USJC Member Meet & Greet: Hawaii Region

USJC Member Meet & Greet: Hawaii Region
Date: Monday, July 13, 2020
Time: 10pm ET / 7pm PT / 4pm HI
[email protected]

USJC members are invited to a virtual “Meet & Greet” with President and CEO Suzanne Basalla for introductions and an informal discussion. Ms. Basalla will share her initial plans for steering USJC forward and hopes to hear the community’s thoughts on the Council’s long-term future. Member input is crucial to USJC’s planning, and with your ideas and feedback, USJC leadership and staff can ensure that we have the benefit of your expertise and diverse perspectives.

Although we have scheduled calls for each region, you are invited to join another session that is more convenient for you. (Please note that you must be a USJC member to attend.)

To receive a link to register, please reach out to [email protected].