ELP Alumni in Hawaii Discuss Sustainability

On August 12, four alumni of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Hawaii region showcased issues on sustainability from the lens of different industries, including energy, transportation, public spaces and food. The Hawaii ELP alumni discussed their experiences and mission regarding sustainability.

The discussion panel was moderated by Kay Fukunaga (ELP ’12), Director, Corporate Strategy, Financial Planning & Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. 

Panel speakers included Claire Fukuoka (ELP ’18), Project Manager, Austin, Tsutsumi, & Associates, who discussed multimodal transportation planning/design and complete streets. Aki Marceau (ELP ’13), Director, Electrification of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric, shared current information on electric vehicles and make-ready infrastructure efforts. Colby Takeda (ELP ’16), Senior Manager, Blue Zones Project, commented on current innovations in public spaces, urban tree canopies, local food, waste, active transportation, connections between sustainability and health and the importance of community partnerships.