IBM Presents: Immersion into Japan’s Start-Up Culture


Theme: “Immersion into Japan’s Start-Up Culture.”
Date: Nov. 10th
Venue: TECH LAB PAAK @ Shibuya
Audience: Business professionals, including many who work in Silicon Valley or who are interested in bringing their companies to Silicon Valley.

  • 14:30-14:45 Introduction of BlueHub by Catherine Solazzo, Director of IBM Marketing
  • 14:45-15:45 Panel discussion on venture business in Japan with leaders in the startup community.
  • Kentaro Sakakibara, CEO of Samurai Incubate Inc.
  • Ryotaro Nakayama, CEO of CyberAgent Crowd Funding, Inc.
  • Yuuichi Ikoma, CEO of Terrace Mile
  • 15:45-16:00 Q&A and Wrap-up

This off-site excursion offers a visit to Tech Lab Paak Shibuya, which bills itself as an Innovation Hub for IT Creators. Japanese entrepreneurs representing various stages of business maturity will share their experiences and provide insights into the challenges and keys to success in Japan’s start-up culture, as well as the potential for U.S. connections with Japan’s new businesses. IBM will also present information on its IBM BlueHub program as a unique way to support start-up businesses in Japan.


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Immersion into Japan’s Start-Up Culture

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