Norman Mineta and His Legacy Premiere

The much-anticipated film, An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy, co-produced by Council Leaders Dianne Fukami and Debra Nakatomi, is quickly gaining acclaim. The film was shown on opening night at CAAMFest (a film festival hosted by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)) in San Francisco on May 10. The showing was attended by Ms. Fukami and Ms. Nakatomi and several USJC members, as well as the star of the documentary, Secretary Mineta (who is also Vice Chair of the USJC Board of Councilors).

The film will also be shown during the 2018 Annual Conference in Tokyo, and will include an appearance by Secretary Mineta, Ms. Fukami and Ms. Nakatomi.

(L-R) Associates Josh Morey and Kevin Otsuka, Ms. Fukami, Ms. Nakatomi, Associate Ellen Kamei (Photo courtesy of Ms. Kamei)