Regional Women in Leadership Events Continue in Several Regions

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    2016年10月27日 (木) 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Donna Cole (right) organized RWL events in Houston with Council members and supporters, including Council Leader Toshi Yoshida (center, back row)

A number of regions throughout the United States are hosting events as part of USJC’s Regional Women in Leadership (RWL) networking initiative. On October 3, members in and around New York City organized a panel featuring Suzanne Basalla, USJC Associate and TOMODACHI Alumni Manager Kaoru Utada, and Council Leader Nozomi Terao, who each discussed how to develop youth leadership.

In Texas, Board Member Donna Cole organized three events in a single week, with topics that spanned the fourth industrial revolution, the next generation workforce, the 2020 Olympics, women in government and business, new population growth in Japan, and the aging population. Likewise, on October 19th and 25th, members in Southern California and the Midwest each hosted luncheons. We look forward to the continuation of these conversations in the next few months.