Board Spotlight Series: Phyllis Campbell

Meet Phyllis Campbell, Chair, Pacific Northwest Region, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Immediate Past Chair, USJC Board of Directors

How did you first become involved with USJC and what does USJC mean to you?

My experience with USJC started in 2011, right after my JALD visit to Japan. Irene was the leader of the delegation and impressed upon all of us the importance of giving back by getting involved. I have not been disappointed, as I have learned much more than I have given.

What makes you passionate about contributing to the U.S.-Japan relationship?

My passion for USJC stems from two perspectives: 1) I believe that the U.S.-Japan (country-to-country) relationship is one of high strategic importance. And 2) as a third generation Japanese American, I have (through JALD and USJC) been able to reconnect with my roots, developing a greater appreciation for my family’s history.

What areas would you like to see USJC focus on for future programming and other activities?

USJC has evolved and changed over the past 10 years to remain relevant. In light of that, “seeing around the corner” would suggest further focus on areas of collaboration between the U.S. and Japan. Some examples would be bioscience, sustainability and social change.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the times I have quietly mentored and coached others to be their best. I am grateful for the time I have been privileged to serve as a board member for USJC, especially during the time of many transitions. It is truly rewarding to work with a great board, staff and volunteers to help the organization’s future.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

My personal time is precious to me, in the midst of busy days and work. I most enjoy giving back to nonprofit causes I care about, serving on corporate boards, as well as quiet time spent with family and friends. (Golf is a part-time hobby as well, but that is a “love-hate” relationship!)