Did you really just say that?: NAVI-gating Critical Conversations in the Workplace Workshop

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“I witnessed a racist comment at work. Now what?”

“What if I’m so offended I don’t know what to say?” 

“What if I unintentionally offend someone?”

“How do I become a better facilitator of inclusive conversations?”

If you have ever had these questions, this session is for you. This workshop will start building our inclusive conversation muscles through: 

  • Sharing your story: How has it felt to be in need of an ally or advocate? How have you taken on (or struggled to take on) these roles yourself? 
  • Heightening your awareness: How can you prepare yourself to stand up as an ally? How can you act in the moment of conflict to facilitate a productive conversation? 
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort: How can you practice sitting with, and then acting to move past discomfort? 

Hosted by Dr. Mana Nakagawa, Director of Diversity Strategic Initiatives at Facebook, and co-chair of USJC’s Outreach and Allyship committee, this 1.5 hour-long workshop will offer practical advice for allyship and self-advocacy in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. Come prepared to share, listen, offer support, and participate in small-group roleplay scenarios to better prepare for the next time you are called on to be an ally or self-advocate. 

Mana Nakagawa
Director of Diversity Strategic Initiatives at Facebook, Inc.

Mana Nakagawa is the Director of Diversity Strategic Initiatives at Facebook, Inc. In her time at Facebook, she has led key efforts to advance gender equity at Facebook, from developing women’s leadership programs, building global communities for women in tech, and creating programs for male allies to act as inclusive partners in the workplace. Prior to joining Facebook, Mana led international research efforts for Sheryl Sandberg’s global bestseller book, Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, where she led the global research efforts for the publication of Lean In in over 50 countries. She has also held research positions at the United Nations Institute for Advanced Studies in Tokyo, UNESCO and UNICEF in Nepal, and as a Fulbright Fellow to Japan. Mana holds a Ph.D. in International Education Policy from Stanford University, an M.A. in Sociology from Stanford University, and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a published author in the fields of International Comparative Sociology, International Education Policy, and Organizational Behavior.