Finding Mindful Solace During a Torrid Covid Storm

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Finding Mindful Solace During a Torrid Covid Storm
Using analog and digital ways to access mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing…and the keys to the most critical technologies of all

When: January 21, 2021 at 5:00pm PT (networking to follow from 6:00pm-6:30pm PT)
Where: Virtual Event
Register: Click here

Kicking off the Year of the Ox, appropriately symbolizing resilience, join us for our first-ever “blended” session – an event that brings together age-groups and USJC regions to discuss our shared experience and ways to manage our total health in a time of extraordinary trauma and crisis.  With Japan experiencing one of its most dangerous months of suicide in 2020, and depression tripling among adults in the U.S., mental and emotional well-being is of dramatically heightened concern to communities and businesses all over the world. Reverend Cristina Moon and Sean Sullivan are leading experts in their respective fields of Zen Buddhism and mental health. While Cristina is a millennial, ordained Rinzai Zen priest living in Honolulu, Sean lives in the Bay Area with a mastery in digital mental therapeutics. From these diverse backgrounds, Cristina and Sean will share their experiences, inspirations, and learnings from applying old and new school approaches to not just coping, but thriving through Covid-19 and beyond.

Join us for a 30 min breakout/networking session after the fireside chat, as we’re sure you will be inspired by the talks from Dr. Sullivan and Reverend Moon, and will have lots to share and discuss with your fellow USJC members and broader community!

This event is led by USJC’s O40 committee and is a collaboration across regions and age groups.


Reverend Cristina Moon (Zen, Strategy & Communications)

Cristina Moon is a strategist, writer, and Zen teacher at Daihonzan Chozen-ji, a Rinzai Zen temple and monastery in Honolulu. She anchors Chozen-ji’s rigorous, body-based approach to Zen; and trains in Kendo, Chado, and ceramics. In her professional life, Cristina has launched programs in digital marketing and communications, and led advocacy campaigns across a variety of political and social movements. Cristina is also a graduate of the University of Chicago and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and publishes an email newsletter called CMOON: Millennial Monk

Dr. Sean Sullivan, Psy.D. (Chief Executive Officer, OnePerfect)

Sean Sullivan, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and CEO of OnePerfect where he leads a fiercely caring design, technology and psychology team spread around the world sharing a common goal — transform every smartphone into a pathway to health and wellbeing. Dr. Sullivan began his formal psychology education at Harvard University and finished with a digital health psychology focused postdoc based at UCSF. In the twenty years since completing his graduate clinical research titled, The Application of Technology to Psychology, Sean has been practicing psychology, meditating and developing content and digital health tools to deliver psychology most effectively in our increasingly digital world. Sean lives and works in a beach meditation hut in Muir Beach, California.