New Models of Urban Revitalization & Sustainability (Summary) – 2014 Annual Conference

The following is a summary of the breakout session “New Models of Urban Revitalization & Sustainability” at the 2014 U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference on October 10, 2014.


  • Ms. Bernice Bowers, Program Director, Center for Environment Research Education & Development (CERED), Asia Pacific (Moderator)
  • Dr. Sam Gon, Chief Scientist and Cultural Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
  • Mr. Rahul Gupta, Director of Sustainable City Sector, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Mr. Brandon Hayashi, Strategic Alliances Manager, OpTerra Energy Services
  • Mr. Craig Ishii, Director, Kizuna
  • Dr. Daisuke Mashima, Member of Research Staff, Fujitsu Laboratories of America
  • Mr. Alan Nishio, President, Little Tokyo Service Center
  • Mr. Edward Shikada, City Manager, City of San Jose
  • Mr. Nicholas D. Vanderboom, Senior Vice President, Development, The Howard Hughes Corporation
  • Mr. Jon Wallenstrom, President, Forest City Hawaii
  • Mr. Thomas Yee, Project Director, Little Tokyo Eco-Region

The roundtable discussion on “New Models of Urban Revitalization & Sustainability” introduced the various corporations, organizations and individuals who are working towards revitalizing their communities and cities. Attended by close to 50 individuals, the roundtable was moderated by Ms. Bernice Bowers and boasted an impressive panel of nine speakers.

Urban revitalization efforts have focused on smart cities to reduce the negative impacts of urban migration (waste, greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of natural resources) while increasing community engagement, sustainability and energy efficiency and production. The session explored new urban models including innovations in disaster resistance in regards to food, water and energy security, community engagement, and public-private collaboration in financing and planning.

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