Candice Kumai Discusses Health & Wellness While Sheltering In

Japanese American chef, best-selling author, model and journalist Candice Kumai joined the U.S.-Japan Council on May 12 to discuss wellness tips during the coronavirus pandemic during a webinar titled “Health & Wellness While Sheltering In, with Celebrity Chef Candice Kumai.” USJC Board Member Rona Tison, Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations at ITO EN (North America) Inc., moderated the event for a warm evening dedicated to self-care and betterment during this time of uncertainty.

Ms. Kumai, whose mother is Japanese and father is Polish, discussed her unique background and how it made her more willing to try new things. As a professional chef, she has embraced her Japanese heritage and combines traditional Japanese flavors with American cooking, and endeavors to create recipes that are both delicious and healthy. She presented several of her dishes to the audience, from a simple miso avocado toast to her famous matcha chocolate chip cookies (the secret ingredient, she revealed, is a banana!).

Beyond sharing healthy treats, Candice emphasized the importance of fighting stress and staying active during quarantine. Some of her tips included avoiding “screen time” in the morning, pursuing mindfulness through meditation or walks in nature, and having a friend to do virtual check-ins with to encourage daily exercise. Her personal favorite health and wellness trick is a cup of matcha tea every day.

Ms. Tison takes questions from the audience

Candice also offered some insight into supporting the Japanese American community, and the value of people-to-people relationships. She reflected on how her own life was shaped through events and opportunities like those offered by the U.S.-Japan Council.

“Community is what USJC really means,” Candice said, remembering her first U.S.-Japan Council event – the 2014 Annual Conference in Hawaii seven years ago, where she had the opportunity to meet many prominent Japanese Americans and build important and lasting connections.

Thank you to our sponsors for this webinar, Gondo Company, Inc., King’s Hawaiian, ITO EN (North America) Inc., and Sun Noodle. 

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This webinar was part of an initiative by the U.S.-Japan Council to engage with audiences during and beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Join us for our next free and public webinar, “Coronavirus & Discrimination Against Asian Americans,” which will be held on Tuesday, May 26 from 6:30pm-7:30pm ET.