Japan Society and New York Region Co-Host Professional Development Workshop

Ms. McGurl discusses “career pivot points”

On February 27, the Japan Society and USJC members in the New York region co-hosted a workshop titled “Professional Development Workshop: Managing Your Career Rather than it Managing You.” The event gathered 30 people from varying sectors, industries and professional backgrounds.

Ms. McGurl (left) and Ms. Otani

The workshop discussion was led by professional development consultant Maureen McGurl, CEO and Founder of Sutton Place HR Consulting Group, and USJC Board Member Yoko Otani. The discussion centered around long-term career planning and development. During the workshop, participants broke into small groups and shared their personal stories about navigating the workforce and identified actionable steps to move closer to achieving professional aspirations while considering personal goals and priorities.

Following the discussion, participants enjoyed food, company and an evening of networking.