All times are listed in US Eastern Standard Time. All sessions will be conducted in English, unless otherwise stated at a later day.

Please register for an info session by clicking on one of the session dates listed out below.

Please be advised that sessions with registrations lower than five people will be canceled. If your session gets canceled, we will notify you by email at least two hours before the start time. Thank you for your understanding.

   Students Administrators
Japanese American   Japanese Institution U.S. Institution
December 3, 2018 @ 8pm December 5, 2018 @ 5pm   December 11, 2018 @8pm December 12, 2018 @ 4pm


For more information on the scholarship's establishment, please read the press release.

For any questions, please email







Meet the 2018-2019 Watanabe Scholars


Aoki__Moe_photo_225x300.jpg Best__William_Photo_225x300.jpg Blissett__Kyran_photo_225x300.png Estrada__Monica_photo_225x300.jpg
Moe Aoki William Best Kyran Blissett  Monica Estrada 


Fraser__Jada_photo_225x300.jpg Furugen__Shota_photo_225x300.jpg Guzman__Jay_Photo_225x300.jpg Honda__Court_photo_225x300.jpg
Jada Fraser Shota Furugen Jay Guzman  Court Honda 


Ishimura__Naomi_photo_225x300.jpg Johannesmeyer__Grace_photo_225x300.jpg Kato__Kei_photo_225x300.jpg Kobayashi__Satsuki_photo_225x300.jpg
Naomi Ishimura  Grace Johannesmeyer  Kei Kato  Satsuki Kobayashi


Kono__Ryohei_photo_225x300.jpg Le__Kim-Tuyen_photo_225x300.jpg Lin__Melody_Photo_225x300.jpg Luu__Ngan_photo_225x300.jpg
Ryohei Kono  Kim-Tuyen Le  Melody Lin  Ngan Luu 


Mimata__Jotaro_photo_225x300.jpg Montgomery__Justin_photo_225x300.jpg Muto__Tamayo_photo_225x300.jpg Nakakita__Momo_photo_225x300.jpg
Jotaro Mimata   Justin Montgomery  Tamayo Muto Momo Nakakita 


Namba__Miho_photo_225x300.png Newton__Blake_photo_225x300.jpg Nguyen__Calina_photo_225x300.jpg Nguyen__Linda_photo_225x300.jpg
Miho Namba  Blake Newton  Calina Nguyen  Linda Nguyen 


Oyama__Tomoko_photo_225x300.jpg Orihuela__Cesar_David_Photo_225x300.jpg Quilaton__Jewel_photo_225x300.jpg Saito__Masaaki_Photo_225x300.jpg
Tomoko Oyama  Cesar David Palacios Orihuela  Jewel Quilaton  Masaaki Saito 


Sato__Maaya_photo_225x300.jpg Sato__Shintaro_photo_225x300.jpg Shimokawa__Sawa_photo_225x300.jpg Takemoto__Kana_photo.png
Maaya Sato  Shintaro Sato  Sawa Shimokawa  Kana Takemoto 


Tanaka__Ayano_photo_225x300.jpg Tanaka__Sayaka_photo_225x300.jpg Tokuyama__Wakana_photo_225x300.jpg Urbano__Bethany_photo_225x300.jpg
Ayano Tanaka Sayaka Tanaka Wakana Tokuyama  Bethany Urbano 


Villanueva__Maribeth_Photo_225x300.jpg Yoshida__Takashi_photo_225x300.jpg Yoshimoto__Evan_photo_225x300.jpg
Maribeth Villanueva  Takashi Yoshida  Evan Yoshimoto 


Click here to see the full bios of the Japanese scholars and here for the bios of the American scholars. 







American Scholars (by region)

Tokyo Hyogo Saitama Kyoto Fukuoka Hokkaido
William Best Monica Estrada Cesar David Palacios Orihuela Ngan Luu Calina Nguyen Jay Guzman
Kyran Blissett     Justin Montgomery    
Jada Fraser     Blake Newton    
Grace Johannesmeyer          
Melody Lin          
Linda Nguyen          
Jewel Quilaton          
Bethany Urbano          
Maribeth Villanueva          
Evan Yoshimoto          
*TBA: Kim-Tuyen Le          


Japanese Scholars (by region)

California Ohio North Carolina Massachusetts
Mimata Jotaro Kei Kato Moe Aoki Court Honda
Tamayo Muto Illinois Naomi Ishimura Masaaki Saito
  Tomoko Oyama    
Momo Nakakita   Arizona New York
  Indiana Shota Furugen Maaya Sato
Miho Namba Shintaro Sato    
    Georgia Sayaka Tanaka
Sawa Shimokawa   Ryohei Kono  
Kana Takemoto   Texas  
    Wakana Tokuyama  
Takashi Yoshida      
Satsuki Kobayashi      
Ayano Tanaka      








2018-19 Scholar Highlights



2017-18 Watanabe Scholars
2016-17 Watanabe Scholars